Swim’s LoR Deck Doctor: Targon Fizz (Episode #1)

Swim’s LoR Deck Doctor: Targon Fizz (Episode #1)

Introducing Swim’s New Series: LoR Deck Doctor

Hey guys, Swim here, and this week I’ll be kicking off a new segment I’ll be doing every week; LoR Deckdoctor. The premise is simple; every week I’ll be tweeting out something like this:

deck doctor tweet 1

I’ll be going through the responses, and picking a deck concept that feels unique and that I can improve or build upon. Then, I’lll play the deck 3 times while editing it each time to make it better, while talking about its weaknesses and how to solve them with deckbuilding fundamentals.

If you’d like to have your deck reviewed in a future episode, be sure to reply to the Tweet or leave a comment with your deck code in your comment section below.

This week’s submission is by iRequiemX, who wants to explore a concept revolving around Fizz + Targon:

deck doctor 1 submission

Here’s what we get when we plug in the code:

swim's deck doc 1 targon fizz submitted w name


Check out the video below to see me test the deck in ranked before I make any changes.

I’ll be giving more in-depth explanations in the video version while summarizing my main findings in this article.

The submitted deck looked pretty rough to start; low on cycle cards, low on opponent interaction, and we had some redundant Spellshield cards and over-costed value cards.

The first changes we made are to the Spellshield cards, Giddy Sparkeologist, and Bastion. They don’t work as well with Fizz’s ability, so we can replace them for Spacey Sketcher, an incredibly strong versatile card that should be auto-included in ANY Targon deck, since its great at shutting down whatever the opponent’s gameplan is with Snake, Silence, and Stuns.

spacey sketcher jpg

Next, we cut out the overcosted value cards; Blessing of Targon and Citrus Courier can go for some increased draw power in Salvages and Pick A Card. This will increase the consistency of our deck; especially important because this deck NEEDS to draw Fizz.

Lastly, we finished by cutting down on copies of Behold the Infinite and Guiding Touch for Make it Rain and Golden Narwhal.

Make it Rain gives us a win condition against aggro strategies, and Golden Narwhal can help push Elusive damage through in games where we don’t draw Fizz.

And we end up with this!

deck doctor improved targon fizz


[See Improved Targon Fizz deck details]

As always, in the video above I talk more about this in-depth, showing games played with the decks and going deeper about why I make the changes that I do. See you guys next week for another Deck Doctor!

To have a chance to be selected for future Deck Doctor episodes, be sure to reply to Swim’s weekly tweet or leave a comment below. 

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