LoR Deck Guide: Pool Scouts

LoR Deck Guide: Pool Scouts

Deck Guide: Pool Scouts

Scouts is a classic deck that has been played in almost every meta, it was always average/good and was at least tier 2 in every meta in the past.

In the past, Scouts have always been about Miss Fortune and using her as the main and only win condition.

The addition of The Grand Plaza represents another win con considering the insane amount of value that it generates by giving your units +1|+1( protection) and Challenger(removal).

Pool Scouts plays differently, it’s about abandoning the board until turn 3 and generating crazy amounts of value turn 3, 4, 5, and finishing the game by turn 6 or 7.

All the units either draw you other cards and help you cycle and unbrick your hands like Pool Shark and Fortune Croaker or cards that combo with MF and The Grand Plaza like Grizzled Ranger and Island Navigator to put pressure on the board.

*Currently, two versions of Scout decks exist, both running The Grand Plaza: The one with Fleetfeather Tracker and Jagged Butcher and the version with Pool Shark and Fortune Croaker.

In this meta, they’re both considered Tier 1 and have really good win rates.

The win rate difference is mainly because the Pool Scouts version plays differently compared to the classic one.

In this article, we’ll go in-depth on how to play the deck, key cards, mulligan, and matchup tables.

Pool Scouts (LoR Deck)


[See Pool Scouts deck details]

If you’re not much of a reader, here’s the deck guide video where you can also see some gameplay footage of this deck!

Key Cards

Miss Fortune

miss fortune level 1 jpg

Miss Fortune is the classic main win con of this deck.

In combination with scout units like Grizzled Ranger, Island Navigator, Quinn, and Valor, MF represents a huge threat with the amount of value she generates, dealing 1 to enemy blockers and to their nexus twice or three times per turn.

When she’s left unanswered, her level-up will always win you the game.

Always keep Blinding Assault for MF especially if you’re attacking on 3. That will allow you to level her up on turn 5 or even 4 with Relentless Pursuit.

The Grand Plaza

The Grand Plaza (LoR Card)

The Grand Plaza is the new Demacia landmark that is taking over the meta.

When combined with MF and Scout units it represents a huge threat that is almost impossible to deal with for the opponent.

Even without MF, The Grand Plaza can be used with cards like Grizzled Ranger and Island Navigator on 4 to generate crazy amounts of value that same turn.

Pool Shark

Pool Shark (LoR card)

Pool Shark is the new addition to this deck. Scouts really benefit from units that draw you cards because of the high amount of spells and possible brick hands.

Compared to Jagged Butcher in the other version, we don’t really want to play cards on turn 1 in a Plaza deck and Pool Shark isn’t a unit for turn 1.

jagged butcher jpg

Pool Shark is a turn 2 play that will allow you to increase your chances of drawing either MF or The Grand Plaza on turn 3 if you don’t have them in your hand.

It can also be played on turn 2 even if you have MF to increase your chances(+7% chance) of drawing Blinding Assault.

Its “value floor” is very high, meaning that the worst-case scenario for Pool Shark is to be played as a 1-mana 1/2 or 2/3 with The Grand Plaza that allows you to get more units or spells to protect MF.

Fortune Croaker

Fortune Croaker (LoR card)

Fortune Croaker, like Pool Shark, will allow you to unbrick your hand and not run out of steam in the mid/late game.


Quinn Level 1 (LoR card)

Quinn mainly represents another Scout unit, she’s very similar to Island Navigator in terms of how you want to use her.

Island Navigator (LoR Card)

Quinn’s level up isn’t as important as MF but it will allow you to win some games especially if both MF and Quinn are leveled on the board.

Protective cards

Riposte, Sharpsight, Chain Vest, Ranger’s Resolve, and Brightsteel Protector are all cards used mainly to protect your important units like MF and Valor.

Ranger's Resolve (LoR Card)Chain Vest (LoR Card)

They can also allow you to trade efficiently and always have control of the board.

