Call of the Mountain’s New Targon Cosmetics (Emotes, Boards, and Guardians)

Call of the Mountain’s New Targon Cosmetics (Emotes, Boards, and Guardians)

Call of the Mountain Cosmetics Preview

Hey everyone, Silverfuse here to bring you the exciting cosmetics that will come with the Call of the Mountain expansion!

This patch brings us new card backs, emotes, a cute guardian, and a new Targon themed board! If you are looking to get into the spirit of Mount Targon, then these cosmetics will be perfect for you.

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One of my personal favorites is to play the new region’s board during the expansion. Targon’s new board is Celestial Summit. The board is a light purple that is easy on the eyes, but gives a perfect taste of the power of the Celestials including the mighty Aurelion Sol himself.

Celestial Summit Board

The board is important, but what really draws most people in is the new theme music of a board. Although we have not heard the music yet, I would imagine that it sounds similar or even the same as the Targonian music we had during champion showcases.

Looking for the perfect companion? Well, Riot made the perfect one with Cosmo – a cosmic pupper waiting to be by your side through battle. If you are familiar with the Celestial card “The Messenger” then you will quickly recognize that the art from this card is also a new companion!

cosmo gif

I love this dog and it fits perfectly into Targon’s cosmic theme. Cosmo, Celestial Summit, and an exclusive Targon icon come in a bundle for 1422 coins. Typically, a region themed board is 990 coins and a guardian is 590 coins. A total of 1580 coins. Not including the exclusive icon this bundle will save you 158 coins.

Targon board, guardian, and icon bundle

With the Call of the Mountain expansion comes 4 new emotes. These emotes feature Lulu, Taric, Nocturne, and Diana. Lulu is sipping on something that tastes a bit purple and is easily an S tier emote. Taric and his wisdom is thinking about something and might be the next big BM or bad manners emote we see in the emote meta.

It is flexible to show off how great your play was or how if you make a dumb mistake this can be used in place of Darius’ facepalm emote. Nocturne takes from the classic card game anime Yu-Gi-Oh! where a powerful creature is played and blows away the opponent. Personally, I put this emote a bit lower on the emote tier, but it will have its time to shine.

targon emote bundle

Diana has a very similar feeling to nervous Ezreal or ezrealS if you are a Twitch chatter. However, in this emote Diana looks a bit more demoralized than Ezreal. This is the type of emote you use after your opponent plays Aurelion Sol or you just had a lot of actions on the stack during a turn.

It could also be used after playing a buff to save a creature. It has its place, but I don’t see Diana being able to beat out Ezreal in the future. However, while playing Targon, she will often be people’s go to emote.

Typically, emotes are 190 coins each which would mean it would cost you 760 coins for the 4 new emotes. Riot has also bundled the new emotes for 570 coins which is a solid 25% discount. You could also see it as a buy 3 emotes, get 1 free if you wish.

The final cosmetics are the Season of Fortune ranked ladder rewards. Every player who participated in the ranked season will earn an icon reward based on their ladder finish this season. From left to right the icons are a symbol for: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master tier ranks.

Season of Fortune ranked ladder reward icons

Good luck on the new season and your quest to conquer Mount Targon!

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