Mactics' Yeehaw Hunter



Mactics' Yeehaw Hunter
Mactics' Yeehaw Hunter

Solar Hunter build for PvE by Mactics











Class Item

Stats Priority


MalfeasanceExotic Hand Cannon

A hand cannon with a 20 shot magazine that is able to deal massive damage to orange bar enemies and bosses with its catalyst that gives Vorpal Weapon for a 20% damage bonus.


Lucky PantsExotic Leg Armor

These boots build up stacks of a 60% hand cannon damage bonus for each precision hit, and can stack up to 10 times for a 600% buff in total. This can be done in a timing window that is initiated when equipping a hand cannon. This can be done by swapping to your hand cannon or very quickly by taking out your ghost and shooting while the hand cannon is already equipped.

How it Works

The main allure of this build is the massive damage stacking that Hand Cannons can achieve with Lucky Pants. This exotic can build up to a 600% damage bonus after 10 stacks are built up from landing Hand Cannon precision shots. Potential pairings are Malfeasance, Crimson, and Sunshot. Malfeasance is best for boss damage, Crimson is a hybrid of boss damage and add clearing, and Sunshot is best for add clearing and has the benefit of resetting Restoration and Radiant timers by swapping to Ember of Empyrean and Ember of Mercy for Firesprite creation.

Further damage stacking is build up with Ember of Torches which gives a 25% bonus after a melee hit. Weapon Surge mods will also increase damage, so equip as many as possible, maxing out at a 22% bonus for 3 mods. Hand Cannon uptime is increased with Marksman's Dodge which will reload your weapon, Marksman's Dodge's cooldown is improved with Ember of Singeing which gives a 300% class ability cooldown buff when scorching a target.

Orbs of Power are created with weapon kills from a Siphon mod as well as on Knife Trick kills from Heavy Handed. When all of the damage buffs are stacked together you'll have the following total damage buffs:

  • All enemies - 967%
  • Red Bar enemies - 1192%
  • Orange Bar - 1768%
Gameplay Loop
  1. Get a kill with Knife Trick to gain Radiant and create an Orb of Power
  2. Collect the Orb of Power for a damage bonus from Surge mods.
  3. Activate Lucky Pants by swapping to your hand cannon or pulling out and putting away your ghost
  4. Land precision shots with your hand cannon to build up stacks of Lucky Pants
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