Mobalytics Patch 8.24b Tier List Q&A

Mobalytics Patch 8.24b Tier List Q&A

Q&A: Patch 8.24b’s Tier List

Every patch, Mobalytics creates a tier list along with a Q&A video which addresses the most common questions regarding the list. We’ve decided to create a text version of our Q&A’ss for people that want to read along, and also to help direct people who have asked questions that were answered in previous Q&A videos.

If you’d like us to answer your question in a future Q&A, leave us a comment on our tier list blog or Youtube video, or reach out to us with a DM on Discord. We can’t guarantee that yours will be answered but if it’s a popular question that we haven’t addressed yet, there’s a good chance it will! Note that some answers may be slightly altered for the text format.

Here’s the Patch 8.24b tier list if you missed out or want to review it.


1. Why does Wukong deserve his S-tier placement?

2. Can Mobalytics make a tier list of champs NOT to play?

3. Thoughts on Jhin in high-ELO and low-ELO?

4. How is Future’s Market for Tiamat Junglers?

5. Is LeBlanc missing from the list?

6. Why did Draven fall to B?

Questions and Answers

1. “Why is Wukong S-Tier in mid and top? He was considered one of the worst champions in the game not too long ago after his nerfs and many Challenger Wukong mains have dropped to Masters/Diamond I as a result. He has only received a level 1 attack speed buff since then – what changes have suddenly made him so good?” – Roguebunny

  • The recent rune stat changes (from Patch 8.23) are fantastic for Wukong. Being able to take attack damage twice and some resistance means Wukong gets the exact stats he wants and a better laning phase as a result. The new runes also allow him to go Triumph and Coup de Grace from the Precision tree without wasting any attack speed (he gets what he needs from his E and the recent buff that Roguebunny mentioned).
  • Do note that the placing was not for the High-ELO list, but rather, for the general list.
  • Wukong kit allows him to thrive in the chaos of solo queue. He’s the prototypical amazing assassin carry/damage oriented champion that can climb you out of Iron-Plat. Maybe after that, you might struggle against high ELO Riven/Fiora/Jax players, but until then, his teamfighting ability is incredibly powerful in low-ELO.

2. “I wouldn’t mind seeing a worst champs tier list.” – Josh K, and “Can you add a ‘don’t play it tier’? It would be a list of champions which are unplayable in the current patch.” – Seb16120

  • Whether you guys are serious or joking about this (let us know in the comments!), now would probably not be the time for a list like this.
  • Throughout League’s history, there were champions that were truly terrible. That’s not really the case anymore. There’s nothing nowadays that really compares to the lowest of lows that were once demonstrated by the likes of the old Aatrox, Evelynn, and Volibear.
  • In recent times, if we had to name a few, Volibear, Corki, and maybe Kalista would be the worst champions for solo queue, but all three of these champs are certainly playable (Corki was recently buffed and Voli has some changes on the way, Kalista has suffered from unfixed bugs). Overall, Riot has done a great job of removing D and F-tier champions and nearly every champ could be C-tier in some role.

3. “What do you think about Jhin in high-ELO and low-ELO?” – A-tey

  • Jhin is a champion that’s currently pretty good. The reason he’s not S-tier is that he suffers from consistency problems related to team composition.
  • Marksmen like Jhin and Jinx, in the current meta, struggle to fit into recent common team compositions. These champions can blow up and stomp games but their ability to do so relies on their teammates’ ability and knowledge to protect and peel for you.
  • Other bot carries like Draven, Yasuo, or Lucian, in comparison, have a much easier time in the current meta because they have more independent control and agency, regardless of who their teammates choose at Champ Select.

4. Should Junglers affected by the Tiamat nerf try the Future’s Market rune? – Valkaneer

  • This is pretty interesting – typically for Junglers, you wouldn’t normally go Inspiration secondary. Instead, you’d likely opt for something like Sorcery so you can take Waterwalking, Celerity, Absolute Focus, or even Nimbus Cloak.
  • On a champion Tiamat-dependent champion like Shaco, you could possibly experiment with Stopwatch and Future’s Market. It probably isn’t amazing but it may be situationally worth trying on champions who really crutch on Tiamat.
  • We think it’s worth a go, let us know how it plays out and we’ll try it out ourselves.

5. Why is LeBlanc not even in the high-ELO tier list? Is she still a good pick or nah? – RevVVideo

  • LeBlanc was affected by recent nerfs to her W as well as nerfs to Timewarp Tonic (which she heavily abused).
  • The meta has shifted towards players generally taking more magic resist in their rune choices to mitigate the large amount of burst damage in matches. Her bad matchups such as Galio, Cassiopeia, and Lissandra have also risen in popularity, even in high ELO.
  • Since the nature of her kit and playstyle rely so heavily on snowballing, it’s hard for us to realistically recommend her to players for climbing. If you’re a LeBlanc one-trick, she will still be playable so keep going if you’re having success.

6. Why did Draven move down to B-tier for low-ELO? – pietro_anedda

  • Draven has fallen from his long-time oppressive dominance due to the rise of mages and other counterpicks in the bot lane.
  • Realistically, in low-ELO, Dravens will get hit by more skillshots and be unable to play out 1v2’s like their high-ELO counterparts.
  • By no means are we saying that he’s not good enough to climb. It’s more so that he’s going to have a harder time climbing and carrying in lower-ELO games unless you’re good at him.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for all our tier lists and tier list Q&As for every patch. As always, you can talk to our team at any time in our Discord server. 

  • Massoud

    Really appreciate you taking the time to respond to reader questions. As a Maokai main, I’m curious as to why he jumped to B-tier top after being stuck in C-tier (at best) for so long. As a tank who’s strongest in ultra-late game and weak early on while having a cautious lane phase and poor solo kill potential, I’m curious how he fits into a meta that’s been defined by snowball-y bruisers, aggressive lane phases, and games that often end before 25 minutes. I’ve found myself playing Maokai much less than other champs in my pool (e.g. Malphite, Renekton, Garen) because he seems like a relative liability without team coordination.

    Is there something I’m missing? I’d love it if he became more viable in solo play, but I’m still not sure.

    • Agilio

      Hi there! No problem, we love engaging with the community. Here’s a response by our Challenger Coach Moriarty on Maokai:

      “Maokai’s win rate went up because the meta in general atm has many mages in all 5 roles, so AP heavy comps are popular and he’s very good into them. Once Mao gets his core items, he’s incredibly sticky and can consistently engage since there aren’t many other tanks other there to peel him. He can struggle in lane (as you mentioned) but if he gets through, he generally wins.”

      • Massoud

        Great to hear. Ups to Moriarty for the analysis.