TFT Camille (New Unit Guide, Patch 9.16)

TFT Camille (New Unit Guide, Patch 9.16)

TFT Camille Overview

In Teamfight Tactics, Camille is a blademaster and one of the four new Hextech champions. She is the 7th blademaster, so hitting 9 blademasters is actually possible now with enough Spatulas. Otherwise, she is a cheap 1-cost unit with a powerful synergy that can be slotted in to proc the effect.

TFT Camille

Her ultimate is great for focus firing a unit if you can ensure that she lives to get it off.

Ability: Hextech Ultimatum

The Hextech Ultimatum TFT

Camille jumps onto an enemy and roots them while dealing magic damage. Her allies will prioritize focusing her target.

This can be great for burning down a tank before they get a key ult off or can allow you to immediately blow up a carry that’s pulled in by a Blitzcrank (if you trap Camille behind Blitz).

Recommended Items

Like most blademasters, Camille needs survivability to optimally perform. Items like Guardian Angel, Phantom Dancer, Warmog’s, and Dragon Claw are all great choices to ensure she can use her ult consistently.

If you want her to be a damage dealer, Rapid Firecannon and Bloodthirster are a great combo for offering reach and sustain.


TFT Camille Items

  • Guardian Angel
  • Warmog’s Armor
  • Dragon’s Claw

Situational items:

  • Phantom Dancer, Rapid Firecannon, and Bloodthirster for more damage-oriented builds.
  • Stattik Shiv for damage and mana

Recommended Team comps

Camille can fill in as a blademaster in several comps that use it, but the best ones will take advantage of her origin and usually include gunslingers.

Pirate Swashbucklers

Pirate Swashbuckler Jinx

This comp relies on the full might of 6 slingers and making Jinx a blademaster. Camille gives you hextech which makes other teams weak for just the few split seconds you need to wipe them out.

This one is hard to build as a comeback since you need to be 7 and 8 to hit your true spikes, so only attempt if you are ahead or in no threat of dying.

Origins: Pirate, Hextech

Classes: Gunslinger, Blademaster

How to Position Camille

TFT Camille positioning

Camille is a delicate melee unit, sort of like Fiora. You want to place her just behind your frontline so she can do damage and ult without dying or getting silenced, frozen, or mana burned.

TFT Camille banner

Tips and Tricks

  • Camille is a great backline protector since she forces all units in range to focus fire the target of her ult, she can redirect attacks once units have been scattered and are shooting random targets (think rangers).
  • Much like Fiora, Camille makes a great carry for items in the early game. She can be very powerful and then easily replaced with another rank 2 Camille to transfer items to a late game carry.

Early Impressions

While nothing special, Camille is a solid role fill unit that can bestow the Hextech origin on your team to shut down enemy carries. She works well in the early game and is replaceable at no cost later down the line.

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think of Camille in TFT in the comments below.