LoR Deck Guide: Sivir Akshan

LoR Deck Guide: Sivir Akshan

How to Play Sivir Akshan

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over a deck with one of the highest win rates (55% WR over 29k matches) in the game, Sivir Akshan!

I’ll be covering the deck’s win conditions, mulligans, matchups, and more.

We’ve covered a ton of other decks so be sure to check out our previous deck guides.

NicMakesPlays Sivir Akshan (LoR Deck)


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Win Condition

This deck has a strong early game through Akshan, Vulnerable, and Quick Attack units to gain field control and then can go for game out of nowhere with Sivir, Ruin Runner, buff spells, and Flurry of Fists. Expect to end the game with this deck on turn 6-7.


NicMakesPlays Sivir Akshan (LoR Mulligan)

In this deck, you want to mulligan for Akshan, Treasure Seeker, Inspiring Mentor, and Merciless Hunter to start the game off strong.

If you are against a deck with a lot of removal spells then you can also mulligan for Sivir when going 2nd.

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Akshan / Rock Hopper

Akshan level 1 (LoR Card)Rock Hopper (LoR Card)
Akshan and Rock Hopper are your two drops of the deck. They both summon a landmark that enables Shaped Stone to give +3|+1 for the rest of the game. Akshan summons a Warlord’s Palance which can be used to Predict and draw 1 later, this lets you refuel as well as search for your combo pieces to go for game.

Rock Hopper summons a Roiling Sands which gives an enemy vulnerable, this can be combined with Quick Attack from Sivir/Akshan or with Waking Sands for an easy kill.

Inspiring Mentor / Treasure Seeker

Inspiring Mentor (LoR Card)Treasure Seeker (LoR reveal)

Inspiring Mentor and Treasure Seeker are your one drops of the deck. Inspiring Mentor is a simple 2|1 that gives +1|+0 to a unit in your hand. You want to use this on Akshan, Sivir, and Ruin Runner to utilize their Quick Attack/Overwhelm to great potential.

As a bonus, Inspiring Mentor’s effect accelerates the countdown on Warlord’s Palace. Treasure Seeker is an amazing card in this format. It’s a 2|1 that gives you Waking Sands. Waking Sands can be used to make offensive pushes, block, or clean up Vulnerable units.

Sivir / Ruin Runner

Sivir level 1 (LoR reveal)Ruin Runner (LoR reveal)

Sivir and Ruin Runner are the main ways you go for game with this deck. Sivir’s level 2 form can give all your attacking allies her keywords, so you combine this with Ghost or Flurry of the Fists to give your whole field Spellshield, Elusive or Double Attack.

Ruin Runner can also push for big damage due to her Overwhelm. You can use Young Witch to give Ruin Runner Quick Attack, then use Flurry of Fists on it to give it Double Attack. When combined with Overwhelm and Spellshield, this is extremely powerful and hard to deal with combo decks.

Concussive Palm / Deny

concussive palm jpgDeny (LoR card)

Concussive Palm and Deny are how you deal with enemy threats in this deck. You can use Concussive Palm on enemy units such as Reksai, Lee Sin, and buffed units to stop your opponent from going for game.

This buys you one more turn to retaliate and go for lethal by buffing your units. Deny is good to stop enemy spells when you go for game such as Concussive Palm, Will of Ionia, and Vengeance.

 Ghost / Flurry of Fists

ghost jpgFlurry of Fists (LoR card)

Ghost and Flurry of Fists are two of the main ways you go for game in this deck. You can use Ghost or Flurry of the Fists on Sivir or Ruin Runner to go for lethal, which is particularly powerful when backed up by their Spellshield. Sivir can give the whole field Elusive if she is leveled up as well.

Ruin Runner can gain Quick Attack from Young Witch, then when they block you use Flurry of Fists to give her Double Attack which is good to go for game with due to her Overwhelm. All of this backed up by Deny almost ensures victory.

Good Matchups

This deck is great against decks with tons of removal spells such as Ez Draven/Ez Karma. You can utilize your Spellshield units so they have to use multiple removal spells on one unit to stop your attempts to go for game.

Shaped Stone/Twin of Disciplines are versatile because they can give attack or health to live through spells as well. If you can set up a Spellshield unit + buffs + Deny to back it up you are almost assured victory.

Spellshield units are also good against Lee Sin’s spells such as Concussive Palm and Will of Ionia to go for game as well.

Bad Matchups

This deck’s weakest matchup is Aggro since they have tons of pressure and usually will kill your first. In this matchup, you want to see your one drops to block in the early game and not fall behind on board.

When they go for their game-winning push you can use Concussive Palm on their attackers or Deny on their Decimate to stay alive one more turn. The next turn you can go all out with Ruin Runner + buffs for game since Aggro usually doesn’t have good answers to Overwhelm units in the mid-late game.

Tech Choices

Spirit Refuge

spirit's refuge jpg

This card is great for healing back damage taken in the early game against Aggro, blocking against opposing Sivir’s, and even giving your whole field Lifesteal with Sivir’s leveled-up form.


Preservarium (LoR reveal)

This card can be used to refuel as well as activate Shaped Stone. Sometimes this deck can run out of steam especially when your hand is full of buff spells.

The Absolver

The Absolver (LoR Card)

Ghost is a bit better and more mana efficient at going for game with this deck but the Absolver is still a good choice.

It gives stat buffs and Overwhelm in one card when you have a leveled Champ which going for game particularly easy. This card can also go for game through Elusive blockers as well.

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