Mobalytics Patch 9.9 Tier List Q&A

Mobalytics Patch 9.9 Tier List Q&A

Q&A: Patch 9.9’s Tier List

Every patch, our experts curate a predictive tier list for climbing solo queue. We created this Q&A series to address the most common questions for each individual tier list, this one is for Patch 9.9. If you’d like your question to be answered, leave a comment in our tier list article, in our Youtube video’s comments, or send us a message in our Discord.

We don’t answer every question but we do read all of them so you always have a chance! Note that some answers within this article may be slightly altered for readability.

Here’s our LoL tier list for Patch 9.9. If you want to know what our experts thought of the patch as a whole, check out our 9.9 Patch Breakdown.


1. So how do I know what’s better? Mobalytics or Proguides?

2. Where is Aatrox?

3. Why is Riven “Severe”?

4. Which Supports pair best with Bot Veigar?

5. Is Shaco still good?

Questions and Answers

1. “So how do I know what’s better? Mobalytics or Proguides?” – Tsukuyomi Yuso (Youtube)

  • First off, we create two lists for the sake of accuracy, one for the general playerbase and another for high-ELO. The two sides of the spectrum are basically different games so only having one list can create problems as some champions won’t be viable in high ELO and some champs will be too difficult for low ELO.
  • Second, we prioritize transparency in all of our picks. This is why we have a Q&A each week as well as a dedicated channel in our Discord for tier list discussion.
  • Lastly, our three experts are very high-ELO, we’re not sure who contributes to the ProGuides list. Moriarty is currently Challenger, Prohibit has been Challenger in past seasons, and Picklepants is currently Diamond I. We also have high-ELO pros like Pekin Woof and Midbeast contribute with Picks of the Patch.

2.  “So where is Aatrox?” – Vicente Keim (Youtube),

“Is Aatrox playable in low elo. Also is he decent I think the changes increased his damage a lot but lowered his survivability when focused severely” – Amari Chukwura (Youtube)

“Aatrox JG actually is quite good. He has quite good and healthy clear now and he has quite good ganks too! I just got an -S on him playing JG.” – Konta’ Seefa (Youtube)

  • When we originally placed Aatrox, he hadn’t been hotfixed. Before it, his early game was just too weak but now it’s manageable so he can scale more reliably into the skirmish phase of the game.
  • With the hotfix, he should be placed at B for Top lane.
  • For other roles, high-ELO players have been experimenting with jungle Aatrox but he hasn’t been holding up at lower levels of play.
  • We’ll be keeping an eye on him because there will certainly be a transition period where players are adjusting to his new playstyle.

3. “Riven is severe xD hahaha what a joke (Facebook)

  • Riven’s recent power level has gotten out of hand so it’s gotten to the point where people are questioning your difficulty.
  • The major point here is Riven’s current power level is high enough to ignore having to properly play the champion so the perception of her is that the champion itself is face roll but in reality when she is in a normal state of power she is, in fact, severe if she was in a balanced state.
  • It would be far too difficult to accurately tie difficulty and champion power together rather than just judge the champions kit and it’s avg state of power.

4. “What Support(s) do you think would be best with Veigar
cause I love playing him and I think him as ADC would be really funand would it basically be the same build path?
– Thomase (Discord)

  • When you play bot lane Veigar, you can either do the normal Luden’s setup or do glacial augment both are viable and focus more on using Q for poke rather than CS if possible.
  • As for which Supports are best, avoid enchanters and go with champions that have displacements like Alistar who is his best Support, Pyke, or Thresh.
  • The reason for this is you can just lay down Veigar’s cage and have these types of Supports knock enemies into the guaranteed stun. This allows you to easily dish out your burst.
  • The likes of Alistar and Thresh can also keep you safe while you scale by stacking your Q’s.

5. “Shaco isn’t good anymore just saying” – Leonard.simko (Instagram)

  • You’re right he isn’t and I thank you for your feedback as we actually did have a discussion after reading this comment and agreed he would be moved down to B tier.
  • Shaco just performs worse when tank junglers are popular, and although the Scuttle changes help him, they help tank junglers more.
  • So good catch, placing him at A was a mistake.

Thanks for reading and watching! We’ll see you next time for Patch 9.9. As always, you can reach out to our team on Discord if you have any questions or feel free to leave a comment below.