Lab Of Legends Guide: How to Choose Your Passive Powers

Lab Of Legends Guide: How to Choose Your Passive Powers

How to Choose Your Passive Powers All Champions (Updated for Sentinels of Light)

Lab of Legends has been a fun, new way to play Legends of Runeterra.

In this lab, we have the option of many champions to choose from with their own starting deck.

During the lab, you pick Passive Powers, Items for units, as well as drafting new units to join your team.

There are so many choices to be made, so in this guide, we will be going over Passive Powers for each champion including a priority list for the common hero powers when they don’t fit your champion.

If you don’t remember what all the Passive Powers are, just check out the handy list at the bottom of the article.

Lab of Legends Champs

There is also an additional list that goes over Passive Power Synergies that can go together even if they don’t fit your champion.

You will have three passive powers each run, so it is important to understand which powers will benefit your champion and deck the most.

In this article, I will cover each champions’ preferred passive powers as well as which ones you should avoid. Keep in mind that these are general recommendations as your situation will change as you draft additional cards along the way.

This article will also cover examples of general synergies of powers that go well together as well as general rankings for passive powers’ strength and flexibility.

Be sure to check out the graphics toward the bottom of the article for general recommendations on passive power selection.

However, I recommend checking out each champion as their decks vary and some champions receive huge benefits from certain powers that will make your runs a lot more smooth including Heroic runs!

The Original Lab of Legends Champions


Aphelios Portrait (LoR)

When looking for a passive power with the Aphelios, the best thing to do is to look for cost reduction for his weapons.

This is why Spellslinger and Wild Inspiration are top tier picks for Aphelios.

These both reduce the cost of weapons that can make cycling through them and creating value so much easier with him.

He can easily sustain or close out games with his weapons Inferum and Severum.

Another strong choice and my personal favorite is Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop which has the same effect as the card Out of The Way.

This allows for each of your weapons to be permanent effects during your run!

In this game mode, Heal is premium so being able to give your units permanent Heal during a game to sustain yourself is huge.

You will want to avoid Out of the Gates as Shadestalker will not activate Nightfall and get Elusive.

However, if you have an item that changes the cost of Shadestalker, then Out of the Gates is a fine choice as well.

You also will want to avoid Empty Mind as your hand will likely not be empty very often especially with Aphelios.

Bouncing Blades is a newer passive that is helpful for Aphelios as the low-cost spell helps him create more weapons more efficiently.

Aphelios is one of the few champions that is okay with Slow But Steady as his weapons can be cast twice onto targets.

Best: Spellslinger, Wild Inspiration
Strong: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
Okay: Manaflow, Sorcery, Evolution, Bouncing Blades, Hold Them Off, Slow But Steady
Avoid: Out of the Gates, Empty Mind, New Student


Azir (Lab of Legends)

Azir’s deck wants to play fairly aggressively which makes powers that add attack helpful. Powers that help with spell mana aren’t as helpful since the deck is unit heavy.

An exception to this idea is that Terraforming is incredibly strong in this deck as it has Sandswept tomb in the starting list.

If you take Terraforming, be sure not to take other landmarks that may interfere with this one being the one that Terraforming grabs at the start of the game.

Rush Them Down is very good with this deck as it relies on Sand Soldiers to do damage and Rush Them Down gives them +1/+1. This is also by Yipp’s Genius is very good with Azir as well.

Best: Terraforming, Rush Them Down, Yipp’s Genius
Strong: Nature’s Revenge, Thieves Tools, Manaflow
Okay: Black Market, Battlefield Training, Welcome Gifts
Avoid: Out of the Gates, Evolution, Sharing is Caring, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop


Braum Portrait (LoR)

The best Passive Power with Braum is by far Grit.

Grit is a rare passive power that reads: “Allies have Attack: Raise my Power to match my Health” which allows Braum to become a 5|5 rather than a 0|5.

It is so good on him that it is probably worth rerolling Passive Powers to find this one for him.

