Top 5 Demacia Cards in Legends of Runeterra (Empires of the Ascended)

Top 5 Demacia Cards in Legends of Runeterra (Empires of the Ascended)

ToP 5 Demacia Cards in Legends of Runeterra (Empires of the Ascended)

Hey guys, Swim here. Today we’re updating the Top 5 cards in each region series considering the changes that came with the latest region, Shurima.

These cards are what would be considered a staple card for the region and essentially either do something very unique, like Frostbite (Flash Freeze, Brittle Steel…) in Frejlord or Hard removal(Vengeance, Ruination…) in Shadow Isles.

Today we’re covering Demacia, the midrange region.

Demacia is focused on owning the board and making efficient trades with all the protective spells and combat tricks. They offer the best Challenger units and best Rally effects in the game.

TOP 5 Demacia Cards LoR Meta Stats

First off, by using Mobalytics stats, in the Cards section, we can filter cards by regions and ranks to see the win rate, inclusion, and the number of copies for each one.

According to the stats, the Top 5 shown here contains Sharpsight, Brighsteel Protector, Single Combat, Cithria the Bold, and Concerted Strike.

These are all really good cards but my top 5 are a bit different. Here’s my list.

1. Sharpsight

Sharpsight (LoR Card)

Sharpsight stats

As you guys can see, Sharpsight is the most played card in Demacia. With around 80,000 matches and a 75.7% Inclusion rate.

This is mainly due to the high versatility of this card, it’s used in fast Demacia decks like Scouts to protect Miss Fortune and push damage, it’s also used in midrange lists like Shen Fiora, Elites, Dragons, and even control decks like Zoe Asol.

TOP 5 Demacia Cards in Legends of Runeterra Deck Stats

If we take a look at the top 9 most played Demacia decks in the current meta, all of them play 3 copies of Sharpsight.

The ability to give 2 health for 2 mana is really valuable, especially at burst speed. A similar card, Troll Chant also gives 2 Health for 2 mana and is also considered as one of the best if not the best card in Frejlord.

On top of that, giving 2 attack points allows for better trades and possible lethal bluffs, Pale Cascade used to give +2|+1 before it got nerfed to +1|+1 because it was deemed too powerful at making trades.

We shouldn’t forget about the additional ability allowing the unit to block any elusive for the turn, which comes in very handy to block and trade champions like Zoe, Teemo, and Ezreal, but also units like The Great Beyond, The Immortal Fire, and Sparklefly.

2. Brighsteel Protector

brightsteel protector jpg

Brightsteel Protector stats
Brightsteel Protector is another common card that is seeing play in many different archetypes, whether it’s Aggro, Midrange, or Control.

Out of the 9 most played Demacia decks right now, Brightsteel Protector is present as a 3 of in 8 of them.

It has around 60,000 matches with an inclusion rate of 57.4%.

2 Mana 3|2 is a premium stat line for a unit, its effect is very unique, for two mana, it’s the only card capable of giving a  Barrier to a unit.

When played, it gives an ally unit Barrier that round.

This effect can be used to protect valuable units on defense like Miss Fortune or Lucian from removal cards and Challenger units

Barriers can also be used for the protective effect on the attack, allowing you to safely attack with units you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

For example, Brightsteel Protector on turn 2 After playing Greenglade Caretaker on 1 is a famous line in Fiora Shen decks

Greenglade Caretaker (LoR Card)

3. Ranger’s Resolve

Ranger's Resolve (LoR Card)

Ranger's Resolve stats

With a 32.6% inclusion rate over around 34,000 matches, Ranger’s Resolve comes in with a 53.7% win rate, the second-highest win rate for Demacia cards.

It’s a 1 mana Burst spell that gives all your allies the Tough keyword for the rest of the round.

Ranger’s Resolve and Chain Vest are the only cards capable of giving the Tough Keyword in the whole game.

Giving Tough to your whole board will most of the time give you multiple value trades, even when used to protect a single unit, it’s still 1 mana burst, which doesn’t put you behind on mana and doesn’t need much planning in terms of banking spell mana which makes it hard for you opponent to play around.

In a meta where AOE damage cards like Ice shard, Avalanche, Static Shot, and Withering Wail are predominant Ranger’s Resolve reaches its peak value.

Ice Shard (LoR Card)Statikk Shock (LoR Card)

The fact that AOE damage in LoR is quite expensive makes Ranger’s Resolve generate huge amounts of value since you’re usually up between 2 to 4 mana after your opponent uses those removal spells.

4. Golden Aegis

Golden Aegis (LoR reveal)

Golden Aegis stats

Golden Aegis is a new Demacia card from the latest Shurima expansion, Empires of The Ascended. Its effect is exactly the same as Relentless Pursuit on top of Giving an ally Barrier that round at Slow speed.

relentless pursuit jpg

It started seeing play in Fiora Shen as a replacement for Relentless pursuit since Fiora Shen is a deck where rally and Barrier effects are very valuable.

Spells that give barrier in this game are rather expensive, Prismatic Barrier being the cheapest one at 3 mana, Riposte and Spirit’s Refuge are both 4 mana.

Golden Aegis basically combines both Relentless Pursuit (3 mana) and a Barrier (4 mana) for only 4 mana total.

However, the ability to give barrier at burst speed is not possible here which makes pre-committing mana a bit tricky.

Note that when the opponent kills the ally you target with Golden Aegis, the Rally effect still happens, making Golden Aegis uncounterable apart from Deny and Rite of Negation.

Even as a new card, Golden Aegis is already seeing play in around 35,000 matches with a 51% inclusion rate.

5. Screeching Dragon

screeching dragon jpg

Screeching Dragon stats
Screeching Dragon is also around 51% inclusion rate and is seeing play in around 36,000 matches.

It’s a 5 mana Dragon with an amazing stat line 4|5 and great keywords; Challenger and Fury.

The challenger keyword allows it to trade into smaller units combined with the Fury keyword for the buff, after getting value from trading small units, Screeching Dragon can grow big enough to trade in late-game threats like Ledros and Swain.

Trading one 1|1 unit makes Screeching Dragon a 5|5.

Screeching Dragon is usually played in Fiora Shen since it curves perfectly on turn 5 after a turn 4 Shen.

It can also be played in midrange decks like Bannerman and even control decks like Zoe/Asol.

Dragon decks are generally fairly weak, Screeching Dragon usually represents the best card in that archetype and the one that carries their games.


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I hope you guys enjoyed this first update of the series. If you disagree with this Top 5 or have anything else to add about any of the mentioned cards, feel free to comment below this article or DM me at @swimstrim or Kuvira at @kuvira_Lor.

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