LoR Deck Guide: FloppyMudkip’s Sejuani Teemo

LoR Deck Guide: FloppyMudkip’s Sejuani Teemo

How to Play FloppyMudkip’s Sejuani Teemo

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here.

Today, I’m going to go over FloppyMudkip’s Sejuani Teemo deck he hit Masters with!

He’s a great player that I recommend following on Twitter @TheFloppyMudkip.

As usual for our deck guides, I’ll be covering Sejuani Teemo’s win condition, mulligans, matchups, and more.

Teemo Sejuani (LoR Deck)


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Win Condition and Mulligans

The goal of the deck is to level Sejuani and then lock your opponent out with her leveled-up form.

This deck can utilize Bandle City’s Pings and Puffcaps for an easy level up.

This deck is expected to win the game turns 7-8 after Sejuani is leveled.

For mulligans, you want to open for a good early game curve to start leveling Sejuani.

teemo sejuani 11-5 mulligan

Teemo, Inventive Chemist, and Stone Stackers are all cards you want to look for.

These cards are good because they are cheap and can help apply early pressure.

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Teemo / Bandle Commando

Bandle Commando (LoR card)

Teemo and Bandle Commando allow you to level up Sejuani easily by poking with Elusive damage.

Teemo puts Puffcaps in the enemy deck, giving you further ways to level and activate Sejuani’s abilities.

Bandle Commando also allows you to level up Sejuani easily while giving you cheap 2|1 blockers that protect themselves with Spellshield.

Lecturing Yordle / Stone Stackers

Lecturing Yordle (LoR card)Stone Stackers (LoR card)

These cards pack a punch while also leveling Sejuani and activating her abilities. Lecturing Yordle has an amazing 3|5 statline that can safely attack while giving you Poison Darts.

You can use these Poison Darts to level Sejuani, clear the field, and plant Puffcaps to trigger Sejuani later.

Stone Stackers is a good 2|3 statline with Impact that allows you to level Sejuani while applying early game pressure.

Sejuani / Babbling Bjerg

Sejuani Level 1 (LoR card)Babbling Bjerg (LoR Card)

Sejuani is the star of the show in this deck and Babbling Bjerg allows you to see her more often. Sejuani can easily be leveled on turn 6 in this deck to lock your opponent out of the game with her effect to freeze the enemy board. A lot of decks such as Demacia decks and Sion can’t deal with this and will lose to her on the spot.

When she’s summoned you can use her Vulnerable to remove a key unit and pack on some damage. The chip damage the Puffcaps do + her Overwhelm add up to finish the game pretty fast.

You can use her Overwhelm + Fury of the North/Entomb to finish off a game. Babbling Bjerg allows you to search Sejuani so you will more reliably have her on turn 6.

Troll Chant / Three Sisters

Troll Chant (LoR Card)Three Sisters (LoR Card)

Troll Chant and Three Sisters give you protection to help protect Sejuani. Troll Chant is a generically good 2 mana spell that is extremely versatile.

This card can be used to stabilize against Aggro, stop damage from Elusives or protect Sejuani. Three Sisters is another versatile spell that gives you three options: Flash Freeze, Fury of the North, and Entomb.

You can use these to stop enemy onslaughts or to create your own. Fury of the North is good to buff Teemo or Sejuani offensively.

Entomb can also be used to remove Sejuani’s blocker to push for huge damage with Overwhelm.

Poison Dart / Ice Shard

Poison Dart (LoR card)Ice Shard (LoR Card)

Poison Dart and Ice Shard are great ways to level up Sejuani or activate her effect after she is leveled. After Sejuani is leveled you can use Poison Dart as a cheap 1 mana card to freeze the entire enemy board. Ice Shard is great with leveled Sejuani because it’s fast. This allows you to hold onto it and use it whenever the time is right such as when they are attacking.

Good Matchups

This deck is amazing against Demacia decks and Sion Draven. All you have to do is level Sejuani and they are locked out of the game.

The key is to level Sejuani as fast as possible while having some leftover pings to activate her effect when leveled. Mull for a strong early game curve into Sejuani.

After she is leveled it is nice to have protection + extra pings to freeze the enemy board. Demacia has no answers to this because you can freeze their board when they try and Concerted Strike Sejuani. Sion Draven also has no answers to this because they don’t have enough removal to deal with big units.

Bad Matchups

This deck is weak against Aggro decks such as Poppy Ziggs and Elusives. These decks can put on a ton of pressure on the board while you are trying to ping the Nexus to level Sejuani.

It’s tough to decide to deal with the board or make sure you use your cards to get triggers to level Sejuani.

FloppyMudkip has said it’s good in these matchups to just level Sejuani as fast as possible and try to stabilize on turn 6 with her leveled effect. You can also use her Vulnerable to help stabilize the field by removing a unit on turn 6.

Tech Choices

If you want to tech in cards you can cut a Three Sisters or a Hidden Pathways.

Three Sisters (LoR Card) Hidden Pathways (LoR card)

Brittle Steel- This card can be used to stabilize against Aggro.

brittle steel jpg

Elixir of Iron – This is good against removal-heavy decks to protect Teemo and Stone Stackers in the early game.

Elixir of Iron (LoR Card)

Feel the Rush- This can be a good tech card against Control/Slower decks to have a powerful win con in the late game.

Feel The Rush (LoR Card)

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