PvE Arc Builds

Plunder's Jolting Trick

PvP Arc Builds

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Class Item

Stats Priority


Tractor CannonExotic Shotgun

A great combination for any melee build as it will debuff the target to take 30% more damage.


Star-Eater ScalesExotic Leg Armor

This build is 3 in one, each using a different exotic. The Star-Eater Scales are used for super damage which is increased by picking up Orbs of Power. Assassin's Cowl is used for a neutral game, safe style of play in which melee kills or finishers will heal you and make you invisible. Lastly there is Liar's Handshake which is for an aggressive neutral game as melees will deal more damage, but doesn't have the defensive capabilities that Assassin's Cowl does.

These 3 can be used separately in their own builds or Star-Eater Scales can be hot-swapped with one of the other exotics before a damage phase by leaving orbs on the ground, swapping exotics, then using the super.

How it Works

There are 3 exotics that can be utilized with this build. The mods, abilities, and general playstyle will remain the same, but each exotic has their own pros and cons.

The playstyle involves Combination Blow and Gambler's Dodge which feed into one another. After dodging, Lethal Current will be activated and the Combination Blow melee will have additional effects. Targets will be Jolted and defeating a target will give a small heal, build a stack of Combination Blow which will increase melee damage further, create Orbs of Power from both Reaper and Heavy Handed, and fully refund class ability energy. This final piece is important because it will allow you to repeatedly dodge then melee kill a target to build up Combination Blow stacks and always have dodge and melee available as they refund each others' cooldowns. With the applied mods, Super and Pulse Grenade cooldowns are very low, so be sure to utilize those when they are available. Especially because Pulse Grenades will Jolt targets and using a melee on a Jolted target will Blind them.

The first exotic to discuss is Assassin's Cowl. This exotic has defensive properties to it as it will heal you and make you invisible on a finisher or powered melee kill. This makes playing up close and personal much safer. On the other hand there is Liar's Handshake which will increase melee damage by 200% after getting hit by a melee or using an Arc melee prior. This stacks with Combination Blow and is a high damage offensive exotic.

The final exotic is Star-Eater Scales which increases super damage when collecting Orbs of Power. 4 Orbs of Power are needed to fully charge this exotic, and will increase super damage by 70%. The build can be run by solely using this exotic for the high damage super, or it can even be swapped to from one of the other two exotics before a damage phase if able to quickly swap and collect 4 Orbs of Power before the damage phase.

Lastly the weapons are headlined by Tractor Cannon. This build is for extremely close range, and Tractor Cannon fits in perfectly as you will be in its range and it will debuff targets with a 30% weaken, making melee hits deal even more damage. Other perks to consider on weapons are One-Two Punch to increase melee damage further or Voltshot which will apply Jolt to targets and melees will then Blind them.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Dodge to activate Lethal Current
  2. Melee an enemy to build a stack of Combination Blow, Jolt the target, create a damaging aftershock, heal, refill Dodge energy, and Spawn Orbs of Power
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until Combination Blow is at maximum stacks (up to 3 stacks)
  4. Weave in Pulse Grenades or a weapon with Voltshot to Jolt higher health targets or kill targets at longer range
  5. Melee an enemy that is Jolted to Blind nearby enemies
  6. Use Gathering Storm for higher health targets. If utilizing Assassin's Cowl or Liar's Handshake, you can hot-swap to Star-Eater Scales, collect available Orbs of Power, then use super
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