LoR Deck Guide: EMoosives (Fun Ladder Concept)

LoR Deck Guide: EMoosives (Fun Ladder Concept)

Emoosives (Call of the Mountain)

Hey everyone, it’s Silverfuse here to bring you a fun off meta deck to play! This is an “Emoosive” deck which does some cheeky things to beat your opponent often in the form of Ghost and Greathorn Companion. This deck also has Lulu and Zed which allow the deck to put a lot of pressure on the opponent early.

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[See Emoosives deck details]

This isn’t a tier one deck by any means, but it is a lot of fun and can do well on ladder. Personally, I found a lot of success with this deck on Master ladder with some hilarious wins! I hope you have as much fun with this deck as I have!

Win Conditions

The goal of the deck is to cheese your opponent. I’m not kidding, giving the Elusive keyword to Greathorn Companion (Moose) is one of the most cheesy ways to win a game in Legends of Runeterra.

greathorn companion updated jpg

There are multiple ways to get sneaky wins with this deck. Lulu or a leveled up Zed benefit greatly from the Elusive keyword as well. Taking advantage of Elusive is what allows this deck to go under other lists. Some of my favorite choices for Elusive are on Moose or Genevieve as these units have the Scout keyword which allows them to attack twice with the Elusive keyword.

How to Mulligan

This deck has a fairly linear game plan, which means that the mulligan is the same in most matchups. It is pretty safe to mulligan for Fleetfeather Tracker and Brightsteel Protector in every match up. It is ideal to have a Challenger unit and Lulu on turn 3 or 4 to get a free trade into your opponent’s board.

starting hand simulator emoosives

Practice your mulligans with the Starting Hand Simulator.

Against Bilgewater decks, it is important to mulligan away Young Witch and Navori Bladescout to avoid getting blown out by Make It Rain. Otherwise, making sure that you can put a lot of pressure against your opponent in the early game will carry you far.

Card Choices and Key Synergies

This deck takes advantage of high tempo Demacian cards as well as the champions Lulu and Zed which put a lot of pressure against the opponent in early game. It then takes advantage of the Elusive keyword from Ghost and Fae Guide to push the last bit of damage on turns 5-7. The Elusive keyword is often given to Lulu, Zed, Greathorn Companion, and Genevieve Elmheart.

Scout and Relentless Pursuit allow the deck to take huge advantage of the keyword as well. There are many cases where Ghost on Moose is game-winning as it is 10 damage that is hard to interact with due to the Elusive keyword.

lulu level 1 jpg

zed jpg

The Challenger units Fleetfeather Tracker and Laurent Protege are used to force trades against other opponents, especially aggressive opponents. These cards loved to be paired with Brightsteel Protector and Lulu to increase their stats to allow favorable trades.

Lulu is used to increase stats on Challenger and Elusive units most commonly. She also has great synergy with Zed as it makes Zed and his shadow have increased stats. Although Pix is in this list to replace Warchefs to add more supports to the deck, it is rare for Lulu to level up as opponents often use removal on her as well as the game is often over before she gets to level up.

Zed is used to pressure the opponent in the early game and force them to take trades against Zed. Zed’s quick attack and shadow force the opponent to block – oftentimes for free. This allows other units to get attacks through for chip damage before using Ghost, Moose, and possibly Relentless Pursuit.

After the early game, Moose and Genevieve are used as the closers for this deck. To help the damage go through Moose and Genevieve are given the Elusive keyword through Ghost or Fae Guide. If the Scout attacks with Elusive aren’t enough, then Relentless Pursuit is an option to finish the game.

ghost jpg

fae guide jpg

Occasionally, I give Moose additional damage through Riposte to one turn kill my opponents which is my favorite way to end a game!

Good Matchups (and How to Win Them Consistently)

This deck does well against other aggressive lists. Zed is critical in these matchups as he forces the opponent to chump block Zed which lowers their pressure against you. The Challenger units with Brightsteel Protector or Lulu allow you to make free trades against the opponent and gain board advantage.

brightsteel protector jpg

When Zed isn’t attacking, most aggressive players don’t take many blocks which allows you to get more chip damage against them. This enables an Elusive Moose to finish games consistently as aggressive decks often don’t have ways to interact with an Elusive 5/5 attacking twice in one turn.

Bad Matchups (and How to Give Yourself a Better Chance at Winning)

Fiora focused decks are tough for this deck. Fiora does well against creature-based decks that don’t have many ways of interacting with the opponent. Unfortunately, this deck fits that description. Your best chance to beat a Fiora deck is to use Riposte as a combat trick to kill Fiora.

fiora level 1 jpg

Another way is to use Lulu and a Challenger unit to kill her, but this way is often hard due to the Fiora deck using Barriers and other forms of protection. Single Combat is also problematic for this deck as it does not have many ways to interact with it.

This deck also has a hard time against a lot of control decks, but not near as bad as Fiora. The high interaction of control decks as well as their healing makes it hard for this deck to break through the defenses. Oftentimes, the early game won’t see much chip damage due to the defensive options of control decks notably Demacia’s Concerted Strike and Single Combat as well as Targon’s Daybreak creatures and healing.

concerted strike jpg

The best way to beat these decks is through cheeky OTKs with Scout units and making them Elusive. Relentless Pursuit becomes incredibly important as well as most of the control lists play high-cost units which can allow you to go wide against their board to get extra damage after your Scout attacks. Ideally, you try to make your control opponent use their mana in positions where you can punish them with high tempo plays.

Tech Choices

Cithria of Cloudfield

  • A one drop that can replace Pix. This deck doesn’t focus on leveling up Lulu, so a different one drop to put pressure onto the opponent can be helpful.

Ranger’s Resolve

  • This card can be slotted into the deck as a one or two of especially if you have been running into a lot of Bilgewater decks and want a way to deal with Make It Rain easier.

Greenglade Duo

  • A strong Elusive card that synergizes well with Lulu.

Concussive Palm

  • This would be used in slower metas where you need to delay opponents to do an Elusive Moose combo.

Screeching Dragon

  • For slower metas where you can afford to play longer games before you use Elusive Moose.

Now go out there and cheese someone with Emoosives!

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