Wild Rift: Rengar Guide

Wild Rift: Rengar Guide

Wild Rift Guide: How to Play Rengar

In today’s article, we are going to show you Rengar and how to play him in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Rengar is an AD assassin with high burst and mobility is currently a very strong solo queue champion.

Like every other champion, Rengar has his own playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses. We’ll cover everything and more so stick around!

Rengar, the Pridestalker

Rengar is a ferocious Vastayan trophy hunter who lives for the thrill of tracking down and killing dangerous creatures. He scours the world for the most fearsome beasts he can find, especially seeking any trace of Kha’Zix, the void creature who scratched out his eye. Rengar stalks his prey neither for food nor glory, but for the sheer beauty of the pursuit.

Rengar’s Abilities

  • Passive, Unseen predator: Rengar leaps towards his target with his next attack if he is in the bushes or camouflaged. In addition, Rengar can gain “Ferocity” by casting a basic ability, which can be used to improve his next basic ability roll after a certain point.
    • Killing enemy champions grants trophies on Rengar’s Bonetooth Necklace, which grants additional attack damage.

  • Ability (1), Savagery: Rengar’s next few attacks increase attack speed. The first attack deals additional physical damage.
    • Ferocity: Rengar gains even more attack speed and the first attack deals additional physical damage.

  • Ability (2), Battle Roar: Rengar roars, dealing magical damage and healing himself for some of the damage taken.
    • Ferocity: Rengar deals magic damage and instead of partially healing himself, he gains movement speed and removes all crowd control effects from himself.

  • Ability (3), Bola Strike: Rengar casts a Bola, dealing physical damage and slowing his opponent for a few seconds.
    • Ferocity: Rengar gains even more movement speed and roots his opponent instead of slowing him.

  • Ultimate, Thrill of the Hunt: Rengar gains movement speed and reveals the nearest enemy champion for a period of time. Shortly after casting, Rengar becomes camouflaged with his next attack shreds the target’s armor for a time.

How to Play Rengar


Before the game even starts it is very important to choose the right runes, so the champion can scale as much as possible and unleash his full potential. 

Keystone: For Rengar, you choose Conqueror as your keystone since it’s giving you a lot of AD and allows you to charge it fast with one combo. On top of that, your passive works very well with your passive since it giving you AD %. Once the Conqueror rune is charged you can deal tons of damage.

Conqueror Wild Rift

Slot 1, (Domination): Go Brutal to have AD and armor penetration during your first clear to get as soon as possible level 5. Furthermore, this rune helps a lot if you have early game skirmishes.

Brutal Wild RIft

Slot 2, (Resolve): Choose Hunter-Titan since you will gain a lot of tenacity and health once it is fully stacked.

Hunter-Titan Wild Rift

Slot 3, (Inspiration): The Hunter-Genius Rune gives ability haste and additional ability haste for every unique champion takedown. It will allow you to have a small cooldown on your Ultimate, so you can assassinate more often.

These are the runes that you should use. If some other runes suit you better you can try them out and leave a comment down below.

Skill Order

  • You always max your Ability (1) first since it’s the main damage in your kit and also the main ability while clearing your jungle.

Savagery Wild Rift

  • The second one you max is Ability (2) which is keeping you alive during fights.

Battle Roar Wild Rift

  • The last one you max is Ability (3) this one is slowing down the enemies and very good for chasing someone down.

Bola Strike Wil Rift


The main combo will always be Ability (1) into Ability (2) into Ability (3) At the early stages of the game, you preferably want the Ferocity Ability (1) or (3) to guarantee kills. Later in the game, you can use only the Ferocity Ability (1) since you will deal tons of damage since then. Here a video with all the possible combos you can pull off with Evelynn:

Another combo is to stack the Ferocity press your Ultimate, and before you jump on the target you will press your ferocity Ability(1), your Ability (2), and then your Ability (3) midair, followed by another Ability(1) and at the end Ferocity Ability (1). This combo is called the Triple Q combo and can one shot anyone in the late game.

Early game

Jungle clear: First of you want to start at your red side because this side is the easiest to cleat with your Savagery. You will start with red, the next camp will be your Krugs.

Rengar Red Buff Wild Rift

From there you will go your Raptors and proceed to your blue side jungle. 

Once you are on your blue side you will run to the Scuttle crab. From there you will go back to Blue Buff and to your Wolves.

Rengar Scuttler Wild Rift

If you do this clear, you will be level 5 faster than anyone else on the map.

