Top 5 Freljord Cards in Legends of Runeterra (Empires of the Ascended)

Top 5 Freljord Cards in Legends of Runeterra (Empires of the Ascended)

Top 5 Freljord Cards in Legends of Runeterra (Empires of the Ascended)

Hey guys, Swim here again. Today we’re updating the Top 5 Freljord cards considering the changes that came with the latest region, Shurima.

These cards are what would be considered a staple card for the region and essentially either do something very unique.

Right now, Freljord is one of the strongest regions in the current meta.

It’s very versatile and is seeing play as aggro archetypes, mainly Overwhelm, midrange in the form of Ashe Leblanc, and Control as Lissandra Trundle.

TOP 5 Freljord Cards Meta Stats

Similar to our last Top 5 Demacia list,  starting with Mobalytics LoR stats.

In the cards section after selecting meta stats, we can filter cards by regions and ranks to see the win rate, inclusion, and the number of copies for each one.

The Top 5 contains Troll Chant, Avalanche, Three Sisters, Kindly Tavernkeeper, and Blighted Ravine.

This is pretty much the updated Top 5 with some minor changes.

 1. Troll Chant

Troll Chant (LoR Card)Troll Chant Meta Stats

Troll Chant is the most played Freljord card with an insane number of 328,806 matches with a 47.2% inclusion rate.

These numbers can be explained by how versatile this card is, it’s mostly seeing play in aggro decks like Overwhelm and Midrange decks but also Control.

In the top 5 most played Freljord decks, Troll Chant is present in 4 of them as a 3 of.

Deck Stats

For only 2 mana, giving +2 health to an ally and -2 Health to an enemy unit makes this card one of the best if not the best cheap combat trick in the game.

It basically allows you to possibly get value out of 2 trades for only 2 Burst spell mana.

It’s a direct counter to Demacia cards like Single Combat and Challenger units, since using Troll chant’s buff and debuff on the battling two units basically gives your unit +4 Health that turn.

Troll Chant can also be used to save a unit AND technically heal your Nexus by 2 if you target an enemy unit that is about to hit your Nexus on your opponent’s attack.

However, Troll Chant cannot be used if you do not own any units on the board since targeting an ally unit is necessary before targeting an enemy.

2. Blighted Ravine/Avalanche

Blighted Ravine (LoR Card) Avalanche (LoR card)

Blighted Ravine Meta Stats Avalanche Meta Stats
These two cards are sharing the second spot for the strongest Freljord card and are statistically both in the TOP 5 most played cards for a reason.

They both have similar numbers of matches, around 254k with 36.4% inclusion rate and 296k for Blighted Ravine with 42.5% inclusion rate for Blighted Ravine and Avalanche respectively.

Even though their effects are very similar, they play at different speeds and need totally different setups.

Avalanche is the classic 4 mana Slow Freljord board wipe that deals 2 damage to everything but both Nexus, it’s mainly seeing play in control decks as a great removal tool.

The fact that Blighted Ravine is a landmark already makes it quite different from Avalanche, not being able to use spell mana to use its effect makes it very tricky to use sometimes.

On top of that, it doesn’t deal damage instantly after you play it, but only activates at the start of the next turn.

Meaning that if you cannot remove a specific unit or remove some of their aggression that turn.

The Countdown allows the opponent to play around it by not playing units or to push a lot of damage the turn that 4 mana is used.

However, since the effect is at round start, the opponent is not able to protect their units with spells like Sharpsight, Ranger’s Resolve, etc… and since it’s not a spell it cannot be denied with Rite of Negation or Deny it also heals the Nexus for 2 (Heals 4 but Deals 2).

Generally, control decks use both to be able to fork the opponent.

Knowing when to use each one is crucial.

3. Three Sisters

Three Sisters (LoR Card)

Three Sisters Meta Stats

Three Sisters is another new card from the Empires of the Ascended expansion.

For 1 Burst mana, it creates a Fleeting Flash Freeze, Fury of the North, or Entomb that can be used that turn.

As one of the most versatile cards in the game, this allows you to get either a Flash Freeze for sports where you need to protect a unit, save some health or stop powerful lethal combos like Lee Sin, a Fury of the North for when you need 3 damage for lethal or the +3|+4 buffs for a trade, and an Entomb for spots where vengeance would be good when you need to deal with an enemy Follower or Champion.

Entomb can be used on your own units as a protection tool in some less common cases.

Paying the extra mana for these 3 options is in most cases a worthy compromise for the very high amount of versatility Three Sisters offers.

Three Sisters is currently seeing play in Lissandra Trundle and Ashe Nox.

It has around 284K matches with a 40.8% inclusion rate.

4. Kindly Tavernkeeper

Kindly Tavernkeeper (LoR Card) Kindly Tavernkeeper Meta Stats

Aggro decks have been doing really well in the meta for a few months now, they first spiked in play rate as an answer to Fizz TF but continued to be very popular even after the deck got nerfed.

Nightfall, Spiders, Discard aggro, Pirates, etc… These decks have the highest win rates in the current meta.

Elise Meta Stats Noc Diana Meta Stats
Kindly Tavernkeeper’s effect is very simple, it’s a 3 mana 3|3 that heals your Nexus or one of your units on that same action, meaning that it cannot be countered.

After its buff from a 3 mana 2|3 to a 3 mana 3|3 Kindly Tavernkeeper became a staple card in Freljord.

3 attack allows it to block Fearsome units and trade more efficiently.

It has around 275k matches for an inclusion rate of 39.4%.

5. Ice Shard

Ice Shard (LoR Card) Ice Shard Meta Stats

This card is currently not in the statistical TOP 5 Freljord cards but has a very high number of matches, 227K for around 32.6% inclusion rate.

It’s another amazing card from the Empires of the Ascended Set.

For 3 mana it’s a Fast spell that deals 1 damage to every unit and Nexus.

Withering Wail (LoR card)

In most cases, it does the same thing as Withering Wail for 2 less mana if not better in some decks like Vlad/Braum.

It synergizes very well with all the Crimson cards, especially when combined with Scargrounds and Vladimir.

Braum Vlad (LoR Deck) Braum Vlad Meta Stats

Swarm decks are very popular in the current meta, Discard Aggro, Spiders, etc… They’re very vulnerable to AOE damage effects like Ice Shard which is cheap on top of that.

Apart from Vlad/Braum, Lissandra Trundle is where we see Ice Shard played the most.

Liss Trundle (LoR Deck) Liss Trundle Meta Stats
I hope you guys enjoyed this second update of the series.

If you disagree with this ToP 5 or have anything else to add about any of the mentioned cards, feel free to comment below this article or dm me at @swimstrim or Kuvira at @kuvira_Lor.


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I hope you guys enjoyed this first update of the series. If you disagree with this Top 5 or have anything else to add about any of the mentioned cards, feel free to comment below this article or DM me at @swimstrim or Kuvira at @kuvira_Lor.

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