How to Play Shyvana’s Best LoR Decks

How to Play Shyvana’s Best LoR Decks

LoR Shyvana Deck Recommendations (Monuments of Power)

Hey everyone, NicMakesPlays here and today I’m going to be going over Shyvana and the Dragon archetype.

The first three days of the expansion I played nothing but Dragons and did everything I could to make them work. In this process I ended up trying a lot of different variants.

With Dragons, there are many different variants and cards so I will be going over two that I have found to be promising.

Shyvana Aurelion Sol

Here is my Shyvana Aurelion Sol deck that I ended up with after extensive testing:

shyvana dragons nicmakesplays


[See Shyvana Aurelion Sol deck details]

For this deck, the plan is to mulligan for Herald of the Dragons and Mobilize to try and ramp into Dragons early and then gain field control to lead you into playing your bigger Dragons. Once you get to the late game you can seal the game with Mindsplitter and Eclipse Dragon → Aurelion Sol.

the infinite mindsplitter jpg

eclipse dragon jpg

Radiant Guardian helps you heal back your damage from the early game pressure you take when you play Herald or Mobilize to ramp. Radiant Guardian can also be discounted from Mobilize to come down a turn earlier.

For spells, Single Combat helps remove threats and activates Fury and Radiant Guardian’s Lifesteal. Judgment is good with Fused Firebrand since Fused Firebrand has Spellshield, if you go for a Judgment on a full board, they can’t try and stop you by removing Fused Firebrand.

Judgment is also good with Radiant Guardian because it heals your Nexus back to 20 if you use it on a full field.

fused firebrand jpg

judgment jpg

Guiding Touch is in the deck to help heal damage from the early game pressure you take while ramping. You can also run more 2 drop blockers to help this, but I prefer Guiding Touch because you can draw it later in the game and heal whereas 2 drops would be dead later in the game.

Guiding Touch is also nice because you don’t have to choose between playing Herald and a 2 drop to block, instead you can just play Herald and start playing Dragons then heal back later.

Fiora Shyvana Challengers

Another version I had success with was Fiora Shyvana Challengers:

fiora challengers nicmakesplays


[See Fiora Shyvana deck details]

This variant utilizes Challenger from Dragonguard Lieutenant and Screeching Dragon’s  in unison with combat tricks to gain advantage through combat trades. It also utilizes the new card Sharpsight, which gives +2/+2 and lets you block Elusives to win combat trades, control the field and threaten a level up on Fiora.

dragonguard lietenant jpg

screeching dragon jpg

The way to level up Shyvana with this deck is you attack on turn 4 with her, then play Screeching Dragon on turn 5. Then you attack with Screeching Dragon and Shyvana again and she’s leveled up which makes her stronger, gives her Fury, and gives you Strafing Strikes to deal with enemy threats.

Other Recommended Dragon Cards

If you want to try out these decks or want to experiment with a Shyvana deck of your own, here are some cards that work well with her and the Dragon archetype.

Dragon’s Clutch
  • Dragon’s Clutch can be good in Dragons because you can manipulate your ratios to have higher chances of searching for certain Dragons.
Kadregrin the Infernal
  • Kadregrin the Infernal is actually interesting and can be good in certain matchups to buff all the Dragons in your deck to stat lines that the enemy can’t deal with. It is also another card that works well with the discount Eclipse Dragon provides.
Strafing Strike and Concerted Strike
  • These cards are good because they activate Fury and help deal with threats. They are more expensive than Single Combat so I chose to use Single Combat over them, but you can run them on top of Single Combat if you want more copies of it or want Concerted Strike to deal with bigger threats.
Pale Cascade and Sharpsight
  • These cards can be good in the Dragon deck as well but I chose to play other cards that I thought were more important to help make the deck consistent and help its weaknesses. Overall, both are good picks and can be put in the deck.
Egghead Researcher
  • This card can be good to add more Dragons to your hand as well as give an early game blocker.
Inviolus Vox
  • Vox is good because it can be ramped into on turn 5 and generates you more Dragons for your late game.
Cithria the Bold
  • Cithria can be good to finish off opponents with big damage swings through their chump blockers, so they can’t just block forever and work towards their win condition.
Relentless Pursuit and Dragonguard Lookout
  • Rally can be quite useful in these decks to go for game when your opponent uses their mana thinking they are safe on their turn, as well as racking up your Fury buffs.
The Skies Descend
  • This card can be a blowout in certain matchups and can be added into the Dragon deck in the right meta.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask NicMakesPlays during his streams (usually 6PM-1230AM EST).

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