LoR Deck Guide: Renekton Sejuani

LoR Deck Guide: Renekton Sejuani

How to Play Renekton Sejuani

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here and today I’m going to go over my new Renekton Sejuani deck.

This list can push huge damage with Overwhelm units that your opponent cannot block through.

You can often gain enough momentum to win during the mid-game rounds!

As always with our deck guides, we’ll be covering the deck’s win condition, mulligan phase, matchups, and tech cards.

Renekton Sejuani decklist

NicMakesPlays Renekton Sejuani (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Renekton Sejuani deck details]

Win Condition

The goal of this deck to summon strong Overwhelm units and chip for 20 damage that your opponent can’t block due to the Overwhelm keyword.

The expected turn to win the game around turns 6-8 after you’re able to strike with big Overwhelm units + Battlefury to end the game.

The Mulligan Phase

Renekton Sejuani (LoR Mulligan)

In this deck you want to mulligan for a strong early game with a 1 drop or spell, 2 drop, 3 drop, and Ancient Yeti.

This deck has a lot of high-cost cards so you want to make sure you draw your early drops in your mulligan, and you’ll draw into your higher-cost cards later.

You want to start with Ancient Yeti in your hand as early as possible so that its cost starts getting discounted as soon as possible.

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Exhaust and Renekton

Exhaust (LoR Card)Renekton level 1 (LoR Card)

Exhaust is an amazing card to help remove enemy threats while buffing Renekton to push for Overwhelm damage.

It allows you to get rid of opposing threats like Twisted Fate, Aphelios, and Renekton and push extra damage along the way with Overwhelm units.

You can also use Exhaust to go for the game by giving a unit with low health Vulnerable to guarantee huge damage with Overwhelm.

Rock Hopper and Shaped Stone

Rock Hopper (LoR Card)Shaped Stone (LoR Card)

Rock Hopper is an amazing 2 drop for this deck because of the landmark it summons that gives enemies Vulnerable.

When Rock Hopper is summoned it summons a Roiling Sands.

Roiling Sands can give enemies Vulnerable which allows you to remove enemy threats, push for Overwhelm damage, and enables Shaped Stone to give +3|+1.

Shaped Stones +3 attack can help win combat trades and push for huge damage while its +1 health allows you to live removal spells and push for damage.

Alpha Wildclaw and Sejuani

Sejuani Level 1 (LoR card)Alpha Wildclaw (LoR Card)

Alpha Wildclaw and Sejuani are the 6 drops of the deck and are what you play on turn 6 to sway the game in your favor.

Sejuani can be used as removal because it gives an enemy unit Frostbite and Vulnerable.

This also allows you to hook the unit with Renekton to push for huge Overwhelm damage.

Alpha Wildclaw is a straightforward Overwhelm beater.

A 7|6 with Overwhelm has huge attack and health so it can push big damage as well be hard to remove with removal spells.

These units are particularly strong if buffed by Omen Hawk since the +1|+1 makes them even more impactful.

Ruin Runner and Troll Chant

Ruin Runner (LoR reveal)Troll Chant (LoR Card)

Ruin Runner and Troll Chant give this deck resilience against removal that tries to deal with your Overwhelm units.

Spellshield in combination with Battlefury and Ruthless Predator makes Ruin Runner an incredible threat when going for the game so it’s harder to deal with for your opponent.

Troll Chant gives your units extra health to live through removal spells and also lowers the opponent’s attacks to help win combat trades.

Battle Fury and Ruthless Predator

Battle Fury (LoR Card)Ruthless Predator (LoR Card)

Your main combat tricks, Battle Fury and Ruthless Predator, help you go for game.

Battle Fury grants a permanent +8|+4 to a unit, you can give it an Overwhelm unit to push for huge damage.

Ruthless Predator also allows you to give one of your own units +2|0 while giving an enemy with weak health Vulnerable so you can hook it and go for huge damage.

Both of these cards are burst spells so you can use them to end the game at Burst speed.

Good Matchups

A good matchup for this deck is Lissandra Trundle.

This deck has beefy stats to live through most of their Avalanches and Ice Shards.

You can pack on huge damage that is hard for them to deal with without using 7 mana for a Vengeance.

When they play Trundle or Lissandra you can use Exhaust or Ruthless Predator to give them Vulnerable and remove them.

You can also utilize Ruin Runner’s Spellshield by giving it Battlefury to go for game since the Spellshield protects it.

Bad Matchups

A bad matchup for this deck is aggro like Burn or Draven Jinx.

These decks summon a ton of units so they are wider than you and you can’t block all of their attacks.

The key to this matchup is to mulligan for your low drops and try and gain field control as early as possible.

You can use Exhaust to remove their units early as well as Troll Chant to win key combat trades.

Once you’ve gained field control you can finish them off with huge Overwhelm attacks that they can’t block.

Tech Choices

  • Xenotype Researcher

    • This card is amazing at buffing Overwhelm units in your deck and can be made into a Predict variant to see the buffed Overwhelm units more often.
  • Elixir of Iron

Elixir of Iron (LoR Card)

    • This is a cheap 1 mana protection spell that helps your units live against removal spells for cheap mana
  • Preservarium

Preservarium (LoR reveal)

    • This card helps you refuel and draw into more Overwhelm units + Battlefury, it also enables Shaped Stone to be +3/+1 more often

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