Beyond the Bandlewood LoR Card Impressions: Caitlyn

Beyond the Bandlewood LoR Card Impressions: Caitlyn

Beyond the Bandlewood LoR Spoilers Day 7

Hey everyone NicMakesPlays here.

Today, I’m going to go over the new cards revealed today for the Bandle City Expansion, including Caitlyn, the latest champion.

Caitlyn’s core mechanics introduce Flashbomb Traps which work similarly to Puffcaps that are attached to cards in your deck.

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Here are the cards from Caitlyn’s card reveal package:

  • Caitlyn (Piltover/Zaun Champion)
  • Piltover Peacemaker (Piltover/Zaun spell + Caitlyn’s champion spell)
  • Corina, Mastermind (Piltover/Zaun follower)
  • Justice Rider (Piltover/Zaun follower)
  • Officer Squad (Pilotver/Zaun follower)
  • Most Wanted (Piltover/Zaun spell)
  • Station Archivist (Piltover/Zaun follower)
  • Sting Officer (Piltover/Zaun follower)
  • Ambush (Piltover/Zaun spell)
  • Coup De Grace (Piltover/Zaun spell)
  • Advanced Intel (Piltover/Zaun spell)
  • Insider Knowledge (Piltover/Zaun spell)


Caitlyn level 1 (LoR card)

  • Caitlyn (level 1)
    • 3 mana 3|3 champion
    • Quick Attack
    • Text – Strike: Plant 2 Flashbomb Traps randomly in the top 10 cards in the enemy deck.

Caitlyn level 2 (LoR card)

  • Caitlyn (level 2)
    • 3 mana 4|4 champion
    • Quick Attack
    • Text – Strike: Plant 4 Flashbomb Traps randomly in the top 10 cards in the enemy deck and deal damage to the enemy Nexus equal to the number of your traps activated this round.

Caitlyn is a 3 mana 3/3 Quick Attack that places Flashbombs into the top 10 cards of the enemy deck.

To start off, she has an amazing statline alongside Quick Attack which can chip in some easy damage while putting Flashbombs in the enemy deck. This already makes her generically good.

You can use her in an Aggro deck with Draven to reliably have a strong 3 damage Quick Attack unit on 3 while also using Burn spells to finish.

Caitlyn can also be paired with Teemo and use Avas Achiever to double her traps along with Puffcaps.

Her level up form is easy to achieve with all of the cards that add Flashbombs to the enemy deck and then she starts packing on a ton of Nexus damage.

Piltover Peacemaker/Caitlyn’s Piltover Peacemaker

Piltover Peacemaker (LoL card)

  • Piltover Peacemaker
    • 3 mana Fast spell
    • Text – Deal 2 to an enemy and plant 2 Flashbomb Traps randomly in the top 10 card of the enemy deck.

Flashbomb Trap (LoR card)

  • Flashbomb Trap
    • 0 mana Trap
    • Deal 1 damage to a random ally.

Piltover Peacemaker is Caitlyn’s champ spell and helps add Flashbombs to the enemy deck.

You can deal 2 to an enemy and put Flashbombs in their deck as well.

This card adds Flashbombs + is a removal spell so it may see play because of that.

Overall, I am not sure if you maindeck this but it’s good as Caitlyn’s Champ spell to help level her.

Corina, Mastermind

Corina, Mastermind (LoR card)

  • Corina, Mastermind
    • 6 mana 5|5 follower
    • Text – Play: Plant 5 Flashbomb Traps randomly or activate the effects of all trips in the top 5 cards of the enemy deck.

This card is a bomb in the trap deck. It has the versatility of being able to plant a ton of Flashbombs or activate your traps.

Something to note is this card doesn’t just activate Flashbombs but it also activates Puffcaps since they are traps too.

In the Teemo Caitlyn trap deck, you can set up all your Puffcaps and Flashbombs and then drop Corina and win the game.

Justice Rider

Justice Rider (LoR card)

  • Justice Rider
    • 4 mana 3|4 follower
    • Text – Whenever your opponent draws, plant 1 Flashbomb Trap randomly in the top 10 cards in the enemy deck.

Justice Rider card can sit in the backrow and add a ton of Flashbombs to the enemy deck over time.

This is particularly good against decks that draw a lot of cards with Rummage, TF and cards like that.

In Puffcap decks you can force your opponent to draw extra cards with Hexcore Foundry and Veteran Investigator which would in turn plant more Flashbombs.

