Mobalytics Patch 9.10 Tier List Q&A

Mobalytics Patch 9.10 Tier List Q&A

Q&A: Patch 9.10’s Tier List

Every patch, our experts curate a predictive tier list for climbing solo queue. We created this Q&A series to address the most common questions for each individual tier list, this one is for Patch 9.10. If you’d like your question to be answered, leave a comment in our tier list article, in our Youtube video’s comments, or send us a message in our Discord.

We don’t answer every question but we do read all of them so you always have a chance! Note that some answers within this article may be slightly altered for readability.

Here’s our LoL tier list for Patch 9.10. If you want to know what our experts thought of the patch as a whole, check out our 9.10 Patch Breakdown.


1. Why do we still have Master Yi as being strong after his nerfs?

2. Why do Ezreal, Sona, and Xayah have their ranks?

3. Is Kayle Top still good?

4. Why is Nunu always S-tier for high-ELO?

5. Why isn’t Nidalee seeing a resurgence after the Runic Echoes buff?

Questions and Answers

1. “You guys are crazy to think Yi is still S tier and A tier at high elo. WIth the Rageblade nerfs Yi does 25-38% less dmg per second. Not to mention that he is almost a complete glass cannon and so easy to focus down” – Jason MacDonald (Youtube)

  • We predicted that Master Yi would be buffed overall despite the nerfs to Conqueror and Rageblade while most of the community thought that he was gutted.
  • The reason for this is that while Yi received a nerf to his DPS, this mostly impacts late game.The buffs he received to his single target burst and dueling power impact his early game.
  • Since Master Yi’s weakest phase is traditionally his early game, getting a buff there is proving to help more than the nerfs to his late game which was already and still incredibly strong, thus increasing his winrate.
    • TLDR the upgrade to his early game was worth more than the downgrade to his late game.
  • As for him being easy to focus down, that’s not necessarily true as many Master Yi players have adapted to this. By building tanky after their core damage items and with the cast time on his Q being removed, Yi’s have an easier time dodging CC.

2.  “Ezreal S tier? Lol, you guys surely don’t know what you’re talking about. And Sona S, Xayah B?” – IIDeadeye  (Twitter)

  • Regarding Ezreal, here are some stats:
    • Almost all of the top 10 ADCs on the Korean server in Challenger have Ezreal in their top 3 most played and currently still play him.
    • The current rank #1 player of EUW is Upset, who has Ezreal as his second most played with a 70 percent win rate.
    • All of these top players play Ezreal actively and wouldn’t all be so successful if he wasn’t a top-tier pick.
  • As for Sona, her win rate has been insanely high for so long, S-tier can basically stand for Sona tier.
    • Until she gets nerfed, she seems like she’ll be like Janna pre-Ardent Censor nerf when she had a 55+ win rate for literal years and yet, no one respected her.
  • For Xayah though, we agree. She isn’t B-tier and instead, deserves A-tier as Rageblade users have lost stock and Essence Reaver (which Xayah uses) was buffed.

3. “Wait Kayle ? Is she good in top? I thought she was basically useless after she got nerfed to the ground.” – vell_adora (Twitter)

  • Yes, at lower levels of play, Kayle often has more time to scale reliably into the late game.
  • Her laning phase is a bit rough but she does pretty well into tanks which are more popular below Diamond.
  • She’s sort of like Nasus in that sense where she’s a champion that’s great at lower levels but falls in popularity. However, don’t let that stop you.
    • People like Riste make champions like Garen work in high-ELO so Kayle is definitely doable.

4. “Guys, I was critical of you in previous videos…but I can’t understand this Nunu fetish of yours. I don’t think he is S tier for high elo. So I would like to ask…how is he better than Sejuani as a tank jungler? Because she seems to be a more reliable choice overall. – DstEdd D (Youtube)

  • We aren’t really going off on a limb here, Nunu is actually pretty mainstream in high-ELO.
    • The current rank 1 player in NA, Tarzaned, ranks Nunu as S tier.
  • As for what makes him better than Sejuani, it’s two main things:
    • The first is that his ability to gank is less conditional. He can gank when he wants from where he wants while Sejuani prefers to gank melee champions due to her passive.
    • The second point is that he can secure objectives easily which is very important in solo queue.
    • This may seem minor, but it allows you to play for objectives without relying on your laners to properly rotate.
      • Nunu is laso able to make Baron calls more easily due to the speed at which he does it and his reliable Q+Smite.

5. “With the Runic Echoes buff, why isn’t Nidalee seeing a resurgence” – ben.scz (Facebook)

  • Solid question, the Runic Echoes buffs were quite good but not substantial enough to make any of the AP junglers jump a tier with it.
  • Nidalee specifically is doing well in high ELO and with this buff, she will continue to do so but in no way does this buff allow her to be played at lower levels.
  • What’s holding back Nidalee at lower levels is not her itemization, it’s that she’s difficult to execute and scales poorly.
  • Compare her to a Rammus who has no skillshots to miss and still scales decently.

Thanks for reading and watching! We’ll see you next time for Patch 9.10. As always, you can reach out to our team on Discord if you have any questions or feel free to leave a comment below.