LoR Deck Guide: Viego Lucian Grand Plaza

LoR Deck Guide: Viego Lucian Grand Plaza

How to Play Viego Lucian Grand Plaza

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here and today I’m going to go over my Viego Lucian Grand Plaza deck.

I’ve had amazing success with this deck and scored myself a 13-2 record with it climbing 300+ LP!

In this guide, I’ll be covering the deck’s win conditions, mulligans, matchups, and more.

We’ve covered a ton of other decks so be sure to check out our previous deck guides.

NicMakesPlays Viego Grand Plaza (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Viego Grand Plaza deck details]

Win Condition

Utilize Grand Plaza + Ephemerals to clear the enemy field and go for big pushes. This deck can easily level Lucian to win the game or level Viego for an alt win condition in the late game.

The Ephemerals + Lucian threaten aggressive wins on turns 5-6 whereas a leveled Viego or Hydravine gives you a strong late game on turns 7-8. Either of these can be the expected turn to win the game.


In this deck, you want to mulligan for Grand Plaza and Lucian since those are the powerhouses of your early game and enable your cards such as Haunted Relic and Onslaught of the Shadows to be used to their max potential.

If you already have these in hand you can mulligan for Haunted Relic, Onslaught of the Shadows, Camavaron Soldier, Shark Chariot, or Grizzled Ranger to combo with Grand Plaza + Lucian.

Example Hand:

NicMakesPlays Viego Grand Plaza (LoR Mulligan)

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Grand Plaza / Haunted Relic

The Grand Plaza (LoR Card)Haunted Relic (LoR Card)

Grand Plaza brings the whole deck together by giving all your Ephemeral’s Challenger which turns your cards like Haunted Relic into powerhouses.

By giving all your units Challenger you can use Haunted Relic to remove enemy blockers and push for huge damage for only 2 mana. This will also help level Lucian, summon Shark Chariots, and overall gain insane value for its mana cost.

Shark Chariot / Grizzled Ranger

Shark Chariot (LoR Card)lor grizzled ranger

Shark Chariot and Grizzled Ranger gain a lot of potencies when they gain Challenger from Grand Plaza.

Shark Chariot is a recurring attacker that allows you to push damage each turn and out grind certain matchups. Usually, opponents just ignore Shark Chariot when it attacks but with Grand Plaza, you can turn it into a kill that keeps reborning and pushing damage the rest of the game.

Grizzled Ranger is a huge power play on 4 after you play Grand Plaza on turn 3. Grizzled Ranger gets one kill with its Scout + Challenger, then the Loyal Badgerbear also becomes a 4|4 Challenger which can often follow up with another kill whilst staying alive due to its decent health stat.

Darkwater Scourge / Masked Mother

Darkwater Scourge (LoR Card)Mask Mother (LoR Card)

Darkwater Scourge allows you to regain a ton of health, clear big units with Grand Plaza, and becomes a win-con on its own with Masked Mother.

Darkwater Scourge is a 5|5 for 3 which also helps Viego’s level-up progress to advance significantly. When Mask Mother is used on Darkwater Scourge it becomes a true threat.

Grand Plaza gives Darkwater Scourge +1|0 and Challenger so when Masked Mother kills it, Masked Mother gains a 9|7 with Lifesteal, Fearsome and permanent Challenger.

Masked Mother can also be used on the Shark Chariots and Encroaching Mists so it has a ton of other targets, as well as making Lucian level up easily.

Sharpsight / Glimpse Beyond

Sharpsight (LoR Card)Glimpse Beyond (LoR Card)

Sharpsight and Glimpse Beyond allow your deck to have versatile interaction against removal spells. You can use Sharpsight to win combat trades, live through removal spells, protect Lucian and Viego, block Elusives, and push for game. Although it’s not direct interaction like Single Combat, its versatility makes it much better.

Glimpse Beyond allows you to refuel when your opponent uses removal spells on your units so you can draw into Viego and Invasive Hydravine for the mid-late game. Glimpse Beyond can also generate value when used on Ephemerals live Encroaching Mists before they die.

Viego / Invasive Hydravine

Viego level 1 (LoR Card)

Viego and Invasive Hydravine allow you to win the late game. Viego’s level up usually wins the game on the spot so he threatens an alt win con if your opponents don’t die to the pressure from Plaza in the early game. You can play Viego on turn 5 and just have him sit there safely until he levels up and you win from there.

Invasive Hydravine gives you an Encroaching Mist on summon and each Round Start. This helps level Viego and is also particularly potent with Grand Plaza giving your Encroaching Mists each turn to Challenge enemy units.

Invasive Hydravine allows you to out grind any deck in the late game. With Grand Plaza, Lucian, Viego, and Invasive Hydravine the deck has a strong early, mid and late game.

Good Matchups

This deck does well against just about everything since Grand Plaza + Haunted Relic/Onslaught of the Shadows gives you so much value.

Lucian can also easily win the game easily if leveled up and if they make it past this point you can finish the game with Viego or Invasive Hydravine.

The way you win consistently is to always full mull for Grand Plaza and Lucian.

Grand Plaza and Lucian are what give Haunted Relic/Shark Chariot/Onslaught of the Shadows value. Having these cards allows you to run through your opponents and generate tons of value while removing their blockers.

Bad Matchups

This deck is weak against Aggro if it doesn’t draw a certain type of hand. You want to have Warden’s Prey in the early game to block their units as well as giving you another blocker. Darkwater Scourge can also help you heal a ton and if used with Mask Mother then Aggro has almost no answers.

Tech Choices

Hapless Aristocrat

Hapless Aristocrat (LoR Card)

This card is a good alternative to Warden’s Prey. It gives you a 1 drop blocker which gives you another blocker. This helps a lot against aggro decks.

Single Combat

single combat jpg

Single Combat gives the deck more direct interaction to threats such as Viego. This will make the deck brick more overall but also have more answers to things.

Vile Feast

Vile Feast (LoR Card)

This is another tech to help against Aggro. Aggro is one of the better decks against this deck. Vile Feasts can make the difference by helping you heal, kill their one health units, and giving you another blocker.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask NicMakesPlays during his streams (usually 6PM-1230AM EST).

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