Crush could be a good addition for Braum as it has multiple beefy creatures with no keywords. The Overwhelm keyword can help end games.

Unfortunately for Braum, not many other Passive Powers have direct synergy with him.

You can take the stronger hero powers based on rarity and avoid taking powers which aim to increase your spell mana.

Best: Grit
Strong: Black Market Discount, Lil Buddies, Higher Education
Okay: Out of the Gates, Dragon’s Fury, Manaflow, Crush
Avoid: Wild Inspiration, Sorcery, Spellslinger, Terraforming


Hecarim (LoR)

Hecarim has a lot of synergies, but nothing beats Nature’s Revenge with him!

The base deck has Shark Chariot in it which is summoned whenever an Ephemeral unit attacks.

This means that you are creating an extra 3|1 attacker each time you have an attack token as well as level Up Hecarim even faster!

Domination is a solid choice especially with Nature’s Revenge due to being able to consistently have saplings ready to block or attack in any deck, but it is even more valuable in Hecarim decks with Shark Chariot.

Out of the Gates is another strong choice due to being able to summon a strong 2 drop such as Archanoid Horror but it can also act as a way of producing an early Shark Chariot into the graveyard that can be resummoned consistently with the access you have to Ephemeral units.

Rush Them Down is a solid addition for Hecarim as this deck has multiple summoned units from attacks that benefit from the extra stat.

This deck also plays fairly aggressively, so the extra stats upon summon are beneficial. New Student is also a strong option as it works well with the low curve of this deck and the summoned units throughout combat.

Seat of Power is also helpful as it helps with the aggressive gameplan.

Best: Nature’s Revenge, Domination, Rush Them Down, Seat of Power
Strong: Manaflow, Out of the Gates, Black Market Discount
Okay: Duelist, Enfeebling Strike, New Student, Raiding Party
Avoid: Grit, Wild Inspiration, Spellslinger, Terraforming


Heimer Portrait (LoR)

Heimerdinger is a champion that can be a bit tough in Lab of Legends.

I found that the addition of drafting Ezreal in my Heimerdinger list helped me a lot, but even without Ezreal you can certainly win as a Heimerdinger deck especially if you focus on reducing the cost of Heimerdinger.

This is also why Manaflow is one of the top choices for Heimerdinger as it allows you to play him earlier.

The other best choices are Sorcery and Spellslinger as they help you use your spells more often with Heimerdinger.

You may also want to consider Evolution for Heimer’s Turrets as well as multiple units in his base deck such as Academy Prodigy and Amateur Aeronautics have keywords which make Evolution more valuable than most decks.

The Best Defense is also a strong option as it reads: “Allies have ‘Attack: Raise my Health to Match my Power.’” which makes it so that Heimer’s Turrets can increase their health from 1 by attacking.

Best: Sorcery, Manaflow, Spellslinger
Strong: Evolution, Best Defense, Sharing is Caring
Okay: Duelist, Higher Education, Immortality, Yipp’s Genius
Avoid: Flexible Game Plan as your hand gets pretty full with Heimerdinger already, Lie in Wait


Lucian Portrait (LoR)

Lucian was one of my favorite runs due to his strength of being able to Rally continuously.

There is already Senna in the deck which means that leveling him Up isn’t as hard. This means that Domination can allow you to attack multiple times on your opponent’s attack turn if you have a leveled Up Lucian on the board.

It is important to note that almost every unit in the starting deck has keywords such as Quick Attack, Challenger, or Tough.

This makes Evolution a fantastic pick for Lucian’s Passive Power.

Out of the Gates is also a strong choice as there is a decent chance that you can summon Lucian from the start and start working toward his level condition.

I personally liked Duelist as it is strong with Lucian and Senna’s Quick Attack which meant favorable trades in the early game which saved me a lot of health.

You will want to avoid Yipp’s Genius (unless you have Lil Buddies) as this deck doesn’t naturally have any 1 drops.

