How to Use the Mobalytics TFT Profile

How to Use the Mobalytics TFT Profile

Mobalytics Teamfight Tactics Profile Guide

Welcome to our quick guide on how to use our new TFT Profile feature. To get the most from this guide, we recommend following along while exploring a profile, whether it’s your own or another player’s.

To start things off, here are a few unique features you can only find on our profile page:

  • Favorites: Using your match history, we are able to identify what champion, item, and even Chosen unit you prefer to use the most. This can be a nice indicator to see what you or others like to play. On the other hand, this might just be showing what you abused many games to climb with when a comp was overpowered.
  • Archetypes: We’ve created a system that is able to identify an “archetype” to match your team comps. These are archetypes that are created from analyzing many TFT games played throughout the set and server. By matching your team comps to an archetype, you can easily track your performance with an archetype over the course of the entire set.
  • Filters: Another very useful component of our profile page are the filters. Not only will you be able to see your stats and match history, but you can now filter it to show only games that include a specific champion or synergy. If you want to see how a top challenger player plays Slayer comps, you can easily filter all of their match history and stats to only include games where they use Slayer.

Let’s take a look at everything else the profile provides and how to get the most from each section!

Profile Overview

TFT Profile Overview

General Summary

The first section of our profile page provides a quick summary of a player. It includes information that you may find useful like your favorite item, champion, and chosen.

Just below that, we have an overview of a player’s top 3 team comps and items. The items will show what you or other players build most often.

The top 3 team comps will also show what team comps a player plays the most, but we’ll go into more detail about this part later.

Overview Tab

TFT Profiles Overview

The first tab of our profile page is the overview tab. The top of the tab includes a recent summary of your games as well as a graph showing the distribution of your placements.

Placement Distribution

This graph can be useful to determine how your performance compares to other players. For example, if your graph is taller towards the ends (meaning a lot of 1st and 8th place finishes), you can deduce that you might be a very risky player. You want to win and will die trying.

Conversely, if your graph is tall toward the middle, you can see that you are a very consistent player. This can be a good thing, but you can also deduce that maybe you aren’t putting yourself in a position to win matches enough.

Recent Summary

This box of the overview is very straightforward. It will show your placements from the 20 most recent games as well as some facts like your most common synergy and item in the last 20 games.


TFT Profile Overview Filter

One of the more interesting parts of our profile page is the ability to filter matches. At the top, you can choose to filter through match history to only include games that include a specific synergy or champion. In the image above, I decided to filter games to ones that include Keepers. Because of this, the recent summary and placement distribution also change to display stats only from games that included Keepers.

Match History

TFT Match History

No profile is complete without a match history page. This page allows you to see games that you’ve played recently and have dropdown buttons to show details about a specific match.

Synergies & Champions

On the left, we have two boxes that show the champions and synergies you’ve used the most often across the entire set. This will allow you to see what you or other players prefer to play within a current set.

The average placement will also show you if you perform particularly better with specific synergies or champions.

If you only play a few games, these numbers won’t mean much, but over the course of many games, you might find that you perform better with a specific champion.


Once again, you can filter through this data with the filters shown above. In the image below, I filter the match history to only show games that include keepers. As you can see, the synergies and champions on the left also adjust to only include data from matches played with the Keeper synergy.

TFT Match History Filter

Team Comps and Archetypes Tab

TFT Profile Team Comps Tab

The second tab of our profile page is used to summarize your performance with specific team comps. As you can see, these team comps only include 6 champions instead of the usual 8 or 9. They also don’t show any specific team comps you’ve used.


The point of this page is to group matches you’ve played into archetypes. An archetype can be something like Dragonsoul Mage, which the image displays at the top. Once we’ve identified an archetype, we then determine the 6 most popular or core champions to that archetype.

Thus, this page takes the games you’ve played and matches them to the archetype that matches closest to your game. With this, you can see what archetypes you’ve been playing and how you perform with these archetypes.

In the future, we will be adding more information to this page so you can gain even more insight on your performance or another players performance.

Stats Tab

TFT Profile Stats Tab

Lastly, we have a tab that summarizes your stats with synergies, champions, and items. We don’t show every single item and champion you’ve built but sort it by the ones you’ve used the most. This can give you insight on what works for you and what doesn’t by seeing the performance associated with these synergies, champions, and items.

There’s a whole lot of information you can gain from reading your own or other player’s profiles. Be sure to check out your own Profile Page to see what competitive advantage you can gain.

Thanks for reading! Head to our Team Builder to theorycraft your own counters or explore our best meta comps to find another answer to climb with.

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