4 Off-Meta LoR Decks for the End of the Empires Meta

4 Off-Meta LoR Decks for the End of the Empires Meta

4 Off-Meta LoR Decks for the End of the Empires of the Ascended Meta

I’m Jordan “WhatAmI” Abromson and I am here to welcome you to the end of the world, my friends.

The oceans are boiling, the skies are descending, the desert is shrinking so it can hardly even be called vast anymore…

Alright maybe not quite that dramatic, but the season is coming to a close and before new cards start dropping to upset everything let’s look at some fun off-meta picks to roll with in the last week or two.

1. Azir Burn

Azir Burn (LoR Deck)


[See Azir Burn deck details]

I swear, the new contenders hit the field for two seconds and y’all forget about Shady.

Playing this deck feels like the iconic scene in Indiana Jones where the villain starts in on some crazy-cool sword routine that takes a solid thirty seconds, and then Indy just sighs and shoots him in the head.

If you count Ravenous Butcher then this deck has a whopping fifteen one drops to call its own that it then backs up with pure burn and just a smattering of hard to answer curve toppers thrown in for spice.

We’re also packing nine points of card draw so running us out of resources can be harder than it looks.

Avalanche and the like might look ok against the bottom end but when Prankster and Azir come down it starts to feel a tad awkward.

Azir level 1 (LoR Card)

Add a beefy beater like Ruin Runner to the mix and trying to clean up your board with small damage spells slides quickly towards silly.

2. EzFreezy

EzFreezy (LoR Deck)


[See EzFreezy deck details]

This friend is a little more specialized, and perhaps not the best choice in the world for the competitive ladder, but it has some matchups it smashes and is an absolute blast to watch go off.

Sometimes you just want to spin the roulette wheel and Teemo has got you covered.

Teemo Level 1 (LoR card)

Shrooms start dropping in early and often in this deck and keep going as Puffcap Peddler and Chump Whump help out the Runeterra’s cutest little war criminal.

Once Hexcore Foundry comes down you should have all the fuel you need to perma-freeze your opponent’s board and watch them die under a glorious mound of mushrooms.

Hexcore Foundry (LoR Card)

Just in case the Foundry is missing, Progress Day is around to draw you what you need.

All of this before the endgame when our main man Ezreal shows up-leveled from all those freezes and does his best machine-gun impression, often ending games at burst speed.

Ezreal level 2 (LoR card)

3. Shurima Overwhelm

Shurima Overwhelm (LoR Deck)


[See Shurima Overwhelm deck details]

We started with the burning spice and moved on to some tasty mushrooms, but sometimes you’ve just got a craving for beef.

Well, have no fear because Shurima/Freljord is the place to be for the juicy burgers.

The more complex and teched the rest of the metagame gets the closer the time comes for the correct answer to be re-setting to level zero and just playing big units and smashing face.

Renekton and Sejuani are an absolutely massive and surprisingly synergistic set of champions

Renekton level 1 (LoR Card)Sejuani Level 1 (LoR card)

With Ancient Yeti, Alpha Wildclaw, and Ruin Runner to back them up they present, dare I say it, an overwhelming amount of force for your opponent to attempt to answer.

We’ve even got a few of our own answers with Exhaust and Ruthless Predator.

Exhaust (LoR Card)

And sometimes when all of that just isn’t going to be enough, that just makes your units angry.

And with +8|+4, folks, they aren’t going to like them when they’re angry.

4. Von Yipp’s Museum

Von Yipp’s Museum (LoR Deck)


[See Von Yipp’s Museum deck details]

Finally, for those of you who stuck with me to the end, I have a crazy brew of my very own.

Be warned, this is one might be more meme than dream, but it can pull off some pretty unreasonable draws in its own right.

We’ve basically squished Discard Aggro and Sand Scouts together as hard as possible and asked what pops out.

The result is a deck with an awful lot of aggression and burn built into it that is capable of creating some pretty ridiculously wide boards.

At first glance, Von Yipp might look a little trolley and second and third glance too, but past that he can create some pretty unreal turn five board swings.

professor von yipp jpg

Giant Poros and Sand Soldiers can send your opponent running for the hills as the vastness of the Shuriman Desert closes in behind them.

Finally, if we run out of steam the best friend duo of Jinx and Augmented Experimenter is standing by ready to refuel us for round two.

Jinx level 1 (LoR Card)Augmented Experimenter (LoR Card)

Between Jinx, Azir, and Yipp, it’s surprisingly easy for our opponent to run out of answers and have one of our larger threats ride a wave of small units and burn to victory.


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