This can change depending on your run if you draft cards such as Haunted Relic.

Best: Domination, Evolution, Out of the Gates
Strong: Duelist, Manaflow, Seat of Power, Best Defense
Okay: Dragon’s Fury, Battlefield Training, Rush Them Down
Avoid: Yipp’s Genius, Slow But Steady


Lulu Portrait (LoR)

Lulu is considered to be one of the harder champions to win with, so it is important to make sure that you can at least start off with a strong Passive Power.

My top 3 recommendations are Domination, Evolution, and Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop.

Domination is strong as it allows you to get in extra damage with your Elusive units as well as allows Lulu to buff things on your off turn.

Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop is absolutely phenomenal in this as the buffs that Lulu gives allied units is now grant which lets them stay.

This also goes for many other card effects such as Young Witch now grants a card +1 attack and Quick Attack as well as Pix now grants cards +2|+1.

Manaflow allows for you to get to your stronger Lulu and Elusive turns quicker.

Evolution is also a strong choice as you have plenty of Elusive units that benefit from Evolution. It is also a lot of fun!

Sharing is Caring is a solid choice as it gives other units Elusive. Lie in Wait is a huge addition as almost all of the cards in Lulu’s deck are units that benefit from extra attack onto the Elusive units.

Best: Domination, Manaflow, Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop, Lie in Wait
Strong: Grit, Evolution, Black Market, Sharing is Caring
Okay: Duelist, Lil Buddies, Battlefield Training, Rush Them Down, Vanguard Lookout
Avoid: Trifarian Might, Wild Inspiration, Crush, Slow But Steady

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune Portrait (LoR)

Miss Fortune’s level Up relies on her seeing attacks which makes Domination easily the biggest pick for her with Nature’s Revenge being a close second.

Nature’s revenge synergizes well with Miss Fortune as the Challenger can deal 3 damage to a unit with the help of Miss Fortune’s Love Tap skill when she sees a unit attack.

It can also activate Plunder on turn one for Jagged Butcher.

If you have Domination and Nature’s Revenge, Nature’s Revenge sprouts a Sapling each time that you gain the attack token which means that you will have a sapling every round!

This also means that with Island Navigator you can use Scout to summon even more Saplings! It is a blast!

Crush is a good addition to Miss Fortune’s pool. Oftentimes Miss Fortune’s passive gets chump blocked by small creatures that die to the 1 damage her Love Tap does.

Crush allows units to have Overwhelm and do damage through the chump blockers. Raiding Party is also a nice bonus as Miss Fortune ensures Nexus damage more easily.

Rush Them Down also allows for the deck to be more aggressive which it appreciates.

Best: Domination, Nature’s Revenge
Strong: Lil Buddies, Yipp’s Genius, Crush, Black Market, Raiding Party, Rush Them Down
Okay: Duelist, Flexible Game Plan, Enfeebling Strike, Thieves’ Tools
Avoid: Trifarian Might, Wild Inspiration, Sorcery


Riven Portrait (LoR)

Domination is perfect for Riven as she Reforges each time that you gain the attack token.

This means that she Reforges every turn rather than just her attack turns.

When Riven Reforges, she is creating new spells which makes Spellslinger and Wiild Inspiration ideal choices for her.

Similar to how Aphelios gets his weapon costs reduced by them.

Share the Bounty is also a strong option for Riven as you are constantly giving units attack, Quick Attack, and Overwhelm through her reforging abilities.

Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop is also a personal favorite for me as her blade fragments become permanent with Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop.

It is important to use the fragments on other units besides Riven assuming that you will put the full blade on Riven which is permanent even without Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop.

It is important to note that if you are using Share the Bounty, then you will want to avoid getting Nature’s Revenge or Lil Buddies as they will eat your buffs.

It isn’t the end of the world if you have them, but something to consider!

