5 Top Master Deck Recommendations for Climbing in LoR by Metaworldgaming (Patch 1.4)

5 Top Master Deck Recommendations for Climbing in LoR by Metaworldgaming (Patch 1.4)

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5 Meta Decks to Help You Climb in Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.4

We are now almost a week removed from the launch of Patch 1.4! It feels like the entire LoR meta has been flipped on its head in such a short amount of time.

With decks coming and going by the hour, it can be overwhelming when trying to succeed in ranked mode. Today, I’m going to bring to recommend our 5 best decks for climbing the ladder in Patch 1.4.

#5: Noxus/Frey Aggro

Combining the Noxus burn skeleton of Legion Saboteur, Precious Pet, Crimson Disciple, Imperial Demolitionist, Legion Grenadier, Transfusion, Noxian Fervor, and Decimate with the newly buffed Darius and Basilisk Rider is Noxus/Frey Aggro.

noxus frey aggro

The only Frey additions to the deck are 3 copies of both Omen Hawk and Ruthless Raider. Remember that with Allegiance cards, with the exception of Yordle Grifter, you want to keep your off-color cards somewhere between 3-6 for consistency.

[See Noxus/Frey Aggro deck details]

We saw Frey wreak havoc in Patch 1.2 with two of the 3 best decks being Endure/SI and MF/Sej. The value of having Omen Hawk in your deck cannot be overstated.

On turn 1, Omen Hawk, a card I wanted to see nerfed in Patch 1.4, gives your deck a huge edge over your opponent’s since most combats in LoR are determined by a single point, which gives your units an inherent trade.

omen hawk jpg

Buffing the perfect unit can also outright win you games in cases such as Crimson Disciple on curve. A consistent theme of this deck is strong overwhelm units, making good use of the aforementioned Basilisk Rider.

Decisive Maneuver is an interesting tech option for aggro decks. It works well with overwhelm units and denies healing from Lifestealing sources such as Spirit’s Refuge. It’s an interesting wrinkle to take into consideration when building your own aggro deck.

#4: Teemo Burn

Remember how much everybody loved Noxus/Piltover? Me neither. This deck is unaltered from Patch 1.2 – out came the Legion Rearguards, in came Teemo.

teemo burn metaworldgaming

Legion Rearguard too often fell victim to an opposing turn 1 Omen Hawk, so Teemo took his spot.

[See Teemo Burn deck details]

By no means the focus of the deck, Teemo provides nice chip damage in addition to damage over time in the form of his Puffcaps.

teemo level 1 jpg

For my money, this is still the best burn deck in the game. Although temporarily upstaged by Noxus Elusives in Patch 1.2, Noxus/Piltover has made it known that it is a mainstay of the LoR metagame.

#3: Ledros Control

Ledros Control has reinvented itself once again to adapt to the meta. Chump Wump and Rummage are out again to make space for the much-needed Drain package of Vile Feast, Grasp, and Withering Wail.

ledros control metaworldgaming 1.4

This deck is all about attrition and patience. There are few proactive plays in this deck, but don’t let that discourage you. In a hyper-aggressive meta, this deck is primed to punish.

[See Ledros Control deck details]

Strategically plan powerful spells such as The Ruination to run those aggro decks out of resources while at the same time, using those Drain spells to keep your opponent at bay.

the ruination jpg

Against slower decks, you can mulligan Elise to establish early board pressure and finish the game with Ledros/Atrocity.

For new players, Ledros Control is a safe purchase as we have seen this deck in every single meta to date. Expect to see more people adapt Ledros Control to combat the aggro meta.

2. Braum/Anivia

Patch 1.4, thus far, has been defined by Noxus, making counters to Noxus among the best in the game. Braum/Anivia is a classic Frey/SI control shell that utilizes the newly buffed champions from Patch 1.4 to its advantage.

braum anivia metaworldgaming

Braum fits the mold of many anti-tempo champions that are present throughout the game’s history such as Thresh or Vi, providing a 1/5 Challenger body with Regeneration as well as a 3/3 Overwhelm unit to help secure the board.

[See Braum/Anivia deck details]

Anivia fits a more traditional control deck by using value and attrition to win as opposed to LoR’s standard of control which usually involved a combo to end the game (i.e. Ledros decks).

anivia level 1 jpg

Being one of the most resilient units in the game, a powerful attack trigger, and excellent value with Rekindler, Anivia brings back this SI/Frey shell to the forefront of the 1.4 meta. If you struggle against burn, this is the deck for you.

1. Vi/Heimer

Hail to the king, baby! Heimerdinger is on top once again. Dodging what felt like an almost certain nerf in Patch 1.4, the Yordle came out unscathed.

Heimer-Vi metaworldgaming 1.4

The deck has no major changes, however, there are flex considerations in Ki Guardian, Concussive Palm, Deny, and Spirit’s Refuge to curtail your deck’s needs for the current ladder.

spirit's refuge jpg

I have talked the life out of Heimerdinger, playing over 1000 games with the deck in Season 1. Here are some important tips for playing the deck:

  1. Do not keep Flash of Brilliance
  2. Do not develop Heimerdinger unless you know he will survive the turn
  3. Appreciate Solitary Monk.
  4. 0 Mana Thermo Beam is a Challenger
  5. Think about the game in a macro sense

And that concludes Metaworldgaming’s top 5 best decks in Legends of Runeterra. Please comment, like, and subscribe to the channel for all the latest and greatest from the boys. Feel free to check out our stream on Twitch every day from 10 PM to 4 AM EST. Thank you and see you in the next post.