Mobalytics Patch 9.4 Tier List Q&A

Mobalytics Patch 9.4 Tier List Q&A

Q&A: Patch 9.4’s Tier List

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Here’s our League of Legends tier list for 9.4 for your reference.

Want to know about our overall thoughts on the patch? Check out our 9.4 Patch Notes Breakdown.


1. Why has there been less mages for the bot carry role?

2. Should Rek’Sai be S tier?

3. Where is Irelia on the list?

4. Any opinion on support Galio?

5. Where is Olaf?

6. What happened to Kassadin?

Questions and Answers

1. “One big question that I have about the bot lane tier list is the removal of most mages. Other than Heimerdinger & maybe Mordekaiser, AP bot lane carries aren’t on your lists anymore. We know that Cassiopeia did get nerfs a while back, but you did mention the new Conqueror rune giving her much more viability in her roles. Veigar technically out-scales every marksman (crit, on-hit, caster, doesn’t matter), and Vel’Koz is still exceptionally good at having strong lane priority as well as good kill pressure at level 6.” – Rasta Phil

  • Although crit and traditional marksmen have definitely gotten better recently, the reason why we started removing some of the mages from bot lane was that they have such a slow play rate and pick rate that it makes it hard to really tell how truly good they are.
  • We definitely agree that mages can still have success in the bot lane, if you’re doing well with these champions keep playing them. It just doesn’t feel right for us to recommend them on a wider scale within our tier list.

2.  “Rek’Sai, 57% win rate, kinda S-tier imo.” – Alessio Boroni

  • Rek’Sai has risen to having one of the highest win rates in the game due to the Conqueror changes. On the Korean server, she’s now the most popular jungle champion. She’ll likely see some sort of nerf or hotfix in the near future.
  • We should move her up in general, however, she is quite tough to play. She would for sure be A-tier and possibly S-tier. We may be slightly hesitant to send her straight to S because there are other factors involved outside of the Conqueror change, such as the shifting meta.
  • We’ll be looking to see if she maintains this strong position over the next few patches, if she does, we’ll see her at S.

3. “I wanted to ask, where is Irelia? Noticed she wasn’t on the tier list anymore. Did the changes to Conqueror hurt her that much?” – NotSoPopularBoy

  • Irelia’s recent direct nerfs were quite harsh and she preferred the former version of Conqueror. It’s true that if you know what you’re doing with Irelia and can play her at a very high level, she can still look good and have some success, but that’s more often than not due to comfort level.
  • Remember that our tier lists keep in mind players who may be picking up our recommendations as a new champion to try out, so we’d rather opt for other fighters, like Renekton, that are easier to play and more consistent right now.

4. “Any opinion about Galio support? Or is he just for the competitive scene?” – nmthdm

  • Galio Support can be quite strong. He provides a lot of utility with his taunt and ultimate, and is incredibly tanky with Aftershock. However, just like Shen, he’s’s not as easy to pull off in solo queue as it is in competitive or high-ELO.
  • He’s a mainstay in pro-play because he’s a great champion for rotating and macro play, but there’s a reason that he isn’t seeing mid as much anymore and that’s because of his recent nerfs. It’s a story similar to why Gragas has become more of a support or jungler, after initially being a mid.

5. “Where is my man Olaf?” – tutonni.jpg

  • If your name is Hashinshin or another top lane streamer, you may have noticed that he’s pretty good with Conqueror. His new visual update makes him feel more OP as well! All joking aside, it’s something that we didn’t catch when making our predictions (it’s hard to catch how everything will affect every champion).
  • He should probably be around A or B tier for top so keep an eye on the next list!

6.  “What happened to Kassadin in the mid lane for low-ELO? I know he got nerfed and he hasn’t felt as strong when I play him, but I thought he would still be at least B-tier if not A-tier.” – Eric

  • Kassadin is a situational pick whose laning phase was hurt pretty badly by the armor nerfs. Now he can often get auto-attacked and harassed down in more matchups. If you have to go against an AD matchup such as Talon, Yasuo, or Zed, Kass will be bullied hard.
  •  These are reasons why we can’t recommend him in low-ELO because players are more likely to have their weaknesses exposed. Having a strong laning phase and lane priority is also much more impactful at lower-ELO.
  • At higher ELO, Kass players will do a better job of choosing him as a counterpick to matchups like Ekko and Syndra.

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