Best: Domination, Share the Bounty, Spellslinger, Wild Inspiration
Strong: Evolution, Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop, Crush
Okay: Black Market, Duelist, Sorcery, Feral Senses
Avoid: Lil Buddies and Nature’s Revenge, New Student


Taliyah (Lab of Legends)

Taliyah and her deck are based around landmarks which makes the top choices for her passive powers quite easy.

Rockbear Den, Advanced Preparations, and Terraforming all quickly come to mind for this. Seat of Power also helps level up Taliyah quicker although it may be harder to use its ability due to the lack of units in the original deck.

Other good options are cards that help with tempo while your landmarks are getting online. These are cards such as Lil’ Buddies, Vanguard Lookout, and Nature’s Revenge.

Crush is also a solid choice as you will be summoning 5|4 Rockbears as well as Taliyah with Overwhelm is strong.

If you get Rockbear Den, then Trifarian Might is an okay choice as the Rockbears will strike when they are summoned.

Best: Rockbear Den, Advanced Preparations, Terraforming
Strong: Crush, Lil’ Buddies, Black Market, Seat of Power
Okay: Manaflow, Nature’s Revenge, Vanguard Lookout, Trifarian Might
Avoid: Out the Gates, Yipp’s Genius, Domination, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

How to Get the Malphite Card Back in Lab of Legends

Fizz, Lissandra, Malphite, Irelia, and Zilean were later added to Lab of Legends and upon winning on normal difficulty on each champion.

Personally, I found Lissandra and Zilean to be the more tricky champions.

malphite lab of legends card back


fizz lab of legends

Fizz has a mixture of units and spells in his deck. The deck has the ability to go wide through 1 cost units which makes Raiding Party a strong option. This allows you to buff up your low cost units to have a bit more impact.

You also have access to direct nexus damage cards such as Warning Shot and Parrrley that give more value from Raiding Party.

Yipp’s Genius fits well with your multiple one cost units in the deck and also does well with Lil Buddies, as with most decks, but is especially good if you have Yipp’s Genius or Raiding Party already.

Make sure to avoid Evolution for this deck. Typically, Evolution is a fairly safe pick, but the lack of keywords might cause issues. If you’d like to buff your units and don’t have access to the ones I listed already, then Rush Them Down is your next best bet as it gets plenty of use from the units you summon.

Out of the Gates is also not a strong as usual as you will summon a 1|2 Coral Creatures which isn’t very helpful as well as uses your only 2 cost unit in the deck.

Best: Raiding Party, Lil Buddies, Thieves Tools, Yipp’s Genius
Strong: Sorcery, Rush Them Down, Nature’s Revenge
Okay: Bouncing Blades, Vanguard Lookout, Black Market
Avoid: Evolution, Out of The Gates, Terraforming, Trifarian Might, Grit, Sharing is Caring


irelia lab of legends

Irelia has been a strong champion despite nerfs which makes her lab a little easier as she has so many natural synergies. A lot of powers go well with Bladedance including Yipp’s Genius which makes blades 2|2s instead of 1|1s.

Rush Them Down also accomplishes the same goal. Seat of Power gives you an Emperor’s Dias at the start of each round and anyone who has played Azir Irelia knows how important Dias is for Irelia.

The Strong options are almost as strong as Irelia’s Best options as they have great synergy with her as well. New Student benefits from Blade Dances and will add more pressure. Generally, players and the AI want to avoid blocking the Blades, so this makes Raiding Party strong to get some extra stats on your next top deck.

I also like Domination in this deck as the extra attack token allows Irelia to make twice as many Blade Dances!

This deck is quite fast so almost all of the top choices help the deck achieve its goal even faster. There aren’t many options that aren’t good with this deck, but an important one to mention is Out of the Gates summons Highwayman or Ribbon Dancer.

You don’t want to summon either of these as they will no longer get their play effects. Missing out on Ribbon Dancer’s play effect isn’t recommended so be sure to avoid this power!

