Top 5 Piltover and Zaun Cards in Legends of Runeterra (Cosmic Creation)

Top 5 Piltover and Zaun Cards in Legends of Runeterra (Cosmic Creation)

NicMakesPlay’s Top 5 PnZ Cards in LoR

Hey guys, NicMakesPlays here. I’ll be going over my list for the 5 best cards of PnZ a versatile region.

At the end of the list, we’ll provide meta deck recommendations that feature these cards.

These rankings are created from a combination of what I’ve seen in competitive play and insights from Mobalytics’s LoR Meta Stats.

If there are any other cards you feel deserve to be in the top 5, let us know in the comments below!

1. Mystic Shot

Mystic Shot (LoR card)

Mystic Shot Meta Stats (Patch 2.00)

  • 38,082 matches played
  • 50.1% win rate
  • 72.7% inclusion rate
  • 2.81 avg number of copies

Mystic Shot is a staple card in PnZ that goes in most PnZ decks. It is a 2 damage Fast spell that can deal damage to units or the enemy nexus.

This card’s versatility allows it to be a removal spell, a finisher, or all kinds of things like deal damage to Barriers or stop draws from Glimpse Beyond.

This card can always find its place to be used in any given scenario and is mostly used in Ezreal decks, to Level-Up Ezreal as well as deal 3 damage to the Nexus with Ezreal’s Leveled-Up form.

2. Ballistic Bot

Ballistic Bot (LoR card)

Ballistic Bot Meta Stats (Patch 2.00)

  • 26,423 matches played
  • 50.1% win rate
  • 50.4% inclusion rate
  • 2.72 avg number of copies

Ballistic Bot is an amazing new card printed from the most recent expansion. This card has a multitude of uses that make it extremely strong.

To start, it gives you a card to your hand every turn. This can be used to discard fodder for Rummage, Get Excited, or Sump Dredger to generate advantage.

The Ignition this card provides can also be used to help Champion Level-Ups such as Sejuani, Gangplank, and Viktor.

This card can also activate followers effects such as Starlit Seer and Puffcap Peddler to start buffing your units and put Puffcaps in the enemy deck.

On top of this, the 1 damage adds up quickly to the enemy nexus as well as triggering Ballistic Bot’s Augment so he can gain attack each turn.

Overall, he is a 2 drop that can easily gain 3+ attack from Augment, triggers follower effects, Levels-Up Champions, and can generate advantage. This card is exactly what a lot of archetypes needed such as Teemo Sejuani.

3. Rummage

Rummage (LoR Card)

Rummage Meta Stats (Patch 2.00)

  • 29,009 matches played
  • 52.4% win rate
  • 55.8% inclusion rate
  • 2.61 avg number of copies

Rummage is an amazing card to generate advantage and cycle through your deck.

You can use Rummage to discard generated cards such as Chump Whump’s Puffcaps or Draven’s Axes to draw two new cards. This allows you to replace “free” cards for real ones and generate card advantage.

Rummage can also be used in Discard Aggro to activate effects such as Jury Rig, Flame Chompers, and Vision at Burst speed.

Rummage can easily Level Up Twisted Fate or Jinx by drawing two cards or emptying your hand as well. If you need cycle, draw, or ways to generate card advantage then Rummage is an amazing choice.

4. Thermogenic Beam

Thermogenic Beam (LoR Card)

Rummage Meta Stats (Patch 2.00)

  • 29,009 matches played
  • 52.4% win rate
  • 55.8% inclusion rate
  • 2.61 avg number of copies

Thermogenic Beam is a staple in a lot of Ezreal and PnZ decks. This card has versatility because it can deal with all sorts of threats from early game to late game.

On turn 1 this card can be used to deal with Teemo and Zoey, as well as late game it can be used to remove Captain Farron or other big units.

This card’s versatility allows it to always find a spot to be played. This card can’t hit Nexus but it gives you access to always being able to deal with early game units efficiently as well as big threats which makes it worthwhile.

5. Tri-beam Improbulator

Tri-beam Improbulator (LoR Card)

Tri-beam Improbulator Meta Stats (Patch 2.00)

  • 15,954 matches played
  • 53.1% win rate
  • 30.7% inclusion rate
  • 2.89 avg number of copies

This card is amazing and has had a huge surge in playability recently. In decks such as Ezreal Draven that run a lot of 3 cost cards, you can use Tri-beam Improbulator for huge value.

You can regularly get Tri-Beam Improbulator to 6+ to deal with big threats while also summon a threat of your own. Even using this as a 3 mana removal that summons a 3 drop gives you a lot of value for your opponent to have to deal with.

The summons of Tri-beam Improbulator can easily shift a game in your favor and it’s no surprise that a removal spell that summons a unit is seeing much more play.

Honorable Mention

Hexcore Foundry (LoR Card)

Rummage Meta Stats (Patch 2.00)

  • 10,213 matches played
  • 45.1% win rate
  • 19.5% inclusion rate
  • 2.61 avg number of copies

Honorable Mention goes to Hexcore Foundry. A new landmark that has been popping up in Puffcap decks everywhere.

You can stack your opponent’s deck with Puffcaps via Teemo and Puffcap Peddler and then have them draw them from Hexcore Foundry.

I think this card gives PnZ a lot of flavor and a unique niche that isn’t found in the other regions.

Decklists That the Top 5 PNZ Cards Are Included In

As we mentioned earlier, here are two decklists that the Top 5 PnZ cards are included in!

Ez Draven

Ez Draven (LoR Deck)


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Teemo Sejuani

Teemo Sejuani (LoR Deck)


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Draven Jinx

nicmakesplays draven jinx


[See NicMakesPlays Draven Jinx deck details]

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