Mobalytics Patch 9.12 Tier List Q&A

Mobalytics Patch 9.12 Tier List Q&A

Q&A: Patch 9.12’s Tier List

Every patch, our experts curate a predictive tier list for climbing solo queue. We created this Q&A series to address the most common questions for each individual tier list, this one is for Patch 9.12. If you’d like your question to be answered, leave a comment in our tier list article, in our Youtube video’s comments, or send us a message in our Discord.

We don’t answer every question but we do read all of them so you always have a chance! Note that some answers within this article may be slightly altered for readability.

If you want to know the best champs to climb with this patch, here’s our LoL tier list for Patch 9.12. If you want to know what our experts thought of the patch as a whole, check out our 9.12 Patch Breakdown.


1. Why is Ornn intense?

2. Why is Rengar an jungler S-tier for high-ELO every patch?

3. How are Garen and Yorick S-tier?

4. Where’s Ivern?

5. What’s preventing Fiora from moving to A-tier?

Questions and Answers

1. “Why is Ornn considered an intense difficulty champion to play? Besides the fact that most of his abilities are skillshots, I can’t really think of a reason why.” – Bill Nye The Science Guy (Discord)

  • This one might seem weird as tanks, on average, don’t usually have high difficulty. Ornn, on the other hand, not only has a lot of skillshots but also a lot of unique interactions a player must get used to.
  • A first time Ornn player will need to learn how to abuse his unique lane buying ability, how to properly use his W to dodge CC, what the timing on his Q + E combo is for the knockup, how to properly use brittle for max damage, the timing on the recast for his ult as well as having a strong engage sense with it.
  • Another way to think about it is, would you rather have a first-time Malphite or Ornn on your team? One has point and click abilities and an easy-to-land ultimate while the other has a lot of room to whiff abilities and mess up.

2.  “I probably missed the video when they explained it but I’m kind of baffled as to why you have Rengar S tier jungler (high elo) every single patch. I can’t remember anyone else agreeing with the notion yet he’s like number one on the tier list every single patch.” – Sploosh (Discord)

  • This one has been mentioned a lot and you did not miss the video on it, one of the main reasons he was initially placed in S was because he benefited greatly from the meta changes the new Scuttle spawn timer brought allowing him to power farm to 6 much easier.
  • The other reason was that he was great into meta picks like Karthus in the past while also doing well into Sejuani as he can use his empowered W to break her CC.
  • Simply put, the current meta where Rengar is allowed to consistently hit 6, has squishy champions that rely on CC to kill him, and enchanters like Karma, Yuumi, and Janna to empower him to get picks even easier is fantastic for him.
  • We believe that he is just being undervalued kind of like Zilean, for example, who is also amazing with Rengar. I will admit that we could be wrong on this one and I will certainly continue to watch if he needs to be dropped to A tier.

3. “What a bad list, do you just take winrates or what? Garen and Yorick in S you can’t be serious.” – Gintoki (Youtube)

  • We’re 100 percent serious about having Garen and Yorick in S tier. Do we only look at win rates for our list? Of course not, but in the face of such overwhelmingly high data samples and corresponding win rates, it’s hard to ignore their success.
  • In the case of Garen, even if you think he’s a noob champ it’s hard to ignore his dominance in Gold and below. The list needs to be based on some kind of logic, not just feelings.
  • Either you misunderstood that we have two lists which is surprisingly common, or you just so happen to beat Garen and Yorick warping your view on their power.

4. “I always watch these but I never see jungle Janna in the list anymore. Where is he? (Ivern)” – Frostfx1Frostfx (Twitter)

  • Ivern has been on the decline ever since the Scuttle changes went through as he lost a lot of his early power and control over the game when the spawn timer was delayed.
  • Because of that, his pathing became a lot more dangerous, especially at higher levels with monster early game champions like Elise and Olaf being popular he becomes too much of a risk.At lower levels of play where he is safer he is a team reliant champion who is getting outscalled by tank junglers who are able to provide ulity tankiness and engage in a proactive way while jungle janna currently is too reactive. He just isn’t able to proactively win the game atm while also being a champion mostly 1 trick use so he isn’t a strong recommendation.

5. “What is preventing Fiora from moving to A-tier? She has been underperforming compared to other champions, she should favor match ups against the current S-tier top laners.” – Francesco Causo (Facebook)

  • You’re totally right about her doing poorly in matchups she should win right now. The thing about Fiora as a champion is that she has a major flaw in her kit.
    • The flaw is that even when she’s ahead to the point where she can win all duels, she has no way to force a fight. This means that she will struggle to find a win condition to close a game out.
  • So unless she is so insanely broken or ahead that she can snowball lane into perma tower diving someone, she will not be able to consistently win games.
  • From a balance perspective, this makes it so Fiora is in a perpetual state of, if her numbers are too high, no one can win 1v1 versus her or 1v2. If the numbers are too low, like they are now, she has no way to win games unless she outclasses her opponent and has a good matchup.
  • She will likely need a small rework involving changing her R if Riot wants to fix this issue.

Thanks for reading and watching! We’ll see you next time for Patch 9.12. As always, you can reach out to our team on Discord if you have any questions or feel free to leave a comment below.