Guardians of the Ancient LoR Card Impressions: Mixed Reveal 2 (Ionia, Shurima, Targon)

Guardians of the Ancient LoR Card Impressions: Mixed Reveal 2 (Ionia, Shurima, Targon)

Day 7 of Guardians of the Ancient Reveals

Hey NicMakesPlays here and today I’m going to go over today’s reveals! These cards are powerful and look like a ton of fun so here we go.

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Here are all the cards from today’s reveals:

  • Profiteer (Shurima follower)
  • Merciless Hunter (Shurima follower)
  • Dancing Droplet (Ionia follower)
  • Shadows of the Past (Ionia spell)
  • Eye of the Ra-Horak (Targon landmark)
  • Solari Sunhawk (Targon landmark)

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Profiteer (LoR reveal)

  • Profiteer
    • 4 mana 5|3
    • Text – When I’m summoned, create a Lucky Find in hand.

Profiteer is a nice 4 drop that can work well in a Sivir Leblanc deck. Profiteer has 5 attack so it can help work towards Reputation as well as giving itself stat buffs, Quick Attack, Overwhelm and much more.

Lucky Find (LoR reveal)

One use for this card is using the Lucky Find on Sivir so when she levels up you can give her keywords to all your attacking units.

Merciless Hunter

Merciless Hunter (LoR reveal)

  • Merciless Hunter
    • 3 mana 4|3 follower
    • Fearsome
    • Text – Play: Grant an enemy Vulnerable.

This card is a generically strong card that can be used in tons of Shurima decks. A 4/3 statline that gives something Vulnerable and has Fearsome is extremely strong on turn 3. You can use this card in Overwhelm to give things Vulnerable for Renekton to challenge and pack on tons of damage.

You can use this in Fearsomes to hook away Fearsome blockers and push for huge damage. It can also be used in Nasus Thresh to get easy Slay triggers as well as push damage with Overwhelm.

In general, this card can be used in all kinds of scenarios to remove threats, push for damage or give something Vulnerable permanently.

Dancing Droplet

Dancing Droplet (LoR reveal)

  • Dancing Droplet
    • 1 mana 1|1 follower
    • Attune, Elusive
    • Text – When I’m Recalled, draw 1.

Dancing Droplet can be the combo piece Ionia needed for all of its Recall synergy. Dancing Droplet has a ton of combos with Retreat, Solitary Monk, and Monastery of Hirana.

Dancing Droplet lets you refuel by drawing cards, gives you Attune so you have more mana to work with, and is also Elusive which can be powerful as we’ve seen in Ionia decks.

Shadows of the Past

Shadows of the Past (LoR reveal)

  • Shadows of the Past
    • 5 mana Fast spell
    • Text – Recall each ally and summon a Living Shadow in its place.

This card has potential with the new Ionia champion. All we’ve seen from the new Ionia champion is the Blade token card, one combo that could happen is you summon a bunch of Blades and use Shadow of the Pasts to push for a huge attack while recalling Blades to your hand for later.

Something else you can use with this card is to dodge Ruination or to level up Yasuo quickly.

Eye of the Ra-Horak

Eye of the Ra-Horak (LoR reveal)

  • Eye of the Ra-Horak
    • 5 mana landmark
    • Text – Countdown 1: Stun the 2 weakest enemies. Daybreak: Summon a copy of me with Countdown 2.

Eye of Ra-horak adds more Stun synergy, landmark synergy, Daybreak synergy, and is the perfect card for Malphite. Eye of the Ra-horak is a 5 cost Landmark that summons another copy of itself with Countdown 2 if you activate it using Daybreak.

This is 10 landmark mana which makes leveling up Malphite extremely easily. Along with Solari Sunhawk, this card adds more stun synergy to Daybreak and Targon for Leona/Yasuo decks as well.

Solari Sunhawk

Solari Sunhawk (LoR reveal)

  • Solari Sunhawk
    • 2 mana 2|3 follower
    • Text – Daybreak: Stun the strongest enemy.

This card is a generically amazing 2 drop. With 2/3 stats and the ability to stun the strongest enemy unit this card has a lot of potential. You can use this card in the early game as a good blocker against aggro or to save health.

Additionally, it can be used in Leona/Malphite/Yasuo for the stun synergy as well.

Another huge perk is it’s a 2 drop that doesn’t fall off in the late game. A lot of 2 drops in the game get weaker as the game goes on but this 2 drop is amazing in the mid-late game to stop key offensive turns from your opponent or open up aggressive turns yourself.

Decks That Use The New Cards

Merciless Hunter is a perfect new addition for Fearsomes. She allows you to more consistently have a Fearsome unit for turn 3, so you can save Skitterer for later and more impactful turns.

Merciless Fearsomes (LoR deck 5-2)


[See Merciless Fearsomes deck details]

She allows you to give Fearsome blockers vulnerable and you can hook them away with your Ephemeral units off Stalking Shadows and push for huge damage while trading well.

Up next, Profiteer and Thrashing Snapper fit perfectly into Sivir Leblanc.

Sivir LeBlanc (LoR deck 5-2)


[See Sivir LeBlanc deck details]

Thrashing Snapper is a 1 drop that can help enable Reputation in the early game while Profiteer allows you to have all kinds of options on turn 4 with Lucky Find.

Lucky Find can be used on your Sivir to give it buffs which is extremely powerful when combined with Spellshield and Quick Attack.

You can also give Sivir Overwhelm so when her leveled up form attacks it gives your entire field Overwhelm to push huge damage.

Previously, people ran Kato the Arm to enable this Overwhelm win con with leveled up Sivir but now Profiteer allows this to be a reality on top of other options.

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