Early game ganking: After you clear your jungle you will look for a gank on the side you will be, either it will be mid, Dragon or Baron lane depends on if the map is reversed. Take a look at which lane is pushed in, this lane will be the easiest to gank. The best-case scenario will be to get their summoners and kill out of the gank. After a successful gank go back and farm your jungle.

Rengar ganking Wild Rift

Early drake fights: Before the drake spawns try to get level 7. Don’t ever start a drake alone! Try to hide in the bushes around the Dragon pit and catch someone out. If you see someone that is mispositioned kill them, preferably the enemy jungler. Then that’s the moment you want to start doing the drake with your teammates. 

Rengar Dragon Wild Rift

Rift Herald: Before you move to the Rift Herald you should gank their Baron laner, then move with him together to the Rift Herald and take it together.

Rengar Rift Herald Wild Rift

Mid game

In the mid game, you want to gank, split push and clear your Jungle as often as possible to get a huge amount of gold in your pocket. You will be able to apply a lot of pressure since you are able to almost one shot enemy towers.

The best lane to gank if you want to scale to a win is the duo lane and your Baron lane. At the dragon fights in the midgame, you will have to try to assassinate the enemy jungler to get a dragon as easily as possible.

Late game

Once the late game hits and you have enough items you will be an absolute death threat for the enemy team. You will have to punish everyone who is mispositioned or is overextended. Try to abuse your invisibility to give your team info about the enemy team and split push as much as possible to split up the enemy team.

Baron fight: Let your team engage and flank from the backside to assassinate as many carries as possible. If you do this you will probably win the whole fight get the Baron and almost end the game.


You always start with a Longsword. On your first back, you will always build Serrated Dirk, and if you have enough money a Caulfield’s Warhammer. Your first full item will be the Duskblade since its synergizing is very good with your Ability (1) and your Passive and your Ultimate.

For your second item, you want to get is a Trinity Force for even more DPS on your Ability(1), Ability Haste, Health, and attack speed. The third item is going to be a Death’s Dance since it’s giving you lifesteal, ability haste, health, and a lot of survivability.

Wild Rift Rengar build

The next item is going to be a Mortal Reminder to penetrate every armor that gets in your way and deal almost true damage to squishy targets. Last but not least you are going to build a Phantom Dancer or an Infinity Edge.

Phantom Dancer gives more Movement Speed, Critical Chance and allows you to jump better from the bushes and a shield if someone tries to burst you. Infinity Edge on the other hand gives you a lot of DPS and Critical chance. Boots are very flexible and situational. Almost every pair of boots item is viable on Rengar.

Rengar’s counters

Lee Sin

One of the greatest counters of Rengar is Lee Sin. If you play against a Lee Sin don’t try to contest him in his own Jungle. You will have to ward your blue in case he invades you.

If he tries to late invade you just run away or if you have enough cooldowns try to outplay him. If you avoid him early game often enough and get some items you will actually beat him since your scale so much better. 


Rammus (WIld Rift Splash Art)

The best way to counter Rammus is to not pick Rengar if they already picked him and actually play something else. But if it happens that you play against him try to avoid him 100% of the time since he can CC lock you and even interrupt your jump when he is rolling. Even if you get a lead against him you will have a hard time dealing with him.

How to play against other junglers


Shyvana (WIld Rift Splash Art)

If you see the enemy picking a Shyvana you are probably going to end up stomping her if you follow my instructions step by step. When the game starts go and ward her Blue. Once you finish your Red side Jungle, she will most probably appear on her Blue. That is the time you run toward her and kill her.

She doesn’t stand a chance level 3 against you. If the invade fails and you can’t kill her double Crab her. Don’t let her breathe until she gets to level 5. Try to contest every camp in her jungle. Once you have done that you will have such a massive lead that the enemy team is going to play practically 4 vs 5. 


Wukong (WIld Rift Splash Art)

The same thing you do to Shyvana you are going to do to a Wukong, but you will have to be careful with his clone. 


Evelynn (WIld Rift Splash Art)

Contest every crab against Evelynn, if she oversteps before she gets level 5 just jump on her and kill her. Once she gets invisible try to press your Ultimate during the fights and hold it as long as possible, since you are going to reveal her 100% of the time.


Rengar is a hard champion to master if you want to solo carry game in your solo queue. If you abuse all his kit correctly you will see the true power of Rengar and how strong he can be.

Make sure to use the tips we presented you in this guide to unleash the full potential of Rengar and be a true hunter on the Rift. If you have any comments, questions, or feedback leave them below. Good luck climbing and see you soon Summoner!