Best: Yipp’s Genius, Rush Them Down, Seat of Power
Strong: Lil Buddies, Raiding Party, Nature’s Revenge, New Student, Domination
Okay: Spellslinger, Thieves Tools, Black Market, Manaflow
Avoid: Out of the Gates, Terraforming, Trifarian Might


lissandra lab of legends

I found Lissandra to be a bit tricky as she is more inconsistent when she doesn’t have access to counting down Frozen Thralls like she does with Shurima in constructed.

This makes her level up tough to achieve. Protecting Draklorn is your best bet for getting your Thralls summoned.

In order to have a chance at leveling your Lissandra, the best option is to get Terraforming. This allows for you to start with a Frozen Thrall at the start of each match! Your job then becomes finding the Draklorn rather than finding an early Thrall and the Draklorn.

After you have drafted Terraforming, hopefully, you are lucky enough to also get Advanced Properties. The important part about this is your countdown landmarks trigger twice which means two Thralls instead of one!

I highly recommend Nature’s Revenge as it helps a great deal defensively. Since you are looking to get your Thralls going, having this extra bit of defense is a big difference-maker. Lil Buddies can also fill the defensive role although I prefer Nature’s Revenge for the challenger.

Speaking of extra defense, it is also great to have extra mana especially in a slower deck that is playing a control style game plan. This makes Manaflow a strong choice for Lissandra as well.

Best: Terraforming, Nature’s Revenge, Manaflow, Advanced Properties
Strong: Sorcery, Hold Them Off, Lil Buddies
Okay: Rockbear Den, Domination, Vanguard Lookout
Avoid: Share the Bounty, Out of the Gates, Seat of Power, Empty Mind


malphite lab of legends

This was one of my personal favorites as Malphite and Chip are just too cute. The Rockbear Den power is one of the best choices for Malphite as you can cycle multiple landmarks and help level Malphite as well as keep pressure on the board. It also means that turn 1 Chip is a 3|3!

Something important to note is to avoid Terraforming. I know this sounds funny considering that Malphite is a Landmark deck, but summoning Eye of The Ra-Horak turn 1 isn’t ideal as it won’t activate Daybreak.

It also might summon Startipped Peak which is okay, but Spiral Stairs is the other option which makes it more unlikely for you to get value from the Seed of Strength that it gives you.

You might have noticed by now that Manaflow is always good, so of course that made the top of this list as there are several higher cost cards in this deck that a little extra mana is helpful for including Malphite himself.

Crush is also a good idea as you have a lot of high stat units that can benefit from Overwhelm. Even toward the start of the game having an early Chip with Overwhelm will chip away at your opponent if they are blocking with low attack units.

There are not many spells in this deck so avoid powers that give you additional spell mana.

Best: Rockbear Den, Manaflow, Crush
Strong: Nature’s Revenge, Black Market, Hold Them Off
Okay: Trifarian Might, Battlefield Training, Out of the Gates
Avoid: Terraforming, Sorcery, Spellslinger, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop


zilean lab of legends

Zilean is a tricky one. You might be tempted to grab Clock Setter, but personally I don’t recommend it. Typically leveling up Zilean is your win condition for this deck, but instead, you end up focusing on another champion such as Leblanc or Sivir that you draft early in the lab. Clock Setter can potentially make your early draws clunky as well.

Feral Senses, Advanced Properties, and Nature’s Revenge are some of your strongest options for Zilean. Nature’s Revenge is always a solid defense option. The Predict from Feral Senses fills a lot of roles for this deck. The first one is that this deck can get a bit clunky, so being able to decide your next draw can be super important.

Second, it allows you to search for Khahiris, buffed units from Xenotype Researchers, and Time bombs with ease. It gives this deck more utility. Another strong option is Advanced Properties. It allows you to predict a future card and after two turns will summon 2 2|2 Clocklings which help on defense.

In addition, it makes countdown effects go off twice! This means that Time Bombs will do two damage instead of one!

