LoR Matchup Breakdowns for the Top 10 Decks (Patch 2.8.0)

LoR Matchup Breakdowns for the Top 10 Decks (Patch 2.8.0)

NicMakesPlays’s Top 10 Decks and Their Matchups

Hey, NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over what I think are the 10 best decks for Ranked in order along with their winning, even, and bad matchups.

I have hit Rank #1 every season so I hope this guide can help you choose which deck you find best to help you reach your goals.

1. Irelia Azir

NicMakesPlays Irelia Azir (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Irelia Azir deck details]

I think Irelia Azir is the overall best deck in the game.

This deck is incredibly explosive and has a lot of cards that can help it out in its bad matchups.

This spread at first may make it seem well-rounded, but with Sparring Student and Greenglade Duo, you have a chance to kill Thresh Nasus and Aggro decks before they kill you first.

Sparring Student (LoR Card)

This deck also has the ability to open extremely potent hands such as Sparring Student, Emperors Dias, and Azir which can beat losing matchups if their hands aren’t as strong.

Homecoming is another savior against tough matchups like Nasus Thresh because you can bounce their Thresh or Nasus to their hand and kill them before they can play it again.

Homecoming (LoR Card)

Overall, this deck beats or goes even with most decks and can also beat its losing matchups occasionally as well.

Irelia Azir Match-ups

  • Winning: Trundle Lissandra, Overwhelm, Ashe Leblanc, Lee Sin
  • Even: Shyvana A Sol, Zoe Vi, Draven Ez,
  • Losing: Nasus Thresh, Discard Aggro, Spider Aggro

2. Trundle Lissandra


[See NicMakesPlays Trundle Lissandra deck details]

Next up we have Trundle Lissandra. Despite Trundle Lissandra’s losing matchup to Irelia Azir, it beats most of the other decks in the game which gives it strong positioning against the field.

This deck beats most of the field and can even beat its losing matchups as well if they open weak hands.

Although this deck does have a more impressive matchup spread than Irelia Azir, the popularity of Irelia Azir on ladder means you will run into it very often.

With this in mind, this secures Trundle Lissandra a spot as a second-best deck because of its ability to win most matchups besides Irelia Azir.

Trundle Lissandra Match-ups

  • Winning: Nasus Thresh, Shyvana A-Sol, Draven Ez, Zoe Vi, Discard Aggro, Ashe Leblanc, Spider Aggro
  • Even: None
  • Losing: Irelia Azir, Overwhelm, Lee Sin

3. Nasus Thresh

NicMakesPlays Nasus Thresh (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Nasus Thresh deck deails]

Nasus Thresh is a well-rounded deck that has one of the best matchups against Irelia Azir in the game.

Although Nasus Thresh only has a 55/45 winning matchup against Irelia Azir, that is better than most decks have to offer against it.

This well-rounded spread with a favored matchup against Irelia Azir and only hard losing to Trundle Lissandra makes Nasus Thresh a safe pick for ladder.

The way to win the even matchups this deck has is to open strong and once you’re ahead in the early game, play a champ and back it up with Black Spear or Rite of Negation.

Black Spear (LoR Card)Rite of Negation (LoR Card)

Nasus Thresh becomes better or worst depending on how many Irelia Azir/TLC players you are playing against.

If you are playing against a lot of Irelia Azir this is the deck for you!

Nasus Thresh Match-ups

  • Winning: Irelia Azir, Discard Aggro, Spider Aggro
  • Even: Shyvana A-Sol, Draven Ez, Zoe Vi, Overwhelm, Ashe Leblanc
  • Losing: Trundle Lissandra, Lee Sin

4. Shyvana Aurelion Sol

NicMakesPlays Shyvana A Sol (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Shyvana A Sol deck details]

Shyvana Aurelion Sol is another safe pick due to its well-rounded matchup spread.

This deck has strong started mid-game units such as Shyvana and Screeching Dragon to hold the field while answering threats with Hush, Single Combat, Concerted Strike, and Sharpsight.

