LoR Region Guide: Targon Strengths and Weaknesses

LoR Region Guide: Targon Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and Weaknesses Series Part 5: Targon

Hey everyone, Swim here.

Welcome back for Part 5 of our strength and weaknesses series for each LoR region.

Today we’re talking about Targon, one of if not the most hated Legends of Runeterra regions.

Targon Overview

Targon is known for being a really slow region, their game plan usually revolves around generating crazy amounts of value and stalling with healing, which gives you the feeling of climbing a mountain – Mount Targon- every game when you’re against them.

Mono-region Targon decks are considered one of the best alongside mono Demacia.

This generally indicates that the region has great tools to deal with different threats while accomplishing its game plan with ease.

However, this doesn’t mean that Targon is perfect. Let’s dive in.

Targon Strengths

Healing and Protection

Targon is the most hated region mainly because of its huge number of healing cards, Guiding Touch, Broadbacked Protector, Sunforger, Starshaping, etc.

They all give Targon incredible comeback potential no matter how behind or unfavored they are in the game.

Starshaping (LoR card) guiding touch jpg

On top of the crazy amount of healing, Starshaping also provides an amazing way to finish the game with celestial units The Great Beyond, The Immortal Fire, or The Destroyer.

Gems can only be used on units, which gives Targon the ability to reliably heal units as well as your Nexus.

Targon also has the best protective spells in the game alongside Freljord. Sunblessed Vigor, Moonglow, Astral Protection, and Bastion are amazing spells that are played in any deck that is trying to protect its units, Soraka Kench and Fiora Zoe are great examples of that.


Targon introduced a new mechanic to the game, ‘Invoke’ which lets you choose between 3 Celestial cards (spells or units) with different mana costs to get in your hand.

Mono Targon decks work so well due to the flexibility of those Celestial cards.

Celestial units that cost 3 or less like The messenger, The Charger, or the Trickster offer great ways to defend against pressure or even support an aggro gameplan.

Cards like Sketcher, Zoe, and The Fangs are great units that see play in almost every Targon deck due to the strength and flexibility of the Celestial units 3 cost and less.

Spacey Sketcher (LoR card) The Messenger (LoR Card)

Moonsilver, Crescent Strike, and Equinox are also great cheap spells that your opponent needs to play around with.

With the early game covered, Solari Priestess, Mountain Scryer and Lunari Priestess are the midgame invoke units that let you get the right Celestial for the state of the game depending on the matchup.

Solari Priestess is also a card that sees play in most Targon decks, the pool of 4-6 mana Celestials is very versatile.

From units like The Warrior for removal, The Traveler for value, and The Golden Sister for defensibility to spells like Meteor Shower, Written in the Stars, and The Comet.

Solari Priestess (LoR card) The Warrior (LoR Card)

Late game Celestial cards are how Targon usually finishes games, Starshaping and Aurelion Sol both give The Great Beyond, The Immortal Fire, or The Destroyer, and The Scourge.

Expensive Celestial spells like Supernova and Cosmic Rays, while not as flexible as other Celestial cards, all give Targon the hard removal that it needs.

level 1 aurelion sol jpg The Great Beyond (LoR Card)

If you want to know more about celestials, make sure to check out this article 


Targon is also hated because it introduced more Silence cards and the ability to Silence Champions as well, which wasn’t present in the game, Purify in Demacia only has the ability to Silence a follower.

Hush (LoR card) Moonlight Affliction (LoR Card)

The ability to Silence any unit hurts many general synergy-driven decks, Taric, Flurry of Fists, Swole Squirrel, Shiraza, and many other cool combo archetypes don’t see play mostly because of Silence cards.

It also had a huge impact on Elusives and decks that are based on buffing and protecting a single unit.

Silence will always hinder future interesting new combo archetypes and should possibly be reworked.

Targon’s flexibility makes it a very well-rounded region, it does not have many counters but isn’t perfect either.

Targon Weaknesses

Cheap Removal

Even though Celestials and Daybreak units provide ways to stop early aggression, Targon lacks cheap removal spells, its cheapest reliable removal spell is Meteor Shower, which is a 5 mana Slow spell that needs to be generated.

Meteor Shower (LoR Card)Sunburst (LoR Card)

This makes Targon very efficient at setting up and protecting their gameplan or value engine but basically have no way of removing the opponent’s units in the early turns of the game.

Champions like Jinx, Heimer, or Azir are very hard to deal with in Targon.

That is the main reason why Targon is usually coupled with Demacia, SI, or PnZ for cards like Single Combat, Vile Feast, Mystic shot, Thermogenic Beam, etc.

Wide Boards

On top of lacking single target cheap removal spells, Targon also struggles against wide boards. Invoke cards are generally slow and make you lose tempo in the earlier rounds of the game.

For example Cards like Solari or Lunari Priestess have 1|2 and 2|1 stats respectively for 3 mana, a couple of additional turns are needed to get the value from the generated Celestials and set up a board.

Which leaves Targon somewhat weak against wide board attacks.

The cheapest AOE Targon removal spell is a Celestial spell that costs 8 mana.

Frejlord may be combined with Targon to fix the problem since Avalanche and Blighted Ravine are great AOE removal tools. Decks like Trundle Asol and Targon’s Peak both utilize this synergy.

Freljord Targon (LoR Deck)


[See Freljord / Targon deck details]

Open-attack Punishers

Except for Malphite’s Ground Slam, a new Targon spell from the last set, Targon doesn’t really have any reactive Fast spells. The lack of fast reactive tools makes Targon very vulnerable to strong open attacks.

That’s why setting up a board and open attacking against Targon is one of the best strategies to counter Targon decks.

Combining Targon with PnZ for spells like Mystic Shot, Statikk Shock, and Gotcha! Helps Targon cover their “blind spot” and be more well-rounded.

Ground Slam (LoR reveal)


That’s all for now! Let me know in the comments if I missed anything. For more region strengths and weaknesses, check out our articles on Noxus, Frejlord, Ionia, and PnZ.

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