Important powers to avoid are Yipp’s Genius as you don’t have any synergy in your base deck. Terraforming will pull Preservarium which isn’t ideal and you have better options to choose from.

Raiding Party is also not recommended as this deck plays a bit slower and with the exception of predicting Time Bombs, it doesn’t have a way to consistently hit the Nexus and buff up the next ally.

You are better off using Feral Senses to find a buffed Khahiri or Xenotype unit!

Best: Nature’s Revenge, Feral Senses, Advanced Properties
Strong: Lil Buddies, Manaflow, Black Market
Okay: Hold Them Off, Crush, Rockbear Den, Duelist, Domination, Clock Setter
Avoid: Yipp’s Genius, Terraforming, Raiding Party, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

The Champions of Shurima

Lab of Legends wasn’t finished and added 5 new champions including Ekko, Pyke, Rek’sai, Shyvana, and Swain!

This has been one of my personal favorites to play but I think part of that was due to it being part of a new expansion as well as some of my favorite champions Shyvana and Swain being options as well.

shurima lab of legends champions


Ekko Lab of legends

First we have Ekko. I really enjoyed playing Ekko but I oftentimes found that Dropboarder plus another champion such as Sivir or Gangplank was a better win condition than Ekko himself.

Without a doubt, I found Yipp’s Genius to be the best passive power to draft at the start.

It helped my early game being able to play Fallen Feline as well as getting Dropboarders able to favorably trade into just about anything in the early game.

experiment suceeded ekko

It is no surprise that I also believe Nature’s Revenge is very strong in this deck as well – even more so if you already have Yipp’s Genius. Feral Senses is also very strong if you are looking to win with Ekko.

If you do decide to go down this route, then I recommend trying to draft cards that buff up Ekko’s attack or other ways to protect Ekko when he attacks so that you can benefit from the Time Trick that he creates.

experiment suceeded sivir

Ekko’s deck does okay with just about any passive power, but I do recommend avoiding Terraforming and Share the Bounty for obvious reasons.

I also recommend avoiding Raiding Party as you often don’t create a wide board with this deck unless you are deeper into your run. There are most likely stronger powers for you to choose from.

Best: Yipp’s Genius, Nature’s Revenge, Feral Senses
Strong: Sorcery, Manaflow, Out of The Gates, Lil’ Buddies
Okay: Thieves Den, Spellslinger, Rush Them Down, Sharing is Caring, Grit, Rockbear Den, Lie in Wait
Avoid: Terraforming, Share the Bounty, Raiding Party


pyke lab of legends

Pyke can be tough, but there is no surprise that Pyke wants as much Lurk synergy as possible. This makes Lie in Wait very strong with him.

You also have the opportunity to draft Feral Senses as your power instead which is the one I’d probably recommend the highest. This is due to being able to predict Lurk and more importantly Pyke to transform him into his unique spell that is incredibly powerful.

Yipp’s Genius is also a solid choice as there are plenty of one drops in the deck and this will help with your tempo greatly! Domination is also a ton of fun and strong as you get to Lurk twice as much when the attacks are available!

I also found Evolution to be a lot of fun as the Lurk keyword grants each unit +1|1 and cards such as Prowling Cutthroat also benefit from Evolution as well.

Best: Yipp’s Genius, Feral Senses, Lie in Wait, Domination
Strong: Rush Them Down, Lil Buddies, Evolution, Crush, Nature’s Revenge
Okay: Manaflow, Thieves’ Tool, Flexible Gameplan, Empty Mind, The Best Defense, Welcome Gifts
Avoid: Spellslinger, Terraforming, Grit, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop


reksai lab of legends

Rek’Sai is arguably the most tricky champion to win with in Lab of Legends. Personally, I found the most success with focusing on a Rek’Sai carry style deck where I drafted cards and passive powers that benefit her.

