Legends of Runeterra Seasonal Tournament Meta Predictions (NA, Round of 32)

Legends of Runeterra Seasonal Tournament Meta Predictions (NA, Round of 32)

Round of 32 Meta: Stats for Decks and Regions

Hey all, it’s Kuvira and Precipic here to talk about the upcoming Seasonal Tournament for Legends of Runeterra. This tournament is the culmination of the Legends of Runeterra ranked ladder season.

The tournament will see 32 of the best players Runeterra has to offer playing 3 decks composed of all unique champions competing for their chance at a $10,00 grand prize.

To watch the tournament live, you can tune in at 12pm Pacific Time on December 13th at the official Riot Games stream.

In this article, we will be going through what we expect the players to bring based on what they brought to the qualification tournament.

For more analysis on the tournament decks, check out the video below by Swim who will be casting the tournament!

Decks Breakdown

You can find the decks we’ll be discussing throughout the article here.

The meta from the Top 32 NA players is pretty diverse. Here’s a graph that breaks down the spread:

Top 32 Decks Riot (Tournament Meta Predictions)

As you can see, the three most common decks are in order Go Hard SI, Feel The Rush, and Fiora Shen. That is understandable considering that they have some of the best matchup tables overall.

Fiora Shen

Fiora Shen (LoR Deck)


[See Fiora Shen deck details]

Fiora Shen is a pretty well-rounded deck that is able to do great against aggro decks, midrange, and control decks alike. It plays cheap units like Fleetfeather Tracker, Greenglade Caretaker, and Fiora to deal with early aggression when combined with removal spells like Single Combat.

single combat jpgfleetfeather tracker jpg

The heavy amount of Barriers from cards like Riposte and Spirit’s Refuge allows the deck to outvalue almost every midrange or board-centric deck.

Versus control, having a wide board while being able to protect it with cards like Sharpsight, Nopeify! And most importantly Deny is always something control struggles to deal with.

brightsteel formation jpg

Some versions of the deck run Brightsteel Formation as a finisher and a great card in the mirror.

Other versions cut down on the number of Single Combat and Concerted Strike to add more protective spells like Spirit’s Refuge, Deny, and Nopeify! to be stronger against Shadow Isles decks like Go Hard and Feel the Rush but also Ezreal Draven.

Go Hard BWSI

Go Hard SI (LoR Deck)


[See Go Hard BWSI deck details]

[See Go Hard BWSI deck guide]

This deck is an incredibly powerful deck with several ways of winning games.

These include the ability to create an unbeatable end game with Pack Your Bags, the ability to swarm the board with a bunch of cheap units, and the ability to burn the opponent out with Doombeast and Pack Your Bags.

Pack Your Bags (LoR card)Doombeast (LoR card)
The goal of the deck is to slowly chip away at your opponent’s Nexus in the early stages of the game while working towards leveling the Go Hard into Pack your Bags.

Once Pack Your Bags is in your hand, you try to develop a wide board before playing the card. This ensures that only one of your units gets blocked and allows for maximum damage output.

The deck also has a lot of draws allowing it to come back at any time of the game by using Pack Your Bags a second time.

Some versions of this deck run 2 copies of Commander Ledros or a copy of The Dreadway as a top-end finisher in the mirror and vs control decks.

Commander Ledros (LoR card)Zap Sprayfin (LoR card)

Other versions are also running only Elise + TF or Gangplank + TF but the core of the deck remains untouched. Chronicler of Ruin is also a great tech card, used on Zap Sprayfin to get its summon effect and effectively draw another Go Hard.

Feel the Rush

Feel the Rush (LoR Deck)


[See Feel the Rush deck details]

Feel The Rush is a Freljord/S control deck that has different win conditions. The deck mainly plays to survive until turn 8+ to start playing the expensive finishers like Feel The Rush and Commander Ledros.

It’s able to survive any type of aggression with the help of cards like Kindly Tavernkeeper and Avarosan Trapper to stabilize midgame.

Kindly Tavernkeeper (LoR Card)Avarosan Trapper (LoR Card)

It has a plethora of removal cards like Vile Feast, Vengeance, The Box, Grasp of the Undying, and AOE board wipes like Avalanche, Withering Wail, and Ruination combined with cards to deal with open attacks like Harsh Winds and Flash Freeze.

Casting Feel the Rush is usually how the deck finishers the game, or using Atrocity on a big unit after playing a big unit.

