Mactics' Snowglobe Hunter



Mactics' Snowglobe Hunter
Mactics' Snowglobe Hunter

Stasis Hunter build for PvE by Mactics











Class Item

Stats Priority


Wicked ImplementExotic Scout Rifle

Weapons are preference in this build, but be sure to match Siphon, Surge, and Loader mods to your weapon's element.


Renewal GraspsExotic Gauntlets

These gloves give Duskfield Grenades a larger area, grant 25% damage resistance when standing in a Duskfield Grenade, as well as make enemies deal 50% less damage when they are in the grenade's area.

How it Works

The main crux of this build is around the Duskfield Grenade which has its area and duration increased as well as a Stasis Crystal that spawns in the center with Touch of Winter, Renewal Grasps, and Whisper of Durance. Not only do the exotic Renewal Grasps increase the radius of Duskfield Grenade, but their main allure is survivability by making enemies in your Duskfield deal 50% reduced damage and granting you 25% damage resistance while in the Duskfield's area. When standing next to a Stasis Crystal which will be in every Duskfield Grenade, you will get 40% damage resistance from Whisper of Chains. Between these buffs, maxed resilience, and damage resist mods you can get up to 90% damage resistance with this build.

Having this survivability is great, but this build also allows you to spam abilities. Duskfield Grenades can be regained in a few seconds by destroying a Stasis Crystal which will grant 600% grenade regeneration rate with Whisper of Shards. Withering Blade can have its cooldown automatically refunded with activating Gambler's Dodge or reduced when picking up Stasis Shards. Stasis Shards are created when defeating slowed or frozen targets with Grim Harvest, but doing so will also give Dodge energy with Whisper of Refraction. Not only will Stasis Shards give melee energy, but they will build up armor charge with the Elemental Charge mod.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Throw a Duskfield Grenade to slow enemies, reduce their damage, and grant yourself 25% damage resistance
  2. Destroy the Stasis Crystal in the center of the Duskfield Grenade for a bonus 600% grenade regeneration with Whisper of Shards
  3. Kill slowed enemies to generate Stasis Shards and refund dodge energy
  4. Collect Stasis Shards for stacks of Armor Charge and to recover melee energy
  5. Repeat


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