Top 5 Targon Cards in Legends of Runeterra (Monuments of Power)

Top 5 Targon Cards in Legends of Runeterra (Monuments of Power)

Kuvira’s Top 5 Targon Cards in LoR

Hey everyone, Kuvira here to bring you the top 5 cards from Targon!

These will be non-champion cards that I believe are very good in this meta and are likely to be good for a long time without changes.

For each card, I’ll be giving insights from the current Patch with tidbits from the Mobalytics Meta Stats tool as well as recommended decklists that each card is included in.

1. Pale Cascade

Pale Cascade (LoR card)

Card Meta Stats (from Patch 1.14)

  • 229,522 matches played
  • 50.1% win rate
  • 75.9% inclusion rate
  • 2.84 avg number of copies

Pale Cascade has been a staple Targon card since the set release. It is technically an auto-include in any Targon deck whether it’s control decks like Veimer Targon, midrange like Dragons Demacia, and even aggro decks like Fearsomes, Targon Noxus, and Nightfall.

It’s a versatile card that allows positive trades or pushing damage face while also drawing you a card. Being a Burst speed spell allows you to draw answers during combat or before an open attack without losing an action.

Pale Cascade (LoR card)


[See Kalista Elise deck details]

Even though drawing a card has a Nightfall condition, meaning that you need to play a card before, it’s usually easily achievable by playing a unit before or another Burst spell like Guiding Touch or a Gem.

Sometimes, even using this card to cycle your deck by drawing a card without using the +2/1 for any combat situation is a viable play.

2. Hush

Hush (LoR card)

Card Meta Stats (from Patch 1.14)

  • 184,183 matches played
  • 49.4% win rate
  • 61.0% inclusion rate
  • 2.14 avg number of copies

There’s a reason why this card got nerfed in two consecutive balance patches! It is not categorized as a removal card but rather a strong combat tool with a lot of versatility.

It can be used to counter combat tricks like Pale Cascade or Sharpsight during a combat phase, that generally generates a good amount of value.

It’s also useful for silencing a champion to stop a level up. For example, Hushing Lucian or Thresh to stop their level up from the dying units, using Hush on Heimer to stop the value turret generation, Hush on Ashe allows you to block with your Frostbitten units, and so on.

Hush deck list


[See Tahm Raka deck details]

Hush can also be used against aggro decks by silencing an Elusive unit and blocking it, using it on a Fearsome unit allows a 3 or less attack unit to block it and it also removes the Overwhelm keyword allowing effective chump blocking without losing too much health.

Lastly, note that silencing your own unit after a Frostbite or a stun is a solid line to push more damage and finish some very close games.

3. Starshaping

Starshaping (LoR card)

Card Meta Stats (from Patch 1.14)

  • 74,458 matches played
  • 47.8% win rate
  • 24.7% inclusion rate
  • 2.36 avg number of copies

Starshaping is another powerful Targon Burst spell. It’s one of the best healing spells in the game allowing you to heal a unit or the Nexus 5 HP, making it a very strong card against aggro decks as a way to counter the burn top end that they may use to finish the game after losing board control.

Starshaping deck details


[See Leona Aurelion Sol deck details]

It’s also a very efficient control card because on top of the 5 healing, it also Invokes a 7+ card. Here are some potential situations to pick each:

  • Cosmic Inspiration is a great pick vs control and midrange decks because of the generated value stats on your units.
  • The Destroyer is one of the two units withSpellshield, on top of the Overwhelm keyword. It’s a great way to finish off games or putting enough pressure by surviving cards like The Ruination and Vengence.
  • Cosmic Rays is a useful card against aggressive board states with small units while also dealing with cards like Anivia and Heimerdinger.
  • The Immortal Fire is the other celestial unit from Starshaping that’s considered a great finisher. It doesn’t have Spellshield meaning that Hush and Frostbite spells can stop its attack but it does survive cards like Vengence and The Ruination.
  • Supernova is an expensive double unit Obliterate. It allows you to remove two big threats from the opponent’s board.
  • The Great Beyond is the most consistent and safest top-end finisher. It’s an Elusive unit with great stats on top of having the Fury and Spellshield keywords.
  • Living Legends is a very strong card that allows comebacks and game wins when you’re behind.
  • The Scourge is the most expensive Celestial unit, it doesn’t have Spellshield or the Elusive keyword but its effect is very strong when you have a wide board.

4. Eclipse Dragon

Eclipse Dragon (LoR card)

Card Meta Stats (from Patch 1.14)

  • 69,992 matches played
  • 49.8% win rate
  • 23.6% inclusion rate
  • 2.37 avg number of copies

Eclipse Dragon is one of the newest Dragon cards that came out in the latest set. It also got recently buffed in the last patch from a 7 mana 7/5 to a 7/7.

It has a unique card text being the only card in the game with both Daybreak and Nightfall effects. Its Daybreak effect gives you a 2 mana discount for the next Celestial unit or Dragon you play, meaning that if you play Eclipse Dragon on turn 7 first, Aurelion Sol becomes playable on turn 8.

Eclipse Dragon’s Nightfall effect is not as strong as its Daybreak effect. When you play it after playing another card, it creates a random Celestial follower and Dragon follower in hand. This includes all the Dragon followers like Screeching Dragon, Fused Firebrand, The Empyrean…and Celestial followers from The Serpent to The Scourge.

Eclipse Dragon deck list


[See Shyvana Aurelion Sol deck details]

The Nightfall effect generates a lot of value in the mirror or versus greedy decks when games take a while to end.

A very cool interaction to note: if Rahvun, Daylight’s spear on the board, if you played card before playing Eclipse Dragon, meaning if you activate the Nightfall effect you get both Daybreak and Nightfall bonuses because of Rahvun’s “It’s always day” effect.

You’ll be able to generate 1 Celestial unit and 1 Dragon on top of 2 mana cost reduction for the next one you play

5. Solari Priestess

Solari Priestess (LoR card)

Card Meta Stats (from Patch 1.14)

  • 66,417 matches played
  • 47.2% win rate
  • 22.1% inclusion rate
  • 2.67 avg number of copies

Solari Priestess is one of the most powerful Targon units – it has a Daybreak effect that Invokes a 4, 5, or 6-cost Celestial.

Solari Priestess deck list


[See Leona Lux deck details]

Similar to what we did for Starshaping, here are situations to use each option:

  • The Traveler is a great Celestial 4 cost unit with great stats at 3|4 that Invokes again, generating more value and being more versatile in general.
  • Written In The Stars is a great Burst spell tutor for champions, reducing their cost and granting them +2/+2.
  • Meteor Shower is a cheap removal slow spell, usually used to remove Kalista or Jinx + another small unit like a spider.
  • The Warrior is a Challenger unit that’s used for valuable trades or to remove threats.
  • Falling Comet is one of best Celestial cards from Solari Priestess, as it removes units, champions, and landmark threats.
  • The Golden Sister is a great card vs aggro decks, it provides two blockers with one of them having the Lifesteal keyword.

Depending on the situation and matchup, choosing the right Celestial can come in clutch if you make the right choice.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Kuvira during his streams. 

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