Mobalytics Patch 9.21 Tier List Q&A

Mobalytics Patch 9.21 Tier List Q&A

Q&A: Patch 9.21’s Tier List

Every patch, our experts curate a predictive tier list for climbing solo queue. We created this Q&A series to address the most common questions for each individual tier list, this one is for Patch 9.21. If you’d like your question to be answered, leave a comment in our tier list article, in our Youtube video’s comments, or send us a message in our Discord.

We don’t answer every question but we do read all of them so you always have a chance! Note that some answers within this article may be slightly altered for readability.

If you want to know the best champs to climb with this patch, here’s our LoL tier list for Patch 9.21. If you want to know what our experts thought of the patch as a whole, check out our 9.21 Patch Breakdown.


1. What’s the bad matchup for Shaco support?

2. How the hell is Soraka in S tier for low ELO? She has no carry potential.

3. How’s Tryndamere A tier though?

4. Where is Gnar? He is OP?

5. Kha’Zix A tier seems a bit low for him, he goes electrocute and one-shots or conqueror and he heals so much while doing so much damage.

Questions and Answers

1. “What’s the bad matchup for Shaco support? – Free Gaming (Youtube)”

  • With the ever growing popularity of this OP pick this is a good question. To find the answer, you need to look at why he’s strong in the meta.
  • Shaco support works because he has the poke and all-in to kill mage supports and with his boxes, he can easily deny the popular engage supports.
  • This leaves us with the enchanter class which does the best into him as they can sit back in lane and outscale him during the teamfight phase.
  • Out of the main enchanters, we have Lulu, Janna, Soraka, Nami, and Sona, but the champions who do the best are the ones with heals to out-sustain his poke in lane like Nami, Sona, or Soraka.
    • Sona does the best versus Shaco statically but both Raka and Nami are higher up on the tier list our final recommendation would have to be Banana Girl Soraka.

2.  “How the hell is Soraka in S tier for low elo? She has no carry potential.” – Rizz1212 (Youtube)

  • You are right that she doesn’t have 1v9 potential, but more importantly, she scales well in teamfight and has anti 1v9 potential.
  • Contrary to popular belief, champions that do best at lower levels of play are not champions like Kha’Zix, Talon, or Thresh. They might make make highlight plays and 1v9 in high level solo queue but in fact, stable consistent teamfighters like Amumu, Malzahar, or Soraka are the most successful in lower ELO.
  • This is because games tend to drag on allowing easy-to-execute champions who do well in the late game come out on top more often as it’s just straight up easier to do.
  • For Soraka specifically though, she has an added bonus of being an anti carry. With her ult and silence, she is able to deny the enemy playmaker or diver a chance to carry, often causing them to overextend in a fight thinking they can secure a kill only to get denied.
  • In short, she carries because shes a consistent teamfighter who denies the enemy a chance to carry.

3. “How’s Tryndamere A tier though?” – Svaban (Instagram)

  • When looking at our internal data or even other stats sites, Tryndamere’s win rate isn’t amazing at lower levels of play nor is he difficult so he wouldn’t get a big bonus so it makes sense to question his placement.
  • If you look into the stats a bit deeper though you’ll notice that most Tryndameres haven’t swapped over to the Essence Reaver + IE + Triforce style which is just significantly stronger stat wise than any other build style. You can add in a Tiamat as well.
  • So with the build style increasing in popularity, we rank him as if he is using his proper setup instead of when he uses suboptimal builds, hence his placement seeming off compared to his win rate.

4. “Where is Gnar? He is OP.” – Luky.krusina (Instagram)

  • Gnar is shadow realmed for solo queue as his win rate is pretty low at 48 percent. We do think the term overpowered is thrown around a bit too often lately as they should be reserved for champions that are so strong, they no longer lose to their intended counters, kind of like Season 3 Kassadin.
  • Now you might have seen Gnar being picked at Worlds and doing well but that’s because he thrives in a competitive environment. In terms of drafting, he is often used as a safe early pick or counter to melee matchups, but more importantly, teams will play around his Mega Gnar form properly.
  • In solo queue though, his potential as a champion is wasted as your team will likely not fight around your transformation and likely engage right after your Mega Gnar form ends it happens all the time.

5. “Kha’Zix A tier seems a bit low for him, he goes Electrocute and one-shots or Conqueror and  heals so much while doing so much damage.” – Tomasdelalic09 (Instagram)

  • We get this kind of question a lot actually when it comes to assassin junglers. We totally agree that Kha is super versatile and strong, hence he S tier status on the high ELO list.
  • However, non-teamfighting champions who are not tanky have proven time and time again, especially from the jungle, that they do not perform well on average at lower levels of play.
  • This is because if they fall behind, they becomes useless and they often do not close out games quick enough before they fall off compared to champions like Mundo in terms of usefulness in a late game teamfight.
  • Most of the time, what happens with Kha or Eve players at lower levels of play is they lack team fighting ability so even if they snowball they will throw a major fight, they will end with what looks like a good score.
  • This will cause most people to remember how well they did but they won’t notice how they took all the team’s gold and then weren’t able to translate it into a strong teamfight performance to close the game out.

Thanks for reading and watching! We’ll see you next time for Patch 9.21. As always, you can reach out to our team on Discord if you have any questions or feel free to leave a comment below.