LoR Deck Guide: Turbo Sejuani

LoR Deck Guide: Turbo Sejuani

Turbo Sejuani Guide (Call of the Mountain)

Hey guys, Swim here. 🙂 In this deck guide, I’ll be breaking down my latest version of Turbo Sejuani: a great deck for smashing any aggressive decks you’re seeing on ladder. Here is the decklist:

turbo sejuani guide decklist


[See Turbo Sejuani deck details]

Since it’s the start of a new season, a lot of players are spamming very aggressive decks like MF Scouts, Tempo Endure, and various Noxus decks to try to rank up quickly. I’ve actually seen a lot of Tempo Endure (a super strong deck) since Precipic and Silverfuse made their guide for it earlier this week, and this version of Turbo Sejuani happens to be an insane counter to that one as well.

In this guide, I’ll go over how to play the deck, with mulligans and developmental plans, as well as the Gangplank version of the deck.

Check out the video guide as well here:

How the Deck Works

The idea of this deck is to level up Sejuani as fast as possible (often by turn 6-7), so she can come down and stop any board stats from mattering by freezing everything every turn. We level Sejuani by our early chip damage cards: Jagged Butcher, Prowling Cutthroat, Monkey Idol, Parley, Make it Rain, and even Twisted Fate’s Red Card.

We use Babbling Bjerg to pull out Sejuani (or Riptide Rex), and then often close out games with a trigger into the Riptide Rex’s Plunder.

sejuani level 2 in game

The most important thing about this gameplan is that it’s not about Twisted Fate at all. Don’t be overprotective of the unit, he usually takes wide attacks to help get chip damage in. If he ends up with like 4-5 cards drawn towards his level up, then at that point you can start thinking about leveling him, which does happen sometimes in the deck.

Mulligan Phase

In general, this deck should be mulliganing for Jagged Butcher, Prowling Cutthroat, Hired Gun, Monkey Idol, Petty Officer, Parrrley, and Make it Rain.

turbo sejuani starting hand simulator

Practice your mulligans with the Starting Hand Simulator.

Do not keep Sejuani, Black Market Merchant, Babbling Bjerg, or Yordle Grifter in your opening hands, as these cards want to be found later in the game.

Warning Shot should only be kept if you have a Jagged Butcher already to combo with it.

Lastly, think about Twisted Fate depending on the matchup and the rest of your hand. If you have reliable ways to deal chip damage early (Cutthroat, Jagged Butcher), and you’re against an aggro deck you want to shut down with a board sweep, Twisted Fate can be a great keep. Otherwise, he needs to be aggressively mulliganed away like everything else.

Early Game Decisions

The most unique thing about the deck is how it plays out early game; because we need to level up our Sejuani, we want to be damaging the opponent Nexus on as many different turns as possible.

What this means is we want to use damage spells (Make it Rain, Parrrley, Warning Shot, Red Card), during the opponent’s attack turns, and during our own attack turn we enable our triggers with our unblockable Prowling Cutthroat, or a wide unit swarm attack with Butcher, Hired Gun, and Petty Officer.

After the first 3 turns, Monkey Idol usually comes down to give you the triggers on turn 4, 5, and 6. If all’s said and done, your Sejuani will be leveled up on turn 6 as long as you got the full idol off, and damaged their Nexus in any 2 of the first 3 turns.

Mastering Turbo Sejuani is all about mastering the mulligan and the opening turns. Here’s an example game showing the early stages of leveling Sejuani, from one of my games in the video guide.

twisted fate first mulligan

This is our opening hand, against Nautilus Deep. Here, we need to kick the Warning Shot, the Yordle Grifter, and we’ll kick the Twisted Fate too because in this case, we need to mulligan more aggressively for a 1 mana unit and Monkey Idol.

turn 1 turbo sej

Our aggressive mulligan was rewarded! We got Prowling Cutthroat and Make it Rain. The opponent took a pass, so I don’t get to Parrrley a Dreg Dredgers on turn 1, but instead, we play Prowling Cutthroat and ready our attack on turn 2.

turn 2 elusive

After an open attack on 2, we get our first Sejuani trigger. The opponent then plays a Thorny Toad, and we don’t want to play a spell since we already got our Sej trigger for the round, so we play Black Market Merchant instead.

turn 3 black market

The Deep player takes an open pass on turn 3, which pretty much always means they wants me to develop a unit into his Jaull Hunters.

Since I have Sejuani and 2 Bjergs in hand, and I’m against Deep, where Sej level up is a huge win condition.

I make the decision to play the Make it Rain here because we really want our Sejuani triggers aggressively, and we need to play our spells on our defensive turns. He then plays Jaull Hunters, and I decide to Parrrley it since if he’s smart he’ll be killing my Cutthroat with it.

2 bjergs in hand

We then open attack with our Cutthroat again on our next turn to get Sejuani up to 3/5.

cutthroat open attack for sej level

The opponent plays Maokai and then develops in, but we drew Twisted Fate so we throw down a Red Card. This mitigates the Sapling attack while getting us another valuable Sej trigger on a defensive turn! Sej is now 4/5 on turn 5.

maokai vulnerable

Here we play Sej on 6 and she’s ready to flip with one last trigger. We attack here, putting the Cutthroat on the left side; this will hit first and our Sejuani will level before its attack.

Then, the leveled Sejuani will hit the Maokai and the Overwhelm will deal Nexus damage again which will trigger Sejuani’s ability, freezing the entire enemy board. The rest of the attackers go on the right.

Aaaaand that’s a pretty good explanation of a standard tight opener of the deck. We didn’t even draw Monkey Idol here but we were still able to flip Sej super early by saving our spells for our defensive turns.

The Gangplank Version

Lastly, you can use Gangplanks instead of Twisted Fate; either replacing him entirely with 3x, or running some ratio of 1-2 of each.

This is a fine option, but I prefer the Twisted Fate version for its heightened ability to dumpster aggro, and flexibility towards flipping Sej, while even sometimes providing an alternate win con.

gangplank level 1 in game

Also, I really want my Bjergs pulling out Sej and Rex and nothing else. The main benefit of Gangplank is beefy aggression, which can help against some super slow decks like Targon.

And that’s the guide! If you have any questions stop by my stream and ask me. 🙂


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