Feel The Rush (LoR Card)
Different versions of the deck run different amounts of ramp cards like Wydring Stones and Catalyst of Aeons. But the other cards were mostly the same with some notable difference in ratios.

Regions Breakdown

Region Representation (LoR Tournament Meta Predictions)

The most represented region is Shadow Isles, which is not a surprise considering two of the most common decks in Top 32 are Feel the Rush and TF Go Hard.

Shadow Isles Insignia

Shadow Isles is a very strong, if not, the strongest region in the meta right now because of its versatility and power level. It’s present in one of the best aggro decks (Fearsome), the best deck in the game (SI Go Hard), and one of the best control decks ( Feel the Rush).

Targon Insignia

Shadow Isles is followed by Targon, it’s present in combo decks like Zed/Lee Sin, aggro decks like Draven Darius Overwhelm, midrange decks like Invokes and Soraka Kench.

Targon is also a very strong region in tournaments because of its power level and flexibility. Invoke decks can be played with Demacia, splashing Single Combat and Concerted Strike, with Shadow Isles decks with cards like Atrocity and Vile Feast, or even as a mono region allegiance deck.

Bildgewater Insignia

Bilgewater is the third most represented region mostly because of TF Go Hard decks. It’s a region that provides a high amount of great low-cost units like Dreadway Deckhand and Jagged Butcher but its main strength resides in its multiple draw cards like Zap Sprayfin, Fortune Croaker, Pool Shark, and Twisted Fate.

Unique Decks to Watch Out For

There were a lot of unique decks brought to the Top 32 of the qualification event. They varied as widely as Minah Swiftfoot Ramp, to Funsmith Control, to Fizz Go Hard, and even a Yasuo Aggro deck. So let’s get into some of these sweet brews.

WhatIamI’s They Who Endure

WhatIamI’s They Who Endure (LoR Deck)


[See WhatIamI’s They Who Endure deck details]

The first deck I’d like to highlight is WhatIamI’s They Who Endure decklist.

This deck is largely a Cursed Keeper, Ravenous Butcher beatdown deck that looks to swarm the board quickly with cheap efficient bodies and then finish the game off with a giant They Who Endure.

The most interesting card this deck runs is Battle Fury. This card gives you basically an extra massive threat in this deck.

If you have 3 spell mana up you can hit your opponent for 8 Burst spell damage as early as turn 5. After that, the unit is a super solid Atrocity target.

Funsmith Commander Ledros Control

Funsmith Commander Ledros control (LoR Deck)


[See Funsmith Commander Ledros control deck details]

The next deck is a Funsmith Commander Ledros control deck.

This deck is looking to use a massively wide variety of damage-based removal to stop the opponent from being able to kill them until it can play a Commander Ledros for the win.

The two most notable things about this deck are that it’s not running Ezreal and that it is running both Passage Unearned and The Box.

Passage Unearned (LoR Card)the box jpg

This deck is not running Ezreal because another deck in this player’s lineup was already playing the card and he couldn’t bring it in both decks.

This deck is running both Passage Unearned and The Box as a way of making Harrowing Fearsome decks completely miserable in how they play the game while also hitting both Feel The Rush decks and various decks running 3 health champions.

Twisted Fate Go Hard (with Fizz)

Twisted Fate Go Hard (with Fizz) (LoR Deck)


[See TF Go Hard with Fizz deck details]

The last deck I want to talk about here is the Twisted Fate Go Hard deck with Fizz.

It’s very similar to the other Twisted Fate Go Hard decks but it plays for a much more aggressive gameplan than the others.

The ability to play Pick a Card and just dump out every card you draw from it into play is super powerful especially when a good number of the cards you are drawing into are Go Hard.

Go Hard (LoR card)

This deck probably gets a Pack Your Bags the fastest of any deck in the game right now.

Stalking Shadows, however, seems awful in this deck. If you don’t cast it early before you play Go Hard then it becomes dead incredibly quick as the follower count for the card is also way too low.

stalking shadows jpg

However, the fact that this deck still managed to Top 32 despite that probably means that there is something to this concept and is worth exploring.

Predictions and Closing Thoughts

We’re incredibly excited to see what happens in this tournament as there is a variety of new up-and-coming players that we’ve never seen before playing for massive stakes.

It is possible we see completely new decks in the Top 32 tournament that we’ve never seen before in this game. We’ll definitely be watching and if you want to join us then come watch your Glimpse Beyond member, Swim cast at the stream below at 12PM Pacific time on Sunday, December 13th.

Watch the Seasonal Tournament live on Twitch