Top 5 LoR Custom Cards (Empires of the Ascended)

Top 5 LoR Custom Cards (Empires of the Ascended)

Top 5 LoR Custom Cards (Empires of the Ascended)

Hey guys, Swim here. Today we’re talking about the best 5 LoR custom cards posted on Reddit from the Empires of the Ascended era.

To find more custom cards posted everyday, head to the subreddit at

In our list, I’ll be covering each card in terms of its flavor, competitive viability, decks it fits into, and more.

Our Top 5 cards are:

  1. Suspicious Frejlordian (by H3adOrAlive3)
  2. Stand Behind Me! (by theguyinahat)
  3. Navori Quickblade (by Multi21)
  4. Arcane Solo (by H3adOrAliv3)
  5. Allow (by TurtleShot)

All these cards and many others can be found in this Youtube video:

#1 Suspicious Frejlordian (by H3adOrAlive3)

Suspicious Freljordian (LoR Custom Card)
Suspicious Frejlordian is a 4 mana 3|3 Poro unit, it has a Last Breath effect that summons three random Poros.

The random Poros would be from any region meaning that you can get Daring Poro from PnZ which is the best Poro card, or even one to multiple Lonely Poros which represents a huge amount of value.

daring poro jpg

When combined with Poro Snax, Suspicious Frejlordian Becomes a 4 mana 4|4 that summons three 1 mana 2|2s with the same probability of getting Lonely Poro(s).

Lonly Poro (LoR Card)

If implemented in the game, this card would be really good in Poro Decks, it would be a great value engine for the archetype and basically represents a better Aurora Porealis.

Suspicious Frejlordian would represent the second 4 drop on top of Braum in Poro decks.

Iterative Improvement is a great card that can work really well with Suspicious Frejlordian, making it a 4 mana 5|5 after the first Poro Snax.

Poros (LoR Deck)

This would be a great shell for Suspicious Frejlordian.

Historically, Poros have never been more than Tier 3.

But maybe getting a card like this one would help them be competitively viable.

#2 Stand Behind Me! (by theguyinahat)

Stand Behind Me! (LoR Custom Card)

This is another Frejlord custom card. It’s a 4 mana burst spell that grants a backrow ally +0|+2 and swaps with another ally.

The swap keyword is very powerful, it’s unfortunately not very common in Runeterra, the only card capable of that effect is Shen’s spell Stand United.

Stand United (LoR Card)
It’s a very versatile effect, if the enemy targets an ally unit with a Fast, Slow, or skill effect, swapping it with another ally basically switches the target to that chosen ally.

Stand Behind Me can be used in many different scenarios.

The most common one, as stated above, would be to use it for its protective ability, granting another ally +0|+2 and swapping it with the unit you want to protect for only 4 mana.

This not only saves the unit but also puts the opponent in an even worse spot if the target spell is something like Single Combat.

It can also be used on attack, by attacking with everything but 1 or 2 strong units that would get chump blocked otherwise and then swapping them with the allies your opponent didn’t block.

This card’s effect is very similar to cards like Deny and Bastion.

Stand Behind Me! would fit perfectly in every midrange and even some control decks.

Aggro however cannot use this to push maximum damage when compared with other cards like Decimate.

In the current meta, Stand Behind Me! would see play in Overwhelm decks and Ashe Noxus.

Freljord Shurima (LoR Deck)


[See Freljord / Shurima deck details]

#3 Navori Quickblade (by Multi21)

Navori Quickblade (LoR Custom Card)

Navori Quickblade is a 1 mana unit from Ionia that grants all 1 cost allies everywhere +1|+1 including itself.

This card is very well designed, it has the ability to make sense out of the Ionia recall cards that already exist but do not see play at all, like Recall, Retreat, Navori Conspirator, and even Monastery of Hirana.

Monastery of Hirana (LoR Card)Sanctuary (LoR Card)

It can be built with different decks, the second region could be PnZ, with cards like Poro Canon, Armed Gearhead, and Teemo.

It can also be built with Shurima and its Sand Soldiers which would also help cards from Shurima that do not see much play currently, like Desert’s Wrath and Emperor’s Divide.

Desert's Wrath (LoR Card)Emperor's Divide (LoR Card)
While also making some cards even better, like Dunekeeper, Azir, and Emperor’s Dais.

Dunekeeper (LoR Card)Emperor's Dais (LoR Card)
Navori Quickblade can even work in Poro decks where it basically represents a Poro Snax. The Recall spells from Ionia can also be used on Lonely Poro and Poro Herder for value.

However, this card’s true potential is shown when combined with Spiders!

In a deck with cards like Crawling Sensation and House Spider, the value generation becomes insane and very hard to deal with for the opponent.

Crawling Sensation (LoR Card)House Spider (LoR card)
In all these decks, cards like Navori Conspirator and Retreat are necessary.

Navori Conspirator (LoR Card)Retreat (LoR Card)
Overall, this card’s design is very healthy for the game’s unplayed archetypes even though it might be a bit tricky to balance properly.

#4 Arcane Silo (by H3adOrAliv3)

Arcane Silo (LoR Card)

This is a 2 mana Landmark from PnZ that reads: Countdown 20: Kill all units and destroy all landmarks. When any unit or nexus takes damage, the countdown reduces by 1.

Damage here can be either from spells, skills, or units.

The fact that the opponent can also manipulate this card’s countdown makes its design very interesting. It creates some unique scenarios where the opponent can activate this card or lock the board earlier than you’d like.

This effect is comparable to Ruination on a timer but with a bit more deckbuilding cost. It’s also useless when drawn late game which makes it very tricky to use.

A Hearthstone card called Doomsayer is very similar to Arcane Silo. They’re both pretty reactable and balance cards.

Doomsayer (Hearthstone Card)
Arcane Silo doesn’t seem like it could be playable at a competitive level in the current meta, it wouldn’t fit in any current PnZ deck but its design is great.

#5 Allow (by TurtleShot)

Allow (LoR Custom Card)

This fifth pick is only for meme purposes, this card and its design have no chances of making it into the game but it shows how much hatred players have for Deny cards.

This is understandable due to the frustration that comes with getting your whole combo denied or seeing that the big spell you’ve been holding all games just goes to waste.

This is very similar to Magic’s Blue region and its Deny cards.

Overall, checking out custom cards and even making them is very entertaining and can even help you understand how cards are designed or balanced.

Even though some cards might seem too “op” or too weak, the initial balance is what matters most, generally, balancing a card is easier than changing its core design.


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I hope you guys enjoyed this first update of the series. If you disagree with this Top 5 or have anything else to add about any of the mentioned cards, feel free to comment below this article or DM me at @swimstrim or Kuvira at @kuvira_Lor.

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