How to Play Jhin in Wild Rift

How to Play Jhin in Wild Rift

Wild Rift Guide: How to Play Jhin

Jhin is one of the most beloved champions in League of Legends. His unique playstyle resonated with players in the League of Legends community. His play style is very similar in Wild Rift, with him having the same 4 shots and similar issues that he does on the LoL servers.

In this article, we will cover a variety of things to help you get the basics down for Jhin in Wild Rift.

Jhin is an S-tier ADC right now who scales well into the later parts of the game. He is strong throughout but is even better when paired with a Support who synergises well with him. You should learn Jhin if you want to learn the ADC role.

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How to Play Jhin in Wild Rift

  1. Abilities
  2. Runes
  3. Skill Order
  4. Build
  5. Counters
  6. Best Matchups

Jhin Wild Rift Abilities

Here’s a basic breakdown of all of Jhin’s abilities in Wild Rift. Before we get into it, we want to clarify that all the descriptions and the videos are sourced from the Offical Jhin Wild Rift Page.

Passive: Whisper Jhin’s hand cannon, Whisper, is a precise instrument designed to deal superior damage. It fires at a fixed rate and carries only four shots. Jhin imbues the final bullet with dark magics to critically strike and deal bonus execute damage. Whenever Whisper crits, it inspires Jhin with a burst of movement speed.

Ability 1: Dancing Grenade Jhin launches a magical cartridge at an enemy. It can hit up to four targets and gains damage each time it kills.

Ability 2: Deadly Flourish Jhin fires a single shot with incredible range. It pierces through minions and monsters, but stops on the first champion hit. If the target was recently struck by Jhin’s allies, lotus traps, or damaged by Jhin, they are rooted.

Ability 3: Captive Audience Jhin places an invisible lotus trap that blooms when walked over. It slows nearby enemies before dealing damage with an explosion of serrated petals. When Jhin kills an enemy champion, a lotus trap will bloom near where they were killed.

Ultimate Ability: Curtain Call. Jhin channels, transforming Whisper into a shoulder-mounted mega-cannon. It is able to fire 4 super shots at extreme range that pierce through minions and monsters, but stop on the first champion impacted. Whisper cripples enemies hit, which slows them and deals execute damage. The 4th shot is perfectly crafted, epically powerful, and guaranteed to critically strike.

Jhin Wild Rift Runes

Before the game starts, you need to pick the correct runes to increase your chances of winning.

Jhin Skill Order

Here’s the skill order for Jhin. Note that this will be his ADC skill order.

Jhin Wild Rift Build

This is one of the best builds for Jhin in Wild Rift. You should stay updated with what high-ranking players build as this guide, including the Runes, may change from patch to patch.

Jhin Wild Rift Counters

If you’re looking for tips and tricks on countering Jhin in Wild Rift, this section will break down good counters to help you beat him.


Ezreal is a decent counter-pick to Jhin due to Ezreal’s all-in potential and how easily he can run Jhin down the lane. This is key to countering Jhinn, as he is quite immobile and prone to all-in. If you pick an Ezreal with an all-in Support, Jhin will struggle to play.

Star Guardian Ezreal Skin Crop 1


As stated before, Jhin isn’t good against all-in champions. Tristana is a strong all-in champion and can constantly jump on the Jhin whenever he walks forward to last-hit minions. If you pair Tristana with an all-in Support like Leona, he cannot do anything in the lane.

Tristana Splash 1


When playing Lucian in Wild Rift, he is generally paired with a strong champion who can all-in too. Lucian is strong early, so they can abuse the Jhin over and over again. Lucian is a good early-game champion in Wild Rift, which helps versus Jhin.

Best Matchups for Jhin


Sona is one of the squishiest heroes in Wild Rift, which is ideal for Jhin as he can quickly take her out. Jhin’s damage output can be pretty high, especially with his grenades which make him hard for her to handle in the lane.


Ashe lacks an escape tool, but so does Jhin. However, this isn’t too big of an issue as he can CC her and close the gap when he is chasing her. Early on, Jhin’s damage output is also higher than Ashe’s, so you can often get early kills. She can counter him when you unlock your special abilities, but he’s good to go if he plays around its cooldown.

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The final champion Jhin is really good against is Caitlyn. Caitlyn doesn’t have a dash and no significant way of her escaping him if he and his Support want to all in. When they get their Ultimates, he can out-damage her as well.

Final Thoughts

Jhin is one of the best ADCs right now. If you start to play him, make sure you use this article as the building blocks to learn more and improve in Wild Rift. If you enjoyed this article and want us to break down other champions, let us know!

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