Magic Misadventures Impressions: Rumble

Magic Misadventures Impressions: Rumble

Magic Misadventures LoR Spoilers Day 7

Hey all, it’s Trevor “Shugo” Yung and today I’m covering the reveal of one of my favorite champions; Rumble! He’s here to take the discard archetype in a whole new direction. But that’s not all. We’ve got more Yordles making their appearance!

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Here are the card’s from Day 7 of Magic Misadventures Reveals:

  • Rumble (Bandle City + Noxus)
  • Flamespitter (Bandle City spell + Rumble’s champion spell)
  • Electro Harpoon (Bandle City spell)
  • Arena Mechaster (Bandle City + Noxus)
  • Arena Promoter (Bandle City)
  • Bilgerat Rascat (Bandle City)
  • Fix-Em-Uppers (Bandle City)
  • Yordle Explorer (Bandle City)

Rumble (Bandle City + Noxus)

Rumble level 1 (lor card)

  • Rumble (level 1)
    • 4 mana 5|4 champion
    • Text – Play: Discard up to 3 cards to grant allied Rumbles everywhere Impact for the first, Quick Attack for the second, and Spellshield for the third.
    • Level up – I’ve dealt 12+ damage.

When you deal damage to the enemy Nexus, create a random Mecha-Yordle in hand or if you have one, grant all Mecha-Yordles in hand +1|+1 and reduce their cost by 1.

Wow, what a beater! Rumble can come down on turn four as a 5|4 with Impact, Quick Attack, and SpellShield! That is an insane offensive threat. The closest comparison we’ve had previously would be Sivir, and we already know how scary she can be!

Having the extra point of health and Impact adds even more pressure to the opponent. After removing the SpellShield, Rumble still avoids the likes of Sump Fumes or Get Excited!.

When looking at his level-up requirement we can compare him to Renekton. Both of these champions can flip after two attacks, but Rumble’s job is often a lot easier. While Renekton relies on support cards to let him Challenge enemies for the buff, Rumble simply needs to attack.

Two hits will deal 10, but don’t forget about the Impact damage! What’s most important is Rumble attacks with Quick Attack and SpellShield. You’ve already done the work to grant him the abilities, so beyond that, you can almost always swing in safely.

Rumble level 2 (lor card)

  • Rumble (level 2)
    • 6 mana 6|5 champion
    • Quick Attack, Spellshield, Impact
    • Text – When you deal damage to the enemy Nexus, create a random Mecha-Yordle ion hand or if you have one, grant all Mecha-Yordles in hand +1|+1 and reduce their cost by 1.

Once leveled, Rumble remains a powerhouse while becoming an absurd value engine. Every time you damage the enemy Nexus you’ll create a random Mecha-Yordle, or buff plus reduce the cost of any that you already have in hand!

The wording is key here. We aren’t relying on just Rumble’s damage or combat damage for that matter. Even when blocked, Impact will strike through to ensure value. The baseline is already fantastic, but just imagine all the extra possibilities! I’ll leave the rest to your imagination! 🙂

Okay, I know I’ve been super optimistic but there’s a lot to like! However, it’s only fair that I address the reasonable concerns. Discarding three cards is an enormous cost. Without proper support cards like Fallen Rider or Lost Soul, you’d be pitching your hand away just for one threat. There’s definitely some potential outside of Noxus, as other regions have been getting more token generation. PnZ is always worth exploring with Boom Baboon and Flame Chompers!.

With all that said, there’s still a ton of potential with the right build. We’ve got more than enough cards to reliably support Rumble, and even in the worst case, discarding 1-2 cards for fewer keywords is still solid. But if you’re like me, you’re going all-in for the three!

Flamespitter (Bandle City spell + Rumble’s champion spell)

Flamespitter (lor card)

  • Flamespitter
    • 2 mana Burst spell
    • Text – Grant an ally +2|+0 and Impact.

This card feels a bit like Weapon Hilt. It’ll usually function as a mediocre combat trick, but with Flamespitter the buff is permanent. Sometimes this will help push extra damage and could be cute with Elusives, but likely not strong enough to be worth including.

However, don’t forget this is Rumble’s champion spell. That means you’ll have to watch out for an additional combat trick when Rumble’s on the board. As if the Yordles weren’t annoying enough already!

Electro Harpoon (Bandle City spell)

Electro Harpoon (lor card)

  • Electro Harpoon
    • 2 mana Slow spell
    • Text – To play, discard 1. Deal 2 to a unit and 2 to the enemy Nexus.

