PvE Arc Builds

Plunder's Jolting Trick

PvP Arc Builds

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Class Item

Stats Priority


Ragnhild-DLegendary Shotgun

Can be crafted with the perk One-Two Punch and increase the melee damage this build dishes out even more. Any shotgun with One-Two Punch will serve this role well.


Liar's HandshakeExotic Gauntlets

This exotic will immensely increase the damage of every other melee attack or after an enemy melees the user. Assassin's Cowl is an alternative option that is suited for increasing defenses.

How it Works

The build is based around all of the buffs this class can get from melees. Liar's Handshake, Combination Blow which can get up to 3 stacks of melee damage boost, and Spark of Feedback all boost melee damage.

It is first important to know the interaction between Gambler's Dodge and Combination Blow. Dodging near an enemy will completely refund melee energy, and defeating an enemy with Combination Blow completely refunds Dodge energy. When alternating Dodge and a melee kill, you will infinitely have these abilities available.

Your first priority is to attempt to Jolt a target which can be done by throwing a grenade at a target from Spark of Shock or hitting a target with a melee after dodging. Killing a target with a melee will do the following: increases melee damage, spawns 2 Orbs of power from the Reaper and Heavy Handed mods, restore health, reduce grenade cooldown, give super energy, and completely refund Dodge. If the target is Jolted and killed with a melee, the melee will do all that was stated before and make you Amplified (which increases reload speed, gives damage resistance when dodging, and reduces dodge cooldown) as well as Blind the target.

This build is rounded out by a strong single target damage super in Gathering Storm as well as survivability from Fragments and mods. A melee kill will spawn 2 orbs, and Better Already and Recuperation are used to regenerate and restore health from these orbs and Spark of Resistance will adds Damage Resist when surrounded by multiple enemies.

If this is not enough survivability, try Assassin's Cowl as the exotic armor as it will restore even more health and make you invisible on a melee kill.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Throw Pulse Grenade to Jolt targets
  2. Dodge near an enemy to fully recharge Combination Blow and activate Lethal Current
  3. Melee kill a target which will spawn two Orbs of Power, boost melee damage, Jolt, fully restore Dodge, restore some health, improve grenade and super cooldown, become Amplified, get increased reload speed, and gain damage resistance in dodge
  4. Dodge again
  5. Melee a target for the same effects as before
  6. Repeat the cycle of Dodge and Melee with throwing a grenade on cooldown to get Combination Blow x3
  7. Use Tractor Cannon to debuff enemies by 30% and a shotgun with One-Two Punch on higher health enemies for maximum damage when at Combination Blow x3