Shyvana Level 1 (LoR card)Hush (LoR card)

This deck holds down the field until turn 7 then you can combo Eclipse Dragon on 7 → Aurelion Sol on 8 and win from there.

Eclipse Dragon (LoR Dragon) level 1 aurelion sol jpg

In the early game, you can clean up Sparring Students and other early threats with Dragonguard Lieutenant and heal back any damage taken in the early game with Solari Sunforger.

Solari Sunforger (LoR Card)

Although not being able to deal with multiple Watchers from Trundle Lissandra, this deck is a safe pick against most of the field.

Shyvana Aurelion Sol Match-ups

  • Winning: Zoe Vi, Overwhelm, Discard Aggro, Spider Aggro
  • Even: Irelia Azir, Draven Ez, Nasus Thresh, Ashe Leblanc, Lee Sin
  • Losing: Trundle Lissandra, Cithria Matron

5. Draven Ezreal

Ez Draven (LoR Deck)


[See Draven Ezreal deck details]

Draven Ezreal has the versatility of being able to adjust the spells in its decklist for the meta as well as having a well-rounded matchup spread.

This deck can run Culling Strikes to deal with Azir and Thresh, as well as Scorched Earth to deal with Emperors Dias and Nasus.

Culling Strike (LoR Card)

Ez Draven has a safe game plan because each time you target an enemy unit with a spell you are leveling up Ezreal in your deck.

Ezreal level 1 (LoR card) Ezreal level 2 (LoR card)

This deck also has the ability to high roll really strong openings with Tri-Beam Improbulator + multiple 3 cost cards.

You can use this deck to beat Overwhelm, Discard Aggro, and Ashe Leblanc because of the abundance of removal, Stuns, and answers for their big threats via Flock and Thermo Beam.

ravenous flock jpg

Although losing to Trundle Lissandra, this deck has a good shot at beating most decks in the game.

Draven Ezreal Match-ups

  • Winning: Overwhelm, Discard Aggro, Ashe Leblanc
  • Even: Irelia Azir, Nasus Thresh, Shyvana A-Sol, Zoe Vi, Spider Aggro
  • Losing: Trundle Lissandra, Lee Sin

6. Zoe Vi

NicMakesPlays Zoe Vi (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Zoe Vi deck details]

Zoe Vi is a unique deck that can put opponents in unusual spots they aren’t used to.

The deck has access to tons of invokes, removal spells, card advantage through Bots + Gems, and Vi on turn 5.

Vi Level 1 (LoR card)

The mixture of these cards makes it tough for your opponent to know what exactly your hand consists of and makes them have to deal with tons of different elements.

This deck has a multitude of win cons through Zoe level up, Vi, Starshaping, Subpurrsible, and out-valuing your opponent.

Zoe level 1 (LoR Card) Starshaping (LoR card)

Although it can’t beat the late game of Shyvana A-Sol and Trundle Lissandra, this deck is a threat that can keep your opponent guessing.

Zoe Vi Match-ups

  • Winning: Overwhelm
  • Even: Irelia Azir, Nasus Thresh, Draven Ezreal, Discard Aggro, Ashe Leblanc, Spider Aggro
  • Losing: Shyvana A-Sol, Trundle Lissandra, Lee Sin

7. Overwhelm

NicMakesPlays Renekton Sejuani (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Renekton Sejuani deck details]

Overwhelm is one of the rare decks that have a favored matchup against Trundle Lissandra.

This deck has high health units as well as Ruin Runner which has a SpellShield.

Ruin Runner (LoR reveal)

Trundle Lissandra has to commit multiple spells into removing the high health units.

Ruin Runner’s SpellShield protects it from one of these spells which makes it extremely hard to deal with.

You can buff one of your units to go for a game with Battlefury after they’ve committed their spells to stay alive from your regular attacks.

Battle Fury (LoR Card)

Although losing to most matchups, all the matchups are close and doable as Overwhelm.

