How to Mulligan Leblanc Ashe Frostbite Matchups (4 Scenarios)

How to Mulligan Leblanc Ashe Frostbite Matchups (4 Scenarios)

Mulligan Guide: Leblanc Ashe Frostbite Midrange

Hey everyone, Silverfuse here to talk about how to mulligan for Leblanc and Ashe Frostbite Midrange. We will take the decklist on the meta tier list for reference.

For mulligans, there isn’t strictly a right or wrong answer as mulligans’ preferences can come from player preferences as well.

However, we also have access to statistics that can back up our ideas of what is best to keep in different matchups.

If you want to track mulligan stats for popular archetypes, head to our Meta Stats tool.

Ashe Leblanc Decklist:

Leblanc Ashe Frostbite (LoR Deck)

[See Ashe Leblanc Frostbite deck details]

Before looking at my suggestion, try to think of the match-up and what each deck’s goals are.

Pick what you would toss and what you would keep before looking at my explanation.

Mulligan Situation #1

Mulligan Guide: Leblanc Ashe Frostbite #1

Think about what you’d mulligan for against another midrange list such as Leblanc Sivir.


In this case, you’d want to keep Trapper and Troll Chant.

Avarosan Trapper (LoR Card)

Some players might opt to keep Brittle Steel as well but with only one creature in hand, it is best to look for another unit to play.

Troll Chant is very strong against any unit-based deck which Leblanc Sivir excels at.

Troll Chant (LoR Card)

Reckoning generally isn’t kept in starting hands with an exception of a couple of decks such as Tahm/Soraka.

It can also be strong against Twisted Fate Fizz decks.

Mulligan Situation #2:

Mulligan Guide: Leblanc Ashe Frostbite#2

How would you mulligan this against an aggressive deck such as Pirate Burn or Spider Aggro?


You would only keep Omen Hawk in this hand.

omen hawk jpg

Against aggressive decks, you will want to try and match their creature output at the start of the game while slowly gaining value with your larger Freljord units able to trade against the aggressive lists.

You have no ability to heal yourself up, so negating as much incoming damage as possible is important.

Aggressive Noxus decks have access to Decimate and Noxian Fervor that are tough for you to deal with.

Decimate (LoR card)noxian fervor jpg

Ideally, you want to try and stay above 12 health as best as possible to not be burned down.

This is why an aggressive mulligan for low-cost units is so important.

Sejuani and Ashe are both too slow in this instance. In fact, it is best to mulligan Sejuani away in every starting hand.

Mulligan Situation #3

Mulligan Guide: Leblanc Ashe Frostbite#3

What would you keep against a control deck such as Freljord Shadow Isles?


Against a control list, you would only keep Avarosan Trapper as it gives you a threat in the early game.

You wouldn’t want to keep Trifarian Gloryseeker as it is an easy Ice Shard or Vile Feast target.

Ice Shard (LoR Card)Vile Feast (LoR Card)

Trifariann Gloryseeker is great against Midrange and even aggro decks, but it is very weak against control.

You would also ditch Three Sisters and Harsh Winds as you want to draw them later in the game when you are looking to get some favorable trades.

Ideally, you want to find cards such as Avarosan Hearthguard that give you additional stats and a solid threat against control.

If you are running a version with Captain Farron then you would want to consider keeping that as well.

Mulligan Situation #4

Mulligan Guide: Leblanc Ashe Frostbite#4

This hand is an interesting one. If you are against a combo deck such as Lee Sin Zoe, what would you want to keep?


You would want to keep everything including Harsh Winds.

Harsh Winds (LoR Card)

Freezes are strong against Lee Sin, so you could consider keeping Harsh Winds due to the rest of your hand being strong.

If you didn’t have early game units or had access to Flash Freeze instead, then you’d want to mulligan harder for early game units.

Flash Freeze is a keep against Lee Sin as well as Avarosan Trapper which helps with pressure.

Trifarian Gloryseeker is a great keep because it can oftentimes trade into Zoe.

flash freeze jpg

trifarian gloryseeker jpg

Leblanc is another high damage unit that puts a lot of pressure against Lee Sin decks that don’t have a lot of chump blockers available to them.

LeBlanc Level 1 (LoR reveal)

In this match-up, you want to delay Lee Sin as best as possible with Frostbites and then use Ashe with Freezes to finish the game before Lee Sin ends the game.

General Tips:

  • Trapper is a keep against most decklists. Against heavily aggressive lists, you might consider ditching Trapper if you don’t have 1 or 2 drop units.
  • Sejauni is mulliganed away in every match-up.
  • Hearthguard is only kept against control or other slower midrange decks.
  • Troll Chant is kept if you can pair it with a unit in the early game, especially against other creature-based decks such as Leblanc Sivir.
  • Ashe is kept against other Midrange and control lists but mulliganed away against aggressive lists.
  • Leblanc is kept in most cases except when against Freljord control due to being blown out by Blighted Ravine or Avalanche.

Thanks for reading and I hope you got some helpful tips on how to mulligan with Ashe Leblanc Frostbite Midrange!


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