This is a nasty card for burn, and we already know Bandle City LOVES that playstyle! Electro Harpoon both removes a blocker off the board and punishes with an extra two damage. It’s sorta like a cheap Double Up, except you aren’t reliant on killing the unit. The wording also means it can’t be fizzled by removing your unit in response.

Again, this one requires some discard synergy. But that’s a small price to pay for how much this will devastate your opponent. Watch out for this one!

Arena Mechaster (Bandle City + Noxus)

Arena Mechaster (lor card)

  • Arena Mechaster
    • 6 mana 4|5 follower
    • Text – Attack: Give other attacking allies +2|+0 this round.

Thankfully not all Yordles are amazing. Arena Mechacaster is kind of like a bad Cithria, and I’m totally okay with that. This little fella only gives a temporary power buff and doesn’t give any form of evasion, while also being a 4|5 for six. While we likely won’t see much main deck inclusion, it’s still nothing to scoff at when manifested by Bandle City Mayor.

Arena Promoter (Bandle City)

Arena Promoter (lor card)

  • Arena Promoter
    • 4 mana 4|3 follower
    • Tough
    • Text – Play: Discard 1 to Manifest a Mecha-Yordle and reduce its cost by 1.

Arena Promoter is a pretty solid unit overall. Its 4|3 stats are made up by its keyword, and it can generate a cost-reduced Mecha-Yordle. Considering most of these have great stats for their cost, this just makes them even better.

The biggest issue with this card isn’t the discard synergy, it’s the mana cost. Don’t get me wrong, it’s reasonable as a 4-drop. It just has way too much competition with the rest of its region. Poppy and Lecturing Yordle have proven to be absolute premium cards, and now we also have Rumble joining the party. Depending on how good these Mecha-Yordles end up, there’s still hope for Arena Promoter. But the bar to entry is unbelievably high.

Bilgerat Rascat (Bandle City)

Bilgerat Rascal (lor card)

  • Bilgerat Rascal
    • 3 mana 3|2 follower
    • Text – Play: Discard 1 to Manifest a Mecha-Yordle and grant it Spellshield.

Granting a permanent SpellShield to a Mecha-Yordle is cute, but it comes at a pretty big cost. A 3|2 for three mana is pretty awful, especially when you also have to discard. None of the Mecha-Yordles have evasion or Quick Attack outside of Shadowtech Walker.

This makes them easy to block, thus SpellShield is less of an issue. However, it’s still a nice bonus to help ensure they aren’t removed before they can attack.

Fix-Em-Uppers (Bandle City)

Fix-em-uppers (lor card)

  • Fix-Em-Uppers
    • 2 mana 1|2 follower
    • Text – The first time you discard a card or damage the enemy Nexus, grant me +2|+1.

In today’s metagame, would you play a vanilla two mana 3|3? That’s essentially the question you need to ask yourself. Meeting this requirement is as easy as striking for one, or discarding anything. It works well with burst speed discards as it can deter the opponent from attacking with any >2 power units.

However, I don’t think a 3|3 is that great. It’ll trade with any 3|2’s and it doesn’t grant any additional value like the many other insane 2-drops out there (I’m looking at you, Conchologist). It’s also an awful top deck.

Yordle Explorer (Bandle City)

Yordle Explorer (lor card)

  • Yordle Explorer
    • 2 mana 2|2 follower
    • Text – When you summon another Yordle, grant it +1|+1.

Oh dear, they’ve done it. I probably don’t need to go into much detail with this one because it’s all over the community. Yordle Explorer is everything Battlesmith wanted to be. A 2-drop that buffs everything that follows to create a powerhouse swarm of units. Except this is all happening for a bunch of mischievous furballs instead of fully armored Elites.

Yup, this card is insane! Prepare your Mystic Shots or else be prepared to face an army of unkillable Yordles. We may start to see the inclusion of Purpleberry Shake to protect this guy as soon as he’s played. Yordle Explorer + Bandle City Mayor is gonna be frightening.

Bonus Deck!

Rumble Draven (LoR Deck)


[See Rumble Draven deck details]

Alright! Here’s a spicy list I brewed intending to consistently play a three-keyword Rumble on turn four! Just about every unit generates an additional card or can be inherently discarded without penalty. Since we need three cards in hand, I’ve lessened the number of other cards that also require discard. Discard synergy plus Bandle City value? Sign me up!

Shugo’s Productivity Thought of the Day

When you make a positive decision for yourself, always follow through; especially for the little things. Each time you listen to yourself, you’ll build confidence and learn that you’ve got your own back.

Respect your voice because you are the number one person you can rely on.

Thanks for reading! For more impressions, check out the rest of our Magic Misadventures reveal articles.