Swim’s LoR Deck Doctor: Elusive Poros (Episode #2)

Swim’s LoR Deck Doctor: Elusive Poros (Episode #2)

Deck Doctor Episode #2: ZKLaurin’s Elusive Poro

Heya. This is the second edition of the weekly Deck Doctor series, where you submit decks and Swim tries to improve the deck. To be part of this, leave your  Mobalytics deck link as a comment in the companion YouTube video for this article.

If you like Poros, you’re in luck. Swim and I, Precipic, hopped into a call to take a look at one. A fun Elusive Poros concept submitted by a Mobalytics community member by the name of @ZKLaurin.

zklaurin tweet

Here’s what his deck looks like at the start:

laurin zbiek's elusive poro


[See ZkLaurin’s Elusive Poro deck details]

The submitted deck had a ton of potential to start with. The concept of Poro Snax with six effective copies of Daring Poro is super strong and completely ran our opponent over in our first game.

As such, we wanted to hone in on that game plan and make the deck even more about our powerful Daring Poro draws.

Elusive Poros gameplay

The first and biggest change we made was to cut every single poro that wasn’t Daring Poro in the deck so Poro Herder would always draw Daring Poro. This meant cutting cards such as Mighty Poro and Heart of the Fluft.

We kept in one copy of Lonely Poro so that the Poro Herder wouldn’t just fully miss and we’d have a couple more small bodies to soak up damage while we beat down with our Poros.

The second change we made was adding Iceborn Legacy as extra copies of Poro Snax for Daring Poro. We liked this more than something like Aurora Porealis because it costs way less mana to buff our Daring Poros.

It’s also better than Professor Von Yipp because we can play Iceborn Legacy after we’ve played all our Poros. We also added Suit Up! as even more ways to make our Daring Poro’s huge.

iceborn legacy jpg

The third change was adding way more draw power with cards like Rummage, Zaunite Urchin, Augmented Experimenter, and even Jinx so that when we dump out our hand we can actually reload our hand with even more Poros.

level 2 jinx jpg

The last and probably second biggest change was to include three copies of Troll Chant.

troll chant jpg

This card does a ton of work at both protecting our Daring Poros from removal and helping mitigate some damage coming from aggressive strategies that can be pretty hard for a deck like this.

Here’s the final list we ended up with:

deck doctor poro cannon list


[See improved Poro Canon deck details]

If you want the full details for the process of how we reached this build and a bunch of games watching Swim and I (Precipic) play with this deck be sure to check the video we embedded above (here’s the link again).

At the end of the build, this ended up being a really neat Elusive aggro deck that might finally make Poros something that’s more than just a fun meme and could even be on the competitive level. Poro Snax plus Poro Cannon is super powerful.

If you missed out last time, here’s Episode #1 on Targon Fizz.

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