Officer Squad

Officer Squad (LoR card)

  • Officer Squad 
    • 5 mana 5|5 follower
    • Text – When I’m summoned, create a Most Wanted in hand.

Officer Squad is a 4/5 5 drop that adds a Most Wanted to your hand. In general, the decks that want to run Most Wanted are likely the trap decks.

The trap decks have the versatility of using the draw yourself or making your opponent draw into traps.

These decks don’t have the time to play the Officer Squad and would likely just skip the middleman and main Most WAnted.

Most Wanted

Most Wanted (LoR card)

  • Most Wanted
    • 5 mana Slow spell
    • Text – Pick a player to discard their lowest card to draw 3.

Most Wanted is a versatile card that could hit a few different decks. As said before, this card is great in trap decks because you can use it to refuel or to trigger enemy traps.

In Ezreal Draven, you can discard one of Draven’s Axe’s to refuel and draw 3 cards. This could be a 1-2 of in Ezreal Draven to help refuel in slower matchups such as against Anivia.

If you don’t have Draven, then you could also discard Flame Chompers from Boom Baboon or Ignition from Ballistic Bot.

Station Archivist

Station Archivist (LoR card)

  • Station Archivist 
    • 3 mana 3|3 follower
    • Text – Play: Pick a spell in the top 5 cards of your deck and create an exact Fleeting copy in hand.

This card is great in Draven Ezreal or Puffcaps. In Draven Ezreal this card can allow you to get a fleeting Ravenous Flock, Mystic Shot, Rummage, Scorched Earth, and a ton more.

This card is also a 3 drop so it helps fuel Tribeam Improbulator. In a trap deck, you can use this card to get Poison Darts or Flashbomb Intel as well.

Sting Officer

Sting Officer (LoR card)

  • Sting Officer
    • 2 mana 2|1 follower
    • Elusive
    • Text – Nexus Strike: Plant 2 Flashbomb Traps randomly in the top 10 cards of the enemy deck.

When it comes to core units that put Flashbombs into the enemy deck this is the main one.

It has Elusive so it can easily chip in Flashbombs multiple times while also doing chip damage to the nexus.

The chip damage + Flashbombs is perfect for the trap deck because planting more traps is good for Caitlyn and Corina, Mastermind, while the chip damage helps the Puffcap win con.


Ambush (LoR card)

  • Ambush 
    • 2 mana Burst spell
    • Text – Give a unit +2|+0 this round. If you’ve added 2+ cards to your hand this round, give it Elusive this round.

This card is one of the only combat tricks in all of PnZ. You have to add 2 cards to your hand to trigger its effect to give Elusive to a unit, but this includes the draw you have for turn.

So all you have to do is add 1 more card to your hand to trigger its Elusive effect. You can use this card on Vi or Swain to get a huge Nexus Strike in.

Coup De Grace

Coup De Grace (LoR card)

  • Coup De Grace
    • 5 mana Fast spell
    • Text – Place an enemy follower into the enemy deck, then your opponent draws 1.

This card could be used in a Trap deck to remove a unit while triggering your traps.

Removing a key unit could already be worth it, but the opponent drawing a card is a downside if you don’t hit something valuable.

In the trap deck, there is an extra bonus of them drawing a card that can trigger their traps.

Advanced Intel

Advaned Intel (LoR card)

  • Advanced Intel
    • 1 mana Burst spell
    • Text – Plant 2 Flashbomb Traps randomly in the top 10 cards of the enemy deck.

Advanced Intel is cheap and can be valuable in the trap deck. There aren’t too many cards that plant Flashbombs so this could be one of your ways to do it in the trap deck.

This card can also be combined with Puffcap Peddler for a cheap way to add both Flashbombs and Puffcaps into the enemy deck at the same time.

I think Caitlyn is best suited in a trap deck combined with Teemo. You can use Pnz/Bandle City or Pnz/Frejlord or the trap deck.

Caitlyn can also be used in an Aggro deck alongside Draven to reliably have a 3 mana 3/3 that has an upside to apply pressure.

Insider Knowledge

Insider Knowledge (LoR card)

  • Insider Knowledge
    • 3 mana Fast spell
    • Text – Both players draw 2

Insider Knowledge is expensive for an effect that also benefits your opponent.

This card is exclusively used in trap decks to trigger all your traps while refueling yourself as well.

You would definitely want to make sure you use Puffcaps/Flashbombs to get max value out of this card.

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