LoR Deck Guide: Shen Galio

LoR Deck Guide: Shen Galio

How to Play Shen Galio

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over FilthyGamerWeeb’s Shen Galio deck that was piloted by Zorig Dongu to Rank 2!

He said he was one game away from Rank 1 which makes this the best performing Galio deck thus far.

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Shen Galio (LoR Deck)


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Goal of Deck and Mulligans

The goal of this deck is to control the early game with Challengers + Ionia spells + Combat tricks and then summon Galio and win the game from there.

This deck is resilient to most strategies and has answers to just about everything. It usually wins around turns 7-8 with Galio + board control.

Shen Galio (LoR Mulligan)

This deck mulligans for cheap units and cheap combat tricks to win the early game.

For early game units, you can mulligan for Fleetfeather Tracker + Brightsteel Protector, Petricite Broadwing, and Laurent Protege.

These units are complemented well by spells such as Sharpsight and Twin Disciplines.

Fleetfeather Tracker / Brightsteel Protector

fleetfeather tracker jpgbrightsteel protector jpg

Fleetracker and Brightsteel Protector are two extremely strong cards to open for the early game, especially when they are paired together. Fleetfeather Tracker gives you an early blocker against Aggro and allows you to command control of the field right away. You can combine Fleetfeather Tracker with Brightsteel Protector to utilize its Challenger and set the pace of the game from there with an early kill.

Petricite Broadwing / Rivershaper

petricite broadwing (lor card)Rivershaper (LoR Card)

Petricite Broadwing and Rivershaper both help you start accumulating card advantage through combat. You can keep Petricite Broadwings health high with Shen, Shield of Durand, and Twin Disciplines while he keeps picking off enemy units with his Challenger. Similarly, you can use those same combat tricks to keep Rivershaper alive while he continuously fuels you with more spells each time he strikes.

Shen / Galio

galio level 1 (lor card)

Shen level 1 (LoR card)

Shen and Galio are your champions of the deck. In the mid-game, you can use Shen with Rivershaper or your Challenger units to keep them safe while reaping the rewards of their effects. The Challenger units can continuously get kills while Rivershaper can keep fueling you with more spells. This strategy is particularly powerful when backed up by spells, so you have protection through the barriers and spells too.

On turn 7 you can summon Galio which buffs your entire board and gives you access to Rally. This makes things harder for your opponent when they are already in a difficult situation from your field control. From there, you can easily control the pace of the game and win.

Twin Disciplines / Sharpsight

Twin Disciplines (LoR Card)Sharpsight (LoR Card)

Twin Disciplines and Sharpsight are two of the best combat tricks in the game. Both of these cards allow you to swing field control in your favor through combat, put on the pressure, and protect your units. These are particularly strong with Challenger units because they force combat and then you can use these to ensure you win the trades.

Twin Disciplines also works well with Petricite Broadwing because it has Formidable. Since its health is also its attack stat, you can use Twin Discipline’s +0|3 to make it deal more damage and stay alive longer. Sharpsight also doubles as interaction against Elusive units and helps your units stay alive through removal spells.

Deny / Spirits Refuge

Deny (LoR card)spirit's refuge jpg

These are two powerful Ionia spells this deck has access to. Deny is a versatile spell that is great against all kinds of cards in Runeterra. In the current meta it can stop cards like Yordles in Arms, Golden Aegis, Death from Below, Vengeance and Buried in Ice which are in some of the best strategies in the game right now.

Spirit Refuge allows you to heal and also win combat trades. Its versatility ranges from healing back health against Aggro so they can’t lethal you anymore, or protecting key units such as Shen. You can also use Spirit’s Refuge on Galio to heal back 8+ health!

Good Matchups

This deck’s good matchups are anything combat-oriented. You can easily take over the game by winning all your combat trades due to your cheap yet effective spells. Your Challengers allow you to pick your battles as well and easily gain field control.

This deck also does well against Control decks. Deny is amazing in matchups such as Darkness to stop their Vengeances and even Ruination.

You can pick your battles with your Challengers and stop their removal spells with your combat tricks and put yourself ahead on board and mana.

Bad Matchups

This deck can struggle against Aggro and Swain Gnar. Aggro puts on a ton of pressure before you can ensure you have field control. Against Aggro you want to mulligan for Fleetracker + Brightsteel to pick apart their early game.

From there, you can use your other Challengers to ease into the mid-game, heal back health with Spirit’s Refuge and stabilize.

Swain Gnar is a hard matchup because they have access to Ravenous Flock. This deck regularly gets into combat trades which damages your units, then they can pick them off with Ravenous Flock for just one mana.

In this matchup, you want to pick your battles wisely and make sure you have buffs to keep your units above 4 hp to beat Ravenous Flock.

Tech Choices

This deck doesn’t have many flex spots except one Screeching Dragon, but you can test things out however you like!

Chain Vest

Chain Vest (LoR Card)

This card is a cheap combat trick that combines great with Petricite Broadwing to keep his damage output and health high.


Nopeify! (LoR Card)

This card is a cheap counter spell that can stop strong spells such as Pokey Stick and Ravenous Flock.


Jarvan IV (LoR Card)Fiora level1 (LoR Card)

These are both viable champions in this strategy that combines great with the Barriers and combat tricks. You can cut a Galio for these to make your opponent have to deal with a plethora of different champions and win cons.

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