LoR Deck Guide: Anti-Meta Mistwraith Hecarim

LoR Deck Guide: Anti-Meta Mistwraith Hecarim

How to Play Anti-Meta Mistwraith Hecarim

Hey guys, NicMakesPlays here!

Today I’m going to go over my Anti-Meta Mistwraith Hecarim deck.

I built this deck specifically to do well against Irelia Azir and Nasus Thresh.

If you’ve been having trouble against these dominant decks, give it a shot!

We’ll be covering its win condition, mulligans, key cards, and more so stick around.

Anti-Meta Mistwraith Hecarim (LoR Deck)


[See Anti-Meta Mistwraith Hecarim deck details]

Win Condition

The goal of this deck is to chip in damage in the early game with Fearsome units while controlling the board with spells.

You can generate advantage through playing Wraithcaller and then finish the game with Hecarim and The Harrowing! This deck wins around turn 7-8.


Anti-Meta Mistwraith Hecarim (LoR Mulligan)

In this deck, you want to mulligan for a unit to play on turns 2 and 3, Wraithcaller, and a ping spell-like Vile Feast.

Against Nasus Thresh and Irelia Azir, this allows you to take huge control in the early game with your Fearsome units until you set up your Hecarim and Harrowing.

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Elise and Wraithcaller

Elise level 1 (LoR card)Waithcaller (LoR Card)

Elise and Wraithcaller control the early game by summoning extra units and being huge value for their cost.

Elise is a 2|3 with Fearsome that summons a 1|1 which is great against Irelia Azir and Nasus Thresh.

The Fearsome chips in damage while the 1|1 can block Sparring Student, Sand Soldiers, and Fading Icon.

Wraithcaller is a 4|3 that summons a 2|2 Mistwraith with Fearsome. This card generates you a ton of value for a 4 cost and when backed up by spells it makes it easy to gain board control.

Vile Feast and Unspeakable Horror

Vile Feast (LoR Card)Unspeakable Horror (LoR Card)

These cards allow you to deal with all kinds of threats in the meta such as Greenglade Duo and Sparring Student.

Usually, when these cards are played in Irelia Azir they are backed up by a Shaped Stone or Nopeify so having multiple ping spells can be the difference between a win and a loss.

Against Nasus Thresh you can use these cards against Dunekeeper, Fading Icon, Spirit Leech, and even against Glimpse Beyond if timed well.

Merciless Hunter and Frenzied Skitterer

Merciless Hunter (LoR reveal)Frenzied Skitterer (LoR Card)

Merciless Hunter and Frenzied Skitterer are great against the meta right now.

Use Merciless Hunter to hook units such as Sparring Student, Greenglade Duo, and Baccai Reaper and remove them.

Merciless Hunters 4|3 statline combined with Fearsome also allows her to pack huge damage that is forced to be dealt with. Frenzied Skitterer is great for offensive pushes.

Irelia Azir and Nasus Thresh don’t have many Fearsome blockers in the early game, so you can use Frenzied Skitterer on a wide board and attack for huge damage.

Skitterer also has the perk of being used defensively since the -1|0 ability is versatile.

Hecarim and The Harrowing

Hecarim level 1 (LoR card)the harrowing (LoR card)

Hecarim and The Harrowing are your win cons of the deck. On turn 6 you can play Hecarim for him to be 2|7 of his level up condition.

At this point in the game, you should have decent field control and be able to chip away damage from being wider than your opponent.

After Hecarim is destroyed, you can use The Harrowing to reborn him and a field of Ephemerals for a level up!

With Hecarim’s level 2 ability your Harrowing attack should be able to push for huge damage. Be sure to put Hecarim as the last attacker so he stays on the field as long as possible during combat for his aura effect.

The Box and Vengeance

The Box (Old LoR Card)Vengeance (LoR Card)

The Box is in an amazing spot right now against the meta and Vengeance is used to deal with bigger threats.

Using The Box is amazing against Irelia Azir and Nasus Thresh because they play wide boards that consist of multiple units each turn.

You can use The Box against Irelia and her Blade Dance as well as Cursed Keeper + Ravenous Butcher plays.

You save Vengeance for bigger threats later in the game like leveled Irelia and Nasus to close out a game by removing their win cons.

Good Matchups

The good matchups of this deck are Irelia Azir and Nasus Thresh.

You can use your early game Fearsomes to chip in damage, Elise and Wraithcaller to generate blockers, ping spells to control the board, The Box to deal with their power plays, and Vengeance to remove their win cons.

By turn 6 you should be set up for a good turn to win the game with Hecarim and The Harrowing.

The key is to mulligan for a good early game that consists of a unit for turns 2 and 3, Wraithcaller or Box, and ping spells such as Vile Feast or Unspeakable Horror.

Bad Matchups

The harder matchup of this deck is Trundle Lissandra but it’s still perfectly winnable. Elise and Wraithcaller can chip in decent damage in the early game due to their higher health.

Hecarim has 5 health which goes a long way in the matchup and does well against Trundle’s 4|5 statline.

The Harrowing is the key to winning this matchup, if you get one good Harrowing set up with a leveled Hecarim you can win the game unless they have Ruination.

Even if they have Ruination you can also have another Harrowing which will seal the game.

Tech Choices

Withering Wail

Withering Wail (LoR card)

Withering Wail is great at being another AoE ping spell to remove wide boards. This card is particularly good against Aggro and can also do wonders against Nasus Thresh.

Black Spear

Black Spear (LoR Card)

This card is a cheaper one-unit removal spell that can pack on big damage for a cheap cost.

Mark of the Isles

Mark of the Isles (LoR Card)

Mark of the Isles can help you push through removal spells to deal big damage or to help win combat trades for only 1 mana.

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