7 Patch 3.19.0 LoR Buffs I’m Excited For

7 Patch 3.19.0 LoR Buffs I’m Excited For

7 New LoR Buffs I’m Excited For

Hey everyone NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over the changes I’m most excited for with the Legends of Runeterra patch review, and what I hope the changes are.

If you missed out on the recent patch notes, check them out here.

Let me know which new balance changes you’re excited for in the comments below.

1. Jinx

Jinx level 1 (LoR Card) Jinx level 2 (LoR Card)

Jinx is the buff I’m most excited about because she’s explosive(no pun intended) and has a ton of fun. As someone who hit Rank #1 with Jinx Draven in two different seasons, I have a few thoughts on how she could be better. One change I am hoping she doesn’t receive is discounting her Mega Rocket to 0.

Most of the time when Jinx is leveled you easily have 1 extra mana to use on her Mega Rocket, so in most scenarios, she would be the same. I don’t think that change would alter her function or viability much.

There are two other interesting changes that could happen that I do actually think will change her viability. The biggest one and the one I’m hoping for is 4 health.

Having an extra health point will make her much more resilient to removal so she can threaten her Quick Attack damage more in the early game, and become a great backrow threat each turn to deal damage to the Nexus and refuel your hand.

Making your opponent have to use extra mana to deal with Jinx is huge, and even times they may not have enough damage to deal with her. One of the reasons Sion is so great compared to Jinx is that he’s much more resilient to removal, which shows just how important that trait is to have for a wincon in discard decks.

The other change that could be interesting is making her level up if you only have 1 card in hand, rather than 0.

This makes her level up much easier to achieve so you can start dealing 4 damage a turn to the enemy nexus and refueling your hand each turn.

2. Gwen

gwen level 1 lor card gwen level 2 lor card

Gwen is a hype card and ran in a variety of decks. Gwen is already considered by most to be a powerful champion so I wouldn’t expect much, but there is one buff most people think is going to happen.

Most people believe they will change it so Gwen’s ability won’t be able to fizzle anymore and will always Drain. This is a huge change because it forces them to remove her before you attack, which will give a Hallowed buff to the next unit that does attack later that turn.

3. Jax

jax level 1 lor card jax level 2 lor card

Jax has a role in the meta due to his deckbuilding origin, which allows you to put all Weaponmasters in your deck. This makes him a strong champ to consider for this reason, but he is not the strongest card individually which makes him not feel like a “Champion” oftentimes.

I believe they will change his level-up condition from needing 15 damage dealt to 12 damage dealt. This will make him level more often and become a reliably win condition with his Overwhelm.

4. Rimefang Wolf

Rimefang Wolf (LoR Card)

This one is extremely interesting because this card can easily go from a not-that-great card to an insanely powerful one. If you give Rimefang extra health, it becomes a 3|3 Challenger which is amazing in its own right but then it also has a strong ability in Frostbite decks.

They may change Rimefang Wolf’s cost to 4 and then make him a 4|4 since being a 3|3 Challenger may be too strong early. I could also see him Frostbiting an enemy or generating a Brittle Steel but that may be too strong too.

I’m interested yet excited to see how they buff this card because any buff sound strong and Ashe Leblanc has been on the rise due to how it counters Demacia.

5. Safety Inspector

safety inspector (lor card)

Safety Inspector is a sleeper win con in Taliyah Ziggs which is a deck that pops in and out of tier 1 from time to time. Taliyah Ziggs got a slight buff last patch by making Grumpy Rockbear a 5|5 (summoned off Desert Naturalist), and with a buff, to Safety Inspector it could be back on the map.

A strong change could be making him a 5 mana 5|5 so he comes down early to start burning the enemy Nexus. Often times Safety Inspector feels too expensive for a win con since he also needs setup with Landmarks to destroy and his spell is Slow as well.

6. Escaped Abomination

Escaped Abomination (LoR Card)

Escaped Abomination is a card that in the past was strong as a 4|4 and even as a 4|3. When Nasus Thresh was meta I finished Rank #1 with it and Nasus is my highest Mastery of all time, so I’m extremely excited for this buff.

The Slay package’s aggression was nerfed heavily when they made Escaped Abomination a 4|2 and has cut Cursed Keeper to learn into a more control-type style.

There are three potential buffs for Escaped Abomination that could bring the Slay aggro magic back. One change is making him a 4|2 with Fearsome, so he still dies to removal but is harder to block in the early game which allows you to chip for damage and put your opponent in Atrocity range.

The other change is making him a 4|3, which makes him more resilient to removal and combat trades in the early game. This would be a great payoff for having to destroy Cursed Keeper, especially with Rite of Calling costing 1 now. The last change is making him a 3|3.

This would be the weakest of the changes since it’s a nerf and a buff, but overall it would still be better since Escaped Abomination would be more resilient to removal and live more trades.

7. Duskrider

Duskrider (LoR Card)

As an avid Nightfall enthusiast who hit Rank #1 with Nightfall two different seasons, and has the most games with Nightfall played worldwide.

I’m excited for any buff. Duskrider has been buffed a few times in the past with a simple +1 attack stat buff. Duskrider is expensive for Nightfall, as well as easy to answer for most decks.

If they buff his attack +1 again it could be the turning point of just having so much inherent attack with a bonus that he is a reliable threat. The biggest buff Duskrider could receive is giving him Overwhelm.

With the ability to rack up his attack to 10+ easily, this would make him a reliable finisher and a huge threat.

These are the buffs I’m most excited about for the new patch and what I think would be viable changes to each card. Thank you for reading this new patch is going to be exciting!

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