Pictured is my best Lab of Legends with Rek’sai, but you don’t need to have something as insane as my draft to win with her as I had weaker drafts that were able to win as well.

reksai ingame lab of legends

A bonus tip is if you get offered ways to give Rek’sai additional attack, then you should consider them! The faster you can level her up, the better!

I strongly recommend taking Lie in Wait to make Lurking easier so that you can buff your Rek’Sai faster. The Overwhelm she has is very important for ending games with her deck. I also recommend Domination as you have natural Predicts in the deck.

This means that you are likely to get extra Lurk triggers. Because the deck has a lot of natural Predicts, Feral Senses isn’t as much of a priority.

experiment succeeded reksai

It is still a strong option, but I wouldn’t say that it is the best option. Crush is also a fairly strong option as with Lurk you don’t have a great way to end the game outside of the Overwhelm units.

Giving everything Overwhelm gives you more value out of the giant attack stats that you achieve from Lurk!

Best: Lie in Wait, Domination
Strong: Crush, Feral Senses, Evolution, Lil’ Buddies, Welcome Gifts
Okay: Mana flow, Nature’s Revenge, Sorcery, Higher Education, Rush Them Down
Avoid: Terraforming, Share the Bounty, Grit


shyvana lab of legends

Shyvana has the classic beefy Demacia that benefits from stats, keywords, and getting extra attacks in. I find Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop to be a lot of fun with Shyvana but I wouldn’t recommend it as the best option.

I found Nature’s Revenge to be solid as usual as well as Domination being able to give your beefy creatures as well as Shyvana who benefits from some extra attacks. Dragon’s Rage is also useful for making sure that you always have access to Dragons as well as making your creatures stronger when they get a favorable trade.

I also like Welcome Gifts to give keywords to the vanilla units that Demacia offers. Black Market Merchant being able to reduce the cost of the more expensive dragons is useful as well.

Duelist is another keyword granter that is also helpful.

There aren’t many spells offered in Shyvana’s deck, so I don’t recommend powers that give additional mana. There is no surprise that landmark powers aren’t very helpful for Shyvana’s deck either.

Best: Nature’s Revenge, Domination, Dragon’s Rage
Strong: Welcome Gifts, Black Market, Duelist, Manaflow
Okay: Hold Them Off, Endurance, Trifarian Might, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
Avoid: Spellslinger, Sorcery, Advanced Preparations, Terraforming


swain lab of legends

Swain is quite fun, well because it is Swain! Swain’s deck has a few ways to help level him up but could use more so keep an eye out for cards and powers that help with this.

He also has limited early game, so this is why to help with tempo I recommend Nature’s Revenge and Out the Gates.

Both of these allow you to get something going at the start as you get closer toward your Swain turn. Manaflow is also a great option as it gives you more mana to work with and to your higher value units quicker.

Swain also benefits from Bouncing Blades as it helps with his level up condition as well as defense and can even offer a bit of reach to finish off the opponent.

If you have leveled up Swain you can also use the Blade to hit Nexus and stun an enemy unit before attacking.

Although there aren’t a ton of spells naturally in Swain’s deck, having access to Death’s Hand at any time is helpful and a reason why Sorcery can still be a pretty strong option.

It is also likely that you end up drafting more spells to help with Swain’s level up condition of dealing 12 damage outside of combat.

Be sure to avoid Lie in Wait as there aren’t many units that benefit from this. Yipp’s Genius is generally good in most decks, but in Swain’s deck there are only two 1 cost units that you start with.

This could change if you draft cards later on that end up benefiting from the buffs. Trifarian Might also isn’t recommended to start, but it could be very strong later on in the run!

Early in the run, you don’t have any 5+ attack units naturally. This could change later in the run if you have buffed your current units and it can help level up your Swain.

