Mobalytics Patch 9.3 Tier List Q&A

Mobalytics Patch 9.3 Tier List Q&A

Q&A: Patch 9.3’s Tier List

Every patch, Mobalytics creates a tier list along with a Q&A video which addresses the most common questions regarding the list. We’ve decided to create a text version of our Q&A’ss for people that want to read along, and also to help direct people who have asked questions that were answered in previous Q&A videos.

If you’d like us to answer your question in a future Q&A, leave us a comment on our tier list blog or Youtube video, or reach out to us with a DM on Discord. We can’t guarantee that yours will be answered but if it’s a popular question that we haven’t addressed yet, there’s a good chance it will! Note that some answers may be slightly altered for the text format.

Here’s the Patch 9.3 tier list if you missed out or want to review it.

If you’d like to see our thoughts on Patch 9.3’s changes, check out our breakdown.


1. How good is Press the Attack on Miss Fortune?

2. What are our thoughts on Sylas?

3. Is Kindred’s on-hit build better than their crit build?

4. Where is Tryndamere for top lane?

5. Why is Shen B-tier?

6. Where is Talon on our list with the new crit items?

Questions and Answers

1. “How is good is Press the Attack MF?” – Manuel Tiong

  • This was a suggested rune page for one of Hewitt’s pick of the patches, and PTA MF is probably better than you might think, especially if you’re going a crit build since you’ll be going more attack speed than if you went lethality.
  • If you go Ghostblade into Duskblade and then Lord Dominik’s or Black Cleaver, you’ll get almost no attack speed in that build. However, if you go PTA with items like Stattik Shiv and Infinity Edge, it can be quite effective with PTA.
  • That being said, MF has plenty of viable rune options: Dark Harvest, Arcane Comet, Aery, even Kleptomancy, it depends on your playstyle, but PTA is our recommendation if you’re going to build crit.

2.  “You didn’t talk about Sylas!” – Santiago Cassiet

  • Sylas is an interesting champion and we’ve seen him start to even appear in the pro scene, such as with Cloud 9’s Licorice playing him in LCS. He went Kleptomancy, played him as a bruiser early on before shifting his build to full AP.
  • It seems like Sylas is a decently good Top laner or Jungler, we aren’t too sure yet how good he is as an AP Mid, and we’ve even seen some tank variations that take Grasp of the Undying or Aftershock with Iceborn Gaulent and Spirit Visage.
  • Tank Sylas may be worth recommending as a B-tier champion in the general tier list and an A-tier champion for Mid lane in high-ELO, but it’s still too hard to say. We want to give it one more week for players to better figure out how to win with him, so check back next patch.

3. “I’ve been playing Kindred for a few weeks now, but I’m still not really sure about their best build. Do you think the on-hit build (Bloodrazor, BotRK, Black Cleaver, and Runnan’s Hurricane) is better than the crit build (Warrior, Phantom Dancer, Rapid Fire Cannon, Stattik Shiv, Infinity Edge, and Stormrazor)? I think the on-hit build just allows for easier objective control and better dueling in general. That’s just my opinion, I’d love to hear your thoughts, great video as always.” – Lamb & Wolf

  • The crit itemization changes have definitely made building Kindred more interesting as she’s one of the few Junglers that can build crit (along with champs like Graves). Building crit is better than ever before, but we agree with you, you’re still probably better off going on-hit.
  • Check out Forest Within’s profile and GPI, he’s one of the highest rated Kindred mains in the world. His build looks like Blue Smite: Warrior or Blue Smite: Bloodrazor into items like Ghostblade, Stattik Shiv, and Infinity Edge. He tends to go Ghostblade first, so it starts lethality and becomes more of a crit build.

4. “Where is Tryndamere in the top lane list?” – TheDolphinGamerYT Wilkes.

  • Similar to Kindred, the crit changes have been interesting for Tryndamere. It may have been an oversight by us to exclude him as it turns out he’s pretty good.
  • He has a place in top lane when building things like Phantom Dancer or Stattik Shiv into Infinity Edge.
  • The thing is, with Tryndamere, it can be tough to not have good CC options in solo queue, but with his split-push and snowball potential, you can do well and carry some games, especially in lower-ELO.
  • In regards to high-ELO, you probably won’t have problems until low Masters. He’ll likely be around A or B-tier for us next patch, probably leaning closer to B.

5. “Why is Shen in B-tier? Are there new items or something, because he is still trash. He can’t farm under tower and needs too much gold to be effective.” – angryginger01

  • Regarding items, Riot actually did buff Sunfire Cape a couple patches ago and it’s a great item for Shen.
  • On top of that, tank itemization, in general, has been better as damage has been systemically reduced throughout the game recently (the Ignite nerf is an example of this). Shield Bash’s introduction as a new rune has given Shen more trading power in lane.
  • Due to these factors, Shen is a solid B-tier tank. The only reason why he isn’t higher is that he’s simply outclassed by other tanks like Sion and Urgot – the more those tanks get nerfed and the more he faces champions like Riven and Irelia (who rely on auto-attacks), Shen’s value will continue to increase.

6.  “Where is Talon? I’d imagine he’d be pretty strong with the new Infinity Edge and his Q crits.” – mynameissoups

  • The thing about building crit on Talon with IE is that it’s probably too expensive, there’s probably no way to build it unless you’re looking at 5-6 items.
  • Lethality, Cleaver, and the buffed Lord Dominik’s will be better for you, but Talon is actually fantastic in high-ELO, usually always around S or A-tier for us.
  • Talon is one of the best solo queue champions at the moment, especially into certain team comps, but he has taken a hit due to recent changes, such as the nerf to Ignite, the gradual increase of resistances in the game, and the return of tanks to the meta.

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