Mobalytics Patch 9.22 Tier List Q&A

Mobalytics Patch 9.22 Tier List Q&A

Q&A: Patch 9.22’s Tier List

Every patch, our experts curate a predictive tier list for climbing solo queue. We created this Q&A series to address the most common questions for each individual tier list, this one is for Patch 9.22. If you’d like your question to be answered, leave a comment in our tier list article, in our Youtube video’s comments, or send us a message in our Discord.

We don’t answer every question but we do read all of them so you always have a chance! Note that some answers within this article may be slightly altered for readability.

If you want to know the best champs to climb with this patch, here’s our LoL tier list for Patch 9.22. If you want to know what our experts thought of the patch as a whole, check out our 9.22 Patch Breakdown.


1. How is Heimer S-tier in top, mid, and bot?

2. Why isn’t Qiyana on the normal list?

3. Did jungle Pantheon really fall that hard?

4. Why isn’t Olaf on the normal list?

5. Where is Braum?

Questions and Answers

1. “Explain to me how the frick Heimerdinger is s tier in top, mid AND bot.”
– Synn Ly (Youtube)”

  • The main thing it comes down to is how flexible Heimerdinger is a champion. He provides so many different things for his team: waveclear, CC, consistent damage, pick potential, and split push potential.
  • He honestly has so much flexibility in his kit outside of his lack of mobility. What this means is that if Heimer’s stat numbers are strong enough, he’ll be able to play multiple roles.
  • Once the buffs to his turrets and grenade CC came in on 9.1,9 Heimer’s numbers were high enough for him to comeback into a meta that favors him do to all of the melee or short-ranged champions that are popular at the moment.
  • The other bonus for Heimer is how consistent and easy it is for him to win lane, or at minimum, go even with very few matchups that he isn’t able to do this in. This gives Heimer many win condition options and a stable early game, making him an extremely optimal pick for climbing.
  • Plus he beats Teemo!

2.  “May I ask why Qiyana is not on the normal list?” – Stewe119(Instagram)

  • Qiyana, as shown by her performance at Worlds, is an incredibly strong roaming mid laner who can make insane outplays and 1v9 teamfights with her ult…so why would she perform worse at lower levels of play when her playstyle should suit it with the heavy roaming and teamfight ability?
  • What it comes down to is mechanical ability. Although her combo in lane is pretty simple and easy to execute, it’s after that part of the game where she starts to fumble.
  • In general, AD assassins, don’t scale well and are usually unforgiving in teamfights as 1 misstep can cause them to die.
  • The issue with Qiyana, in particular, is how reliant she is on hitting a good ult. If she doesn’t, 1 of 2 things will happen: go in anyway and die or back off unable to contribute to a teamfight as it’s far too difficult for her to get in to do deal effective DPS.
  • Think of her teamfighting like Evelyn. If eve doesn’t have ult she can only wait around to clean up it’s the same with Qiyana.
  • With players being less consistent at teamfighting at lower levels of play and games dragging out longer so that the game often boils down to 5v5 in mid lane, lesser skilled Qiyana players just won’t outperform things like Malzahar or Anivia without proper flanking and mechanical outplays.

3. “Did jungle Pantheon really fall from grace this hard? I feel his E still makes him plenty useful.” – (Instagram)

  • Short answer, yes. The long answe is that his E makes him useful but it does not enable him to be useful enough to win on a consistent win rate.
  • Regardless of the skill level, Panth’s jungles win rate falls below 47 percent and for good reason. From the jungle, his itemization is actually worse than in lane as he would much rather have a Ghostblade for the move speed over Warrior’s.
  • Aside from that, after repeated nerfs, his early game farming and gank potential decreased. He can still snowball early on and dive towers with his E but he is god awful if anything goes wrong.
  • He just ends up being a worse Xin Zhao as his early game dueling isn’t over the top powerful anymore so he can lose to common picks like Nocturne, Lee Sin, or even Vi as his early game numbers aren’t super high and his W post nerfs gives you a lot of extra reaction time.
  • Panth is still a great top laner though and can utilize the E well along with getting a better item path.

4. “Why isn’t Olaf in any tier for low ELO?” – Mihac_pavlovic (Instagram)

  • Olaf is a champion you’ll see in competitive play or even high-end solo queue hard stomping the early game with his insane dueling and clear speed.
  • The reason why he doesn’t show up on the low ELO list anymore is actually for 1 simple reason – he’s possibly the worst scaling champion in the whole game.
  • What this means is that if you fall behind on Olaf, or do not end the game by 30 min then your team has to play 4v5.
  • At lower levels, where mistakes happen more often and people are less objective focused, either the Olaf themselves or the team will not close the game out quickly.
  • This has been mentioned before but the average game time for lower levels is around or over 30 min, perfectly negating Olaf’ss primary strength.
  • At higher levels of play, average game times are well below 30 min so Olaf’s insane early game can and is utilized more often resulting in him losing one of his major loss conditions as games are decided before 30 min anyway so the only issue he runs into is if he snowballed or not.

5. “Where is Braum?” – Hjawish2k (Instagram)

  • Braum is in the shadow realm and for good reason. He has always been a staple in competitive play due to his peeling ability so he was continually nerfed to keep him in check despite his terrible solo performances over the years
  • For solo queue specifically, what it comes down to is something similar to why support Tahm Kench sucks in solo queue and that comes down to Braum having teammate scaling.
  • He not only needs to position well to peel for his teammates but then his teammates also need to actually stand behind him and auto-attack to proc his passive.
  • His teammates actually need to work with him to have him effective at a base level which is never a good sign in solo queue.
  • Not only that, but if that baseline is met, his engage potential is pretty weak, meaning its hard for him to make proactive plays on his own compared to something like Leona. Instead, he must rely on peeling for someone who might not be worth peeling for.
  • Even compared to enchanters like Janna or Soraka, Braum just isn’t able to as easily deny the enemy team without the person he is peeling for working with him.
  • He’s just too difficult to pull off with so little gain. Just pick Leona or Nautilus who are still tanky and can still peel but can actually make plays way easier on their own.

Thanks for reading and watching! We’ll see you next time for Patch 9.22. As always, you can reach out to our team on Discord if you have any questions or feel free to leave a comment below.