Best: Manaflow, Nature’s Revenge, Out the Gates
Strong: Sorcery, Black Market, Hold Them Off, Bouncing Blades, Thieves’ Tools, Trifarian Might
Okay: Spellslinger, Rush Them Down, Feral Senses, Immortality
Avoid: Lie in Wait, Terraforming, Yipp’s Genius

Original Hero Passives Post Update (Lab of Legends)

New Hero Passives (Lab of Legends)

Common Passives Ranked in Order:

  1. Sorcery
  2. Higher Education
  3. Duelist
  4. Immortality
  5. Flexible Gameplan
  6. Enfeebling Strike
  7. Dragon’s Fury
  8. Wild Inspiration
  9. Empty Mind

Additional Passive Power General Synergies:

  • Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop + Duelist
  • Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop + Higher Education
  • Lil Buddies + Yipp’s Genius
  • Domination + Nature’s Revenge
  • Duelist + Dragon’s Rage
  • Higher Education + Best Defense
  • Manaflow + Sorcery
  • Lil Buddies + Duelist
  • Manaflow + Manaflow
  • Lil Buddies + Evolution

All Hero Passives Ranked by Strength/Flexibility (Without Synergy)

updated passive powers ranked by strength and flexibility

If you aren’t feeling confident or need some extra health, then Immortality is a good option as well.

Lab of Legends has been incredible, and I have loved playing through each champion.

I have also loved that they made collectible icons for each champion for winning against the final boss, Viktor each run.

If you are having a hard time with the lab, then I encourage you to keep trying and don’t be afraid to reroll your first Passive Power as it can make a huge difference in the strength of your run!

If you haven’t tried Lab of Legends yet, I hope you check it out as it is a treat to play!

Passive Power List:

Advanced Preparations

Advanced Preparations (Lab of Legends)

Battlefield Training

Battlefield Training (Lab of Legends)

Black Market Discount

Black Market Discount (LoR Passive)

Bouncing Blades

Bouncing Blades (Lab of Legends)

Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop
Can't Stop; Won't Stop (LoR Passive)
Clock Setter

Clock Setter (Lab of Legends)

Counterfeit Production

Counterfeit Production (Lab of Legends)


Crush (Lab of Legends)

Domination (LoR Passive)
Dragon’s RageDragon's Rage (LoR Passive)
DuelistDuelist (LoR Passive)
Empty MindEmpty Mind (LoR Passive)

Endurance (Lab of Legends)

Enfeebling Strike
Enfeebling Strike (LoR Passive)
EvolutionEvolution (LoR Passive)
Feral Senses

Feral Senses (Lab of Legends)

Flexible GameplanFlexible Gameplan (LoR Passive)
GritGrit (LoR Passive)
Higher EducationHigher Education (LoR Passive)
Hold Them Off

Hold Them Off (Lab of Legends)

ImmortalityImmortality (LoR Passive)
Lie in Wait

Lie in Wait (Lab of Legends)

Lil’ Buddies

Lil' Buddies (Lab of Legends)

ManaflowManaflow (LoR Passive)
Nature’s RevengeNature's Revenge (LoR Passive)
New Student

New Student (Lab of Legends)

Out the GatesOut of the Gates (LoR Passive)
Raiding Party

Raiding Party (Lab of Legends)

Rockbear Den

Rockbear Den (Lab of Legends)

Rush Them Down

Rush Them Down (Lab of Legends)

Seat of Power

Seat of Power (Lab of Legends)

Share the BountyShare the Bounty (LoR Passive)
Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring (Lab of Legends)

Slow But Steady

Slow But Steady

SorcerySorcery (LoR Passive)
SpellslingerSpellslinger (LoR Passive)

Terraforming (Lab of Legends)

The Best Defense…The Best Defense (LoR Passive)
Thieves’ Tools

Thieves' Tools (Lab of Legends)

Trifarian MightTrifarian Might (LoR Passive)
Vanguard Lookout

Vanguard Lookout

Welcome Gifts

Welcome Gifts

Wild InspirationWild Inspiration (LoR Passive)
Yipp’s GeniusYipp's Genius (LoR Passive)

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

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