Most of these matchups are 45/55 and this allows this deck to be well-positioned since it beats Trundle Lissandra and can beat all the other decks as well.

Overwhelm Match-ups

  • Winning: Trundle Lissandra
  • Even: Nasus Thresh
  • Losing: Irelia Azir, Shyvana A-Sol, Zoe Vi, Discard Aggro, Ashe Leblanc, Spider Aggro, Lee Sin

8. Discard Aggro


[See NicMakesPlays Draven Jinx deck details]

Discard Aggro has consistently strong openings which demand answers from your opponents.

Irelia Azir, Overwhelm, and Ashe Leblanc don’t have enough early game defense to defend from Discard Aggro’s early game pressure which allows you to take the lead right away.

This deck keeps its losing matchups in check by testing their early game.

If your opponent doesn’t draw enough early game blockers you may just win these matchups as well.

This deck also has the ability to open extremely strong hands + demands answers for Jinx.

Jinx level 1 (LoR Card)

If your opponent can’t deal with one of these two things you can win losing matchups occasionally. Although most times these matchups will have answers if they don’t then you can get in some quick and easy wins.

With a decent amount of winning matchups and the ability to beat losing matchups occasionally, Discard Aggro is always a threat for ladder that your opponents will have to be ready for.

Discard Aggro Match-ups

  • Winning: Irelia Azir, Overwhelm, Ashe Leblanc, Spider Aggro
  • Even: Zoe Vi, Lee Sin
  • Losing: Trundle Lissandra, Nasus Thresh, Shyvana A-Sol

9. Ashe Leblanc

NicMakesPlays Ashe Leblanc (LoR Deck)


[See Ashe Leblanc deck details]

Ashe Leblanc is a solid tier 2 deck that can duke it out with the best of ’em.

Although its matchup spread is not as good as others, it can put Nasus Thresh and Shyvana A Sol in tough spots.

Leblanc + Yetis demand answers and they can control the field/be protected via frostbites + Culling Strikes.

LeBlanc Level 1 (LoR reveal)

This deck also has the ability to refuel through Trifarian Assessor and Whispering Words as well as going for lethal in the blink of an eye with Harsh Winds + Ashe.

Ashe Leblanc Match-ups

  • Winning: Overwhelm
  • Even: Nasus Thresh, Shyvana A-Sol, Zoe Vi, Lee Sin
  • Losing: Irelia Azir, Trundle Lissandra, Draven Ez, Discard Aggro, Spider Aggro

10. Spider Aggro

NicMakesPlays Spider Aggro (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Spider Aggro deck details]

Like Discard Aggro, Spider Aggro has huge early game pressure which tests if your opponent can deal with it.

If your opponent doesn’t draw a lot early game, then this deck can win quick games.

This deck has an amazing matchup against Irelia Azir since they can’t deal with the Fearsome attackers and early game pressure.

As opposed to Nasus Thresh, Irelia Azir doesn’t have a good target for Homecoming and struggles to stabilize the mid-game against Spider Aggro.

Spider Aggro Match-ups

  • Winning: Irelia Azir, Overwhelm, Ashe Leblanc, Lee Sin
  • Even: Draven Ezreal, Zoe Vi
  • Losing: Trundle Lissandra, Nasus Thresh, Shyvana A-Sol, Discard Aggro

Honorable Mention

Lee Sin

Zoe Lee Sin (LoR Deck)

Lee Sin is a powerful deck with a ton of winning matchups that is held back due to its losing matchup to Irelia Azir.

Since Irelia Azir is so popular it makes this deck tough to try and rank up with right now, but if you aren’t playing against many Irelia Azir players then Lee Sin is a strong contender.

Lee Sin Match-ups

  • Winning: Trundle Lissandra, Nasus Thresh, Draven Ez, Zoe Vi, Overwhelm
  • Even: Shyvana A Sol, Ashe Leblanc, Discard Aggro
  • Losing: Irelia Azir, Spider Aggro

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask NicMakesPlays during his streams (usually 6PM-1230AM EST).

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