TFT Vi (New Unit Guide, Patch 9.16)

TFT Vi (New Unit Guide, Patch 9.16)

TFT Vi Overview

Vi is the sixth brawler in TFT, the fourth Hextech, and is unique because of her ultimate. She can use it to access the backline and disable a carry. If itemized for damage, she can even blow up a carry with her surprising damage potential.


She has a great passive and is versatile enough to fit in many comps, including ones with assassins that compliment her diving. Between her Hextech passive and her ultimate, most backline carries are going to have a hard time doing their thing around Vi.

Ability: Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery TFT

Vi lunges to the enemy farthest from her (similar to Blitzcrank) and knocks them up. All enemies that she hits on the way are knocked aside and take damage.

Recommended Items

Vi needs some sort of defenses to make sure she carries out her role. GA is perfect for ensuring that she gets her ult off. Her ultimate damages all units she passes through en route to the farthest enemy. Take advantage of this with Morellonomicon. This also ensures the carry you are targeting can’t lifesteal.

Locking down carries is what Vi wants to do most of the time so something like Sword Breaker, Frozen Heart, or Hush compliments her kit really well. A Phantom Dancer is a nice touch to make yourself hard to kill vs Draven or other carries.

Vi can do respectable damage and just kill carries instead of locking them down if you itemize with Titanic Hydra and Gunblade for healing.

Core items:

Vi TFT items

  • Morellonomicon
  • Guardian Angel
  • Frozen Heart

Situational items

  • Hextech Gunblade + Titanic Hyrda (if you want damage)
  • Phantom Dancer (for extra toughness vs Draven/Jinx)
  • Hush or Sword Breaker for extra lockdown

Recommended Team comps

Really Vi can go into any team comp that needs brawlers (there are a lot of them!), but here are a few that take the most advantage of her Hextech passive.

Brawling Shapeshifters

Brawling Shapeshifters

This comp relies on having a lot of front line for your team along with wild and Hextech passives to gain a significant advantage. You have two choices for end game: place a Yuumi on Gnar, or level to 8 and put in Veigar for yordle and sorcerer bonus.

Origins: Wild, Hextech
Classes: Brawler, Shapeshifter

Brawling Pirates

Brawling Pirates

This comp relies on some front line beef along with the Hextech passive to buy time for your slingers to dismantle the enemy. You can shut down enemy carries hard with Vi, Blitz, Pyke, and Hextech.

Origins: Pirate, Hextech
Classes: Gunslinger, Brawler, Robot

How to Position Vi

TFT Camille positioning

Vi wants to be able to beat up enemies and get beat on, so she can launch her ult.

Backline Vi

You want to place her opposite from the backliners you want her to target, like Blitzcrank, except she has to move and built up mana before ulting. For this reason, she should be the front liner closer to the edge of the board.

TFT Vi banner

Tips and Tricks

  • Vi’s biggest strength is that her ultimate hits several units en route to her target. With Morellonomicon, you can think of her a lot like Pyke who deals a fair amount of damage every time they ult because of the burn damage.
  • Vi is a great fill character, as she can act as a front liner for brawler bonus in almost any comp, so don’t be afraid to toss her in.
  • Remember that Frozen Heart works as she travels to the backline too!

Early Impressions

In the worst-case scenario, Vi is just another brawler no worse than Warwick, Volibear, or Reksai without items. In the right setup, she can nullify the opposing team’s greatest strengths.

Expect to see Vi in a lot of comps that rely on brawlers when she comes out.

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think of Vi in TFT in the comments below.