For example, Protecting your MF + Valor combo on turn 3 or MF+ Grizzled Ranger combo on turn 4 is game-winning.

Mulligan and General Tips

This deck has one of the easiest mulligans in the game. It doesn’t really change between when you’re facing aggro decks, control, midrange, or combo decks.

Here’s a list of some general rules – below, the list, you’ll find example mulligans for attacking on even vs odd.

  • Always FULL mulligan if you don’t have MF or The Grand Plaza.
  • If you’re attacking on odds and have MF + Blinding Assault, mulligan everything but Sharpsight + Ranger’s Resolve OR Chain Vest.
  • Keep both The Grand Plaza and MF when you’re attacking on evens.
  • Never keep Pool Shark, Brightsteel Protector, Cithria the Bold, or Fortune Croaker.
  • Always keep Grizzled Ranger OR Island Navigator if you have The Grand Plaza + attacking on evens.
  • Only keep Blinding Assault if you have MF.
  • Never keep Relentless Pursuit.
  • Only keep Quinn if you have MF and/or Plaza AND you’re attacking on odds.
  • In the mirror, Brightsteel Protector + Riposte will allow you to save your MF from a Challenger Scout unit that is attacking your MF twice like Grizzled Ranger.
  • Never play Pool Shark on 1.
  • Never play Pool Shark early (turn 2-3-4) if you have The Grand Plaza + Grizzled Ranger/ Island navigator or MF + a Scout unit
  • If you have Relentless Pursuit, you can open attack with your Scouts + non Scouts units, use Relentless Pursuit, and then attack twice with Scouts only first then everything else on the second ( third that turn) attack.
  • If you’re taking too much damage on turn 2, playing a naked Fortune Croaker as a 2/3 blocker is a good idea.

For odd attack rounds: 

For even attack rounds:

Pool Scouts Even Mulligan (LoR Mulligan)

Matchup Tables

The only unfavored matchup for Scouts is TF Go Hard.

TF Go Hard (LoR decklist)

This deck has the perfect tools to deal with Scouts.

They have a hyper-aggressive early game with Jagged Butcher + Elise and can easily wipe out the whole board with Pack Your Bags and Ruination.

Vengeance also allows them to deal with MF and Quinn easily.

Vengeance (LoR Card)

Try to use Riposte to protect MF from Pack Your Bags and win with her the turn after. Quinn can be protected from Pack Your Bags with Sharpsight.

Riposte (LoR Card)Sharpsight (LoR Card)

Don’t play around Ruination too much, especially if you can’t afford to.

Good Matchup:

Feel the Rush (LoR Deck)

Scouts are the perfect counter to Feel the Rush.

MF + any Scout unit puts too much pressure on the board for them to handle.

The Grand Plaza isn’t as good in this matchup. Mainly look for MF or swarm the board with Scout units and finish the game with Relentless Pursuit.

Ranger’s Resolve will allow you to protect your units from Avalanche and Withering Wail.

Even Matchup:

Fiora Shen (LoR Deck)

On paper, Fiora Shen has the tools to deal with Scouts, but in reality, it’s a very close matchup because of the addition of The Grand Plaza.

Pool Scouts has the tools to protect MF from Single Combat: Sharpshight, Riposte… and even without MF, The Grand Plaza forces Fiora Shen to use their protective spells defensively and on the attack, which makes them very susceptible to running out of steam.

The main element that swings this matchup to Scouts’ favor is the fact that Fiora Shen’s units cost a lot more as Shen, Screeching Dragon, Swiftwing Lancer, and Cithria the Bold don’t leave enough mana to use multiple combat tricks compared to Scouts.

Overall, if you want to climb to Masters, this is by far the best deck to use since it’s super easy to play and has great matchup tables, it’s also fairly cheap to craft. Have fun! 🙂

Thanks for reading! To find more decks, head to our Deck Library where you can filter by budget decks, community-created decks, and even decks made by top players and streamers.

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