Top 5 Cards to Craft in Monuments of Power (Epics and Champions)

Top 5 Cards to Craft in Monuments of Power (Epics and Champions)

The Best Cards to Craft in Legends of Runterra: Monuments of Power

Monuments of Power is a new exciting expansion for Legends of Runeterra and now that we’ve had time to play it, we can identify what will be the most worthy crafts of the new set.

For this article, I am going to limit our criteria to Epic and Champion because these are the cards with the most amount of risk associated with them.

If you’re looking for more recommended crafts, check out our previous article on the Top Crafts of Call of the Mountain in general.

The hope is that I help you all save your precious shards and wildcards so without further adieu, here’s my list for Monuments of Power.

1. Soraka

Soraka is one of the best value engines in the game right now and well worth a craft. The amount of value this card provides when paired with any of the Bilgewater self-damage units is pretty crazy.

soraka level 1 jpg

soraka level 2 reveal

Add onto this the turn 2 Boxtapus into turn 3 Soraka and you have a powerhouse of a curve.

A top tier deck that includes this card (and the next two cards in our list) is Tahm Kench Soraka. For an in-depth look at the guide, check out Kuvira’s Tahm Raka guide.

She has also seen experimentation in Lee Sin decks and Twisted Fate Decks so she should see some variety as Call of the Mountain continues to develop.

tahm raka top crafts


[See Tahm Raka deck details]

2. Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench is turning out to be the best card from the new set with a ton of homes. He can fit into any deck that can effectively protect him from damage and removal – when left unchecked, the card can single-handedly take over games.

tahm kench level 1 jpg

tahm kench level 2 jpg

Turn 4 Tahm Kench can basically make it impossible for the opponent to play units for the rest of the game without losing one every turn.

So far, Tahm Kench Soraka is the obvious deck that this is a part of but this card has seen experimentation in Demacia decks with Barriers, Freljord decks with Frostbites, and Ionia decks with Health Potion plus Deny/Nopefy!.

Overall, Tahm Kench is super powerful and is easily the safest craft of the set.

3. Star Spring

Star Spring is easily the best landmark of the new set. The value this card provides from healing is already pretty insane and it creates boards that feel basically unkillable.

Add onto this that the card can win the game by itself and it becomes clear why it’s such a good card.

star spring jpg

The card mostly sees play in the earlier mentioned Tahm Kench Soraka deck but there are other decks that have dabbled with it.

For example, Ember Maiden Freljord has seen some experimentation, and if Vladimir gets buffed, this card would be amazing in his style of deck.

4. The Howling Abyss

This is a bit more experimental but so far, The Howling Abyss has been a really strong finisher in SI Freljord Control decks. The ability to hit something like a leveled Aurelion Sol or any other champion finisher is great.

the howling abyss jpg

The amount of value that this card can generate in long games is basically impossible to overcome in a control mirror if the opponent doesn’t have landmark removal. There aren’t currently any top tier decks that run this card but if you want a grindy control finisher that may see more play over time, this card is a very safe craft.

alan's howling abyss


[See Alan’s Howling Abyss deck details]

5. The Slaughter Docks

Deep decks have been around for a very long time and this slots into them very well. The ability to play this on turn 3 in a slow matchup will give a couple of tosses which can enable a really fast Nautilus Level.

the slaughter docks jpg

The free Sea Monster is also not to be understated. The low-end value is that you invested 3 mana for a 7/7 and sometimes, you get a Terror of the Tides and the game just ends.

This card isn’t great vs aggro decks but in every other matchup, it does a ton of work. I would craft this if you really enjoy the Deep archetype.

slaughter docks deep silverfuse


[See Silverfuse’s Slaughter Docks Deep deck details]

Thanks for reading! To explore all the cards in LoR, check out our Card Gallery or jump straight into our Deck Builder if you already got some ideas from our article.