Ashes of the Ahamkara

Ashes of the Ahamkara
Ashes of the Ahamkara

Solar Hunter build for PvE











Class Item

Stats Priority


WitherhoardExotic Grenade Launcher

A good tool for passive damage while you are throwing endless abilities.


Young Ahamkara's SpineExotic Gauntlets

These gauntlets give Tripmine Grenade energy back when dealing damage with any ability, including Tripmine Grenades.

How it Works

This is the Hunter's version of using Fusion Grenades and Starfire Protocol. Young Ahamkara's Spine buffs Tripmine Grenades by making ability energy refund grenade energy. Damage from Tripmine Grenades and Knife Trick helps recover more Tripmine Grenade energy, and allows you to spam Grenades.

The rest of the build revolves around getting buffs from applying scorch and managing ability cooldowns. Knife Trick hits make you Radiant, and fully refunds itself on a kill. If you miss your Knife Trick, use Gambler's Dodge near an enemy to fully refund Knife Trick. Grenade kills will boost the cooldowns of every ability and super, create an Orb of Power from the Firepower mod as well as Cure you through Ember of Resolve.

Scorching targets is the last thing this build does well. Your abilities Scorch targets, and it is recommended to use a primary weapon with Incandescent to scorch enemies on weapon kills as well. Ember of Ashes increases the amount of Scorch you apply, Ember of Searing will create a Firesprite when you defeat Scorched targets, and Ember of Singeing will boost your Dodge cooldown when you apply Scorch to targets.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Throw Tripmine Grenade
  2. Shoot Rocket Launcher
  3. Throw Knife Trick to get Radiant weapon damage buff
  4. Throw Tripmine Grenade to reload Rocket Launcher that has Demolitionist
  5. Shoot Rocket Launcher
  6. Dodge to fully replenish Knife Trick
  7. Throw Knife Trick
  8. Throw Tripmine Grenade to reload Rocket Launcher that has Demolitionist