LoR Deck Guide: FaintHD’s Feemo

LoR Deck Guide: FaintHD’s Feemo

How to Play FaintHD’s Feemo

Hey all! Rattlingbones and NicMakePlays here with our latest LoR deck guide on Feemo.

Feemo is an Elusive deck variant created by FaintHD that teams up the pesky Yordles, Fizz and Teemo.

The deck involves some unique inclusions such as Wiggly Burblefish and Mind Meld, and is very spell-heavy, boasting 22 of them (along with more that you generate along the way).

It’s incredibly fun to pilot and although it isn’t a top-tier deck, it does have some favorable matchups into some meta decks.

Feemo (LoR Deck)


[See Feemo deck details]

In this article, we’ll cover the deck’s win conditions, mulligan phase, key cards, matchups, and more!

Goal of Deck / Win condition (Expected turn to win the game)

The goal of the deck is to chip away at your opponent’s nexus in the earlier stages of the game while having the ability to easily swarm out 3-5 Elusives in one turn (cheaply, Wiggly Burblefish is kinda nuts).

A board of Elusives is quite hard to stop with the current meta decks like Zoe/Sol so you’ll likely just run away with the game.

If all else fails, Mind Meld can occasionally come in clutch to secure some unwinnable games.

The Mulligan Phase

Feemo (LoR Mulligan)

In this deck, you generally want to mulligan for Ballistic Bot or your champions to have an early aggressive start.

Having the Attack Token and playing Fizz or Teemo is great, in combination with Ballistic Bot basically sets you up for some easy wins.

After all, Ballistic Bot synergizes insanely well with the rest of the deck which we’ll be discussing down below.

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Poro Cannon

Poro Cannon (LoR card reveal)

Poro Cannon is by far one of the most versatile cards in the deck.

It allows you to generate Elusives for cheap, reduces the cost of Wiggly Burblish Fish for free, and deceptively procs for Fizz.

Not only that, but we can always discard the generated “Ignition” card from Ballistic Bot to generate small advantages while chipping away at our opponent’s HP.

Last but not least, because the Poros only need 1 mana to play, we’re easily able to bluff and/or utilize our spell pumps (Rising Spell Force and Suit Up!) pretty easily while pushing maximum damage.


Fizz (LoR Card)

Fizz has been around for some time. If you’ve ever played vs the card, you know he’s one of the most annoying champions to deal with.

I mean, the card pushes insane damage and can be a nightmare for certain decks (Elusive and can’t be targeted).

With a ton of low cost spells in Feemo, Fizz can really shine.

Ballistic Bot

Ballistic Bot (LoR card)

Ballistic Bot allows you to slowly chip away at your opponent’s nexus while proc-ing Fizz, Wiggly Burblefish, and Mind Meld.

In addition, it combos really well with Pick a Card, Get Excited!, and Poro Cannon.


Teemo Level 1 (LoR card)

Teemo is another really annoying champ to deal with as an Elusive one drop that’s often able to push 3+ dmg from its initial attack in a single game.

1 Mana and deal 3+ damage is pretty nuts in any deck where it’s strategy revolves around chipping away at your opponent’s health.

If you’re able to drop him early and your opponent doesn’t have removal, he can get the ball rolling quickly.

Zap Sprayfin

Zap Sprayfin (LoR card)

Zap Sprayfin is able to find you so many great cards in this list: Poro Cannon, Iterative Improvement, Mystic Shot, Get Excited!, Rising Spell Force, and Pick a Card.

Furthermore, we’re able to push 2 damage to our opponent’s nexus given that it’s an Elusive unit (not so shabby).

Wiggly Burblefish

Wiggly Burblefish (LoR Card)

This card single-handedly elevates this deck from a tier 3 to a competitive deck.

Burblefish with its incredibly aggressive stat line and low cost (in this deck) is able to push insane damage.

Especially when we have Iterative Improvement in hand to summon more of them.

So long as we’ve been able to reduce the cost of Burblefish sufficiently, for 2 mana, we’re able to generate a 0 cost 4|2 Elusive unit that generates a card in hand.

If that’s not nuts, I don’t know what is.

Good Matchups

Zoe/Sol (Targon in general)

Zoe Asol (LoR Deck)


[See Zoe/Asol deck details]

The deck has a hard time losing to Targon decks for a couple of reasons but the main one is that most Targon decks can’t interact vs wide Elusive boards, especially ones that are able to play Mind Meld :).

All in all, this is one of the easier matchups for the reason stated above.

The deck also has a whole lot of juice with cards like Ballistic Bot in combination with Pick a Card & Poro Cannons.

Draven Ezreal

Ez Draven (LoR Deck)


[See Ez Draven deck details]

Our strategy of chipping away at our opponent’s health is just nuts in this matchup since they can’t heal.

There aren’t really any outs to Fizz unless they summon an Ezreal.

Ballistic Bot also gets crazy good value in this matchup because we’re always trading up in mana for it to get removed from the board.

Last but not least, they really don’t have outs to a wide Elusive board + Mind Meld!

Bad Matchups (and How to Give Yourself a Better Chance at Winning)

Frej/SI decks

FTR Warmother Ramp (12-20 deck list)


[See FTR/Warmother Ramp deck details]

Avalanche and Withering Wail are just really good cards that can stop Feemo in its tracks.

We also don’t have good outs against big units that have Overwhelm like Tryndamere.

Tech Choices

Here are some cards you can consider adding (or adding more of) depending on the matchups you’re facing.


Aftershock (LoR Card)

  • A good overall card that’s able to remove landmarks. That being said, more often than not, we want to utilize this card to finish games by targeting the Nexus.
Get Excited

get excited! jpg

  • Get Excited! combos well with Ballistic Bot and all in all, pushes a lot of damage.
Suit Up!

Suit Up! (LoR Card)

A ton of 1 mana Elusives that make a Suit Up! worthwhile even at 4 mana. We can also put the card back into the deck with Pick a Card.

Rising Spell Force

Suit Up! (LoR Card)

  • Using 3 mana to push 4 damage in a deck like this is just too good to give up.
Used Cask Salesman

Used Cask Salesman (LoR Card)

  • This card is really good at keeping our health stats high while working towards our strategy of chipping away at our opponent’s Nexus.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Rattlingbones during his streams (every weeknight @9PM EST).

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