LoR Deck Guide: Yasuo Malphite

LoR Deck Guide: Yasuo Malphite

How to Play Yasuo Malphite

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here and today I’m going to go over my Yasuo Malphite deck that I went on a 15-0 win streak with!

The recently buffed Malphite only needs an Eye of the Ra-Horak to level up now and it makes a huge difference.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the deck’s win condition, mulligans, matchups, key cards, and more.

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NicMakesPlays Yasuo Malphite (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Yasuo Malphite deck details]

Win condition

The goal of this deck is to set up Yasuo in the mid-game to deal damage to enemy units when you control the field with Stuns, then lead into Malphite to win in the late game.

The deck is well-rounded and has answers to all kinds of threats and different scenarios.


NicMakesPlays Yasuo Malphite (LoR Mulligan)

In this deck, you want to mulligan for a 2 drop and Yasuo.

Fae Bladetwirler is good to set up in the early game so she can start gaining her attack bonus right away, and the other 2 drops are good at controlling the field in the early game.

You want to play Yasuo on 4 to start dealing damage to enemy units when you Stun cards in the mid-game.

Eye of the Ra-Horak is a good keep if you have a 2 drop and Yasuo already since it can set up Malphite in the late game and combos well with Yasuo.

The Fangs and Solari Priestess are also generically good cards to keep if you already have a 2 drop.

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Fae Bladetwirler and Yasuo

Fae Bladetwirler (LoR Card)Yasuo level 1 (LoR card)

Fae Bladetwirler and Yasuo are how you get value off of all the Stuns in the deck. Fae Bladetwirler gains +2|0 with each Stun or Recall and has Quick Attack.

This allows Fae Bladetwirler to become a huge threat early on since she is only a 2 drop and you can chip for tons of damage as well as get good trades later.

Yasuo is amazing with Stuns since he deals damage to units that are Stunned and can start turning Stuns into removal spells.

When Yasuo is leveled he deals huge damage to units that are Stunned by striking them which can help generate a lot of card advantage with cards like Eye of the Ra-Horak.

Solari Sunhawk and Concussive Palm

Solari Sunhawk (LoR reveal) concussive palm jpg

Solari Sunhawk and Concussive Palm are two of your generic yet flexible Stuns. Solari Sunhawk has a 2|3 statline while also Stunning a unit with its Daybreak effect.

Solari Sunhawk is amazing because it’s a 2 drop that doesn’t lose value later in the game.

On turn 2 you can use it to hold down the early game, in the mid-game, you can use it with Yasuo or stop their tempo, and in the late game, you can use it on a big threat.

Concussive Palm is flexible since it’s a Fast spell that summons a blocker.

If they develop, you can Stun their unit and get a 3|2 blocker and if they open attack you can just Stun their attacker.

The Fangs and Solari Sunforger

The Fangs (LoR card) Solari Sunforger (LoR Card)

The Fangs and Solari Sunforger are both 4 drops that allow you to heal back insane amounts of health.

The Fangs is a generically good 4 drop that you can play on turn 4 to Invoke and pick a celestial based on what you need.

Crescent Strike is good to Stun with Yasuo, Equinox can Silence units and The Serpent can answer threats and get good trades.

Solari Sunforger is summoned after you want to heal huge amounts of health.

Usually, you want to try and get the max heal with Solari Sunforger to regain as much health as possible.

Solari Sunforger can also be used on defense to stop their attack or you will heal huge amounts of health.

Eye of the Ra-Horak and Malphite

Eye of the Ra-Horak (LoR reveal) Malphite level 1 (LoR Card)

Eye of the Ra-Horak and Malphite are both stars of the show in this deck.

One Eye of the Ra-Horak with its Daybreak effect summons 10 mana of landmarks which levels Malphite instantly.

Eye of the Ra-Horak is great at holding down the mid-game and getting huge tempo with Yasuo by Stunning 4 units, having Yasuo deal damage to them, and leveling him up.

Since Malphite is leveled off one Eye of the Ra-Horak, he comes down as a strong turn 7 win con.

Malphite has huge health stats so he’s hard to deal with and he can Stun the entire enemy field so you can chip away damage with a huge attack.

If you have Yasuo then Yasuo will also deal damage to the entire enemy board and then they have to deal with Yasuo + Malphite on top of all your spells you have to disrupt your opponent the next turn.

Malphite can usually end the game in 2 turns since you get solid attacks in after Stunning all the enemy blockers, or just put your opponent in a scenario they can’t deal with.

Solari Priestess and Starshaping

Solari Priestess (LoR card) Starshaping (LoR card)

Solari Priestess and Starshaping give you alternate win conditions via Invokes.

Solari Priestess can help generate card advantage by being a blocker that gives you a free card.

You can get Comet to deal with threats, Golden Sisters for Lifesteal and an Elusive, Written in the Stars to search for your champs, or Meteor Shower to kill 2 units with one spell.

Starshaping heals tons of health and also gives you win cons via The Great Beyond, Immortal Pheonix, The Destroyer, The Scourge, Supernova, Solar Flare, and Living Legends.

Having access to these pools of cards allows you to deal with all kinds of different scenarios on top of having a lot of answers to your opponent’s threats with your spells.

Good Matchups

This deck does well in generic midrange matchups like Nasus Thresh, Zoe Vi, and Targon Demacia.

Yasuo can hold down the field extremely well by gaining value off your Stuns.

Homecoming can deal with huge threats like Nasus, Vi, and Screeching Dragon/Level 2 Shyvana.

Homecoming (LoR Card)

Malphite is hard for these decks to answer so you just want to hold down the mid-game with Yasuo, Stuns, Invokes, and heals until you play a leveled Malphite for your win con.

Eye of the Ra-Horak is also really strong in these matchups since it Stuns most of their mid-game tempo. If you have Yasuo you get to clean up their board by dealing tons of damage with the Stuns from it as well.

Bad Matchups

The harder matchups for this deck are Azir Irelia and Trundle Lissandra.

Azir Irelia

The way to win against Azir Irelia is to make sure to get max value out of your blocks and heals so you are able to stabilize and win when Yasuo and Malphite are summoned.

You want to use your high health units to save health while also keeping your board alive, then Yasuo can control the game from there until Malphite is summoned to start going for big damage by Stunning the enemy board.

Trundle Lissandra

To beat Trundle Lissandra you want to apply pressure. A lot of your units have high health so they have to commit multiple AoE spells to remove them.

By chipping away damage in the mid-game you can make it much easier to go for game when it’s time.

Tech Choices


Nopeify! (LoR Card)

  • This card is good to protect Yasuo and is a good generically cheap spell negation spell.
  • In this deck, I felt that a lot of the time you don’t have mana to protect Yasuo/these cards can be bricky so I decided to have the deck in a way where if Yasuo dies I have other win cons.


Deny (LoR card)

  • Deny is a bit more of an expensive spell negation spell than Nopeify but can answer more threats including skills. This card is good to deal with spells such as Vengeance or Ruination.

Minah Swiftfoot

Minah Swiftfoot (LoR card)

  • One Minah Swiftfoot can give your deck another alternative win condition by recalling the enemy board.
  • Since this card is high cost, you have plenty of time to draw into it and give your deck an extra element of surprise in the late game.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask NicMakesPlays during his streams (usually